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Things I lost when migrating V8 to v9
There is often a 1-2 second delay when I click a node before it responds  and moves the plex.    Speed is acceptable only at fastest level of animation.       During a cpu-busy period when my laptop was (apparently) receiving virus updates I had both v8 and v9 open and v8 was much less affected.
Brain v
Lenovo W540 i7-4800MQ 2.7GHz, 12MB RAM 64bit
Things I lost when migrating V8 to v9
This is probably old news to most of you, but it's a bit disheartening to me, considering the accumulated time spent building my v8 brain:

Upon migration my v9 brain lost
- all thought type icons
- formatting/highlighting in notes
- all links to folders
- ability to paste a section of Excel spreadsheet
- spaces (v8's weird xA0 spaces were removed, and not replaced with x20s).
- control of expanded view
- speed
Note Formatting (#3110 and #2058))
Thanks - please also consider a width control.      I keep my notes section at the bottom, and considerably wider in 8.   9's seems set to one size.   It makes a big difference in the ability to scan content quickly.
[Feature Request] - Age View
The history "feed" on the bottom of the plex is tremendously useful, but it would also be useful to be able to have a view of the plex that shows the thoughts with most recent activity in the foreground and older ones graduating smaller behind.    An on-screen dial to move through time would be a cool feature.
It would probably need to have single-user and multi-user modes though.
[Feature Request] - Link Functions
A link is a relationship between two thoughts.   It makes sense that there may be multiple relationships, or that a relationship could have multiple facets.
I don't remember my example at the moment, but it would be useful to have links function similarly to tags - with the ability to have multiple link types, and to be able to search both for link types and link labels, with virtual root nodes (again like tags).
To take that a step further, it would be useful to be able to display both link types and labels (simultaneously for a given link) on the links themselves.
Note Formatting (#3110 and #2058))
The copy format paintbrush icon is missing.  I use that extensively.
I also can't find paragraph formatting.    When I paste into a note, it automatically double-spaces.  I need it to be single-spaced.

Is there a possibility of retaining the classic look with the new system foundation?
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