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Brain 9 Beta Cloud Questions (#300)
Any chance of you guys creating a new forum sub-topic for the new version of the brain cloud?  I had 2 requests:

1) Move the notes section to the right (just like the desktop).  I have plenty of space & having notes on the bottom doesn't really work the best.

2) Before entering any brains, the thumbnails are downloaded - they are a large download at 224KB (which never is fast).  You could get away with changing that to 20KB without any visible notice & the page would snap it.

Thanks, Ty
Brain 9 Beta Cloud Questions (#300)

So I see that the old link is redirecting to http://app.thebrain.com/ now.  I can't seem to click into any of my brains.  Will that be fixed soon?  Also, any hope to get the url behind a secure server (https)??

Thanks, Ty
TheBrain 9 iOS Doesn’t work on iOS 11 Beta (#IOS-263)
Yup, not working with the latest iOS 11.0 (15A5318g) beta from this week.  Crashes upon startup.
How to Create Super Types in Beta 9?
I was going for type hierarchies.  You're instructions got me there - thanks!  What I needed to do was to create all the types individually first, activate the type I wanted to be at top, then link the sub-types from the recently used in the bottom tray.  Nice!
How to Create Super Types in Beta 9?
The instructions I've seen on this forum seem to not pertain to Beta 9.  I'm stumped on how to create super types in beta 9.  I can create thought types just fine, but not any sub-types.  Is the function just not there yet? 
Brain 9 Beta Cloud Questions (#300)
I see that I can access Brian Beta 9 via preview.webbrain.com, but I have a couple questions:

1) Any chance of enabling https for this site?

2) I'm unable to create new thoughts or link thoughts.

3) When adding a note, it's inconsistent.  Only part of the test was captured.

I know the cloud beta is just that, a beta, but the cloud beta has been around for 6+ months.  Just wondering about the future functionality because I'd really like to use it while at work.  BTW, the same issues were present on FF 54 on MacOS & IE11 on W10. 

[Feature Request] Local mhtml copy of webpage (#2051)
Is this feature on the roadmap?
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