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Artisnal Software
The Brain should be part of this:


Independent software developers...

TheBrain 9 - What I'm doing for an Inbox
Harlan wrote:

I'm happy to report that you shouldn't need to use it much longer as we will begin signups for TheBrain 9 iOS App very soon. More details to come, but it is a significant step up from the current version of the iOS app.

Happy to test the iOS 9 App !!   [wink]

Frequent crashes when creating new thoughts and editing existing (#3072 and #3121)
I've had a bunch of these too (sent in a couple logs). Scenario - create one Thought, then creating a child thought... as entering the child though, in the background the plex re-draws and the first Thought disappears (poof!). If you continue with the child thought, it crashes. If you notice and escape out, it does not crash but the other thought is deleted. Sometimes I think a pre-existing thought gets deleted too -- I notice this because I am left with a lot of Orphans.

I just switched off of Alpha, so maybe won't have so many crashes.

I am getting back into the Brain after a long hiatus. Looking forward to things to come with v9.

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