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Far-off Feature Request: Brain CLI
i think i would back the brain up to a graph database and use something like cipher
Export (#3404)
So in order of increasing complexity:
1) It would be good for inline images to be included in the export of an outline.   Without this feature, the inline images are not nearly as useful.
2) It would be good if we could retain the heading structure.
3) It would be good to retain whatever other formatting markup is in the note. So you can imainge exporting back into the note format itself.
4) It would be good if this could also go to a word doc.  Probably copy and paste could mostly deal with this.

Basically the new notes are more powerful, but their power is not exportable.

For myself I have 0 interest in showing anyone else my brain in its internal format.  I do however want to be able to author in the brains and export my thoughts to a format the reader is used to.
Export (#3404)
How do we get data out of the brain 9?

Beyond the typical export, it would be good to be able to export a selection to notes, chained with the formatting of headings reflecting the hierarchy.

So in a child a h1 would go to h2, and in child child it would go to h3 etc...
TB9 is really unstable for me -- normal operation (mostly with keyboard) will crash it in a couple of minutes (#3072)
I'm running under windows 10.  I use mostly keyboard shortcuts.  Does this not happen to anyone else? Basically if you create a thought it seems like maybe a third of the time it will crash. I'm just confused because I would have thought this would be the dominate concern right now.
Frequent crashes when creating new thoughts and editing existing (#3072 and #3121)
I also get these crashes very persistently.  I only use the keyboard and the brain 9 will rarely keep up for more than a few minutes of activity.  I think for instance creating a parent of an orphan thought on the keyboard may always crash it?
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