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Adding launching for GImp or other open source programs (Blender,Pyexiftoolgui....)
Hello Matt,

Is it possible to extends the list of programs that can be launched from the side-screen in the brain.
It should be only open-source programs i am thinking about Gimp 2.10, Pyexiftoolgui (a metadata editor), blender, .....) ?

Events and calendar
I deed the test to create an event again and it works !!!

But syncing to google calendar doesn't.
Events and calendar
Hello Team,

1°) When i put a new event in the event screen accoupled to a thought, it doesn't reflect automatically into the time-line. I have to do it on the time-line itself.

2°) The event is not synchronized with google-agenda from theBrain to calendar.
I am synced with my google account under calendar and account settings.
There was a renewal with Google-calendar maybe this is the reason.
It did work in the past.

Kind regards,

Json form editor
Besides the schema json table, we also need the output json table to remember the chosen values in the form.

Json form editor
Hello Guys,

I just discovered a json form editor from jeremy Dorn which is full editable for your own needs.

Here is an example.

We just need a json table imbedded in thebrain database where your own schema can be saved.
A validation process is provided.

Here is the Github code:

What do you think ?

With kind regards,
Feature-Request: Copy/Paste Thoughts also via JSON in plain-text (unicode) (#3155)
I cannot unzip a brain.brz from the renamed brain.zip anymore (error -1).
I need this functionality to view the json files.
What's the problem ?
Feature-Request: Copy/Paste Thoughts also via JSON in plain-text (unicode) (#3155)
What about the hiérarchichal binding of thoughts ? How can we add the important information to json for an import ? with nested document ?
Would the thebrain json import recognize the links (Child, Parent, Jump or other user defined thoughts ?).


Feature-Request: Copy/Paste Thoughts also via JSON in plain-text (unicode) (#3155)
Could we have a import / export functionality for mongodb json ?
Using MetaData From media files (#3385)
Which internal javascript engine does the brain using ?
V8 ?
Does it recognize ecmascript 6 ?
No access to local Brains because of Sync error - Time for some general thoughts
Hello Harlan and the team,

This could be a solution using stuff that is allready present in thebrain

0°) Login localy
     only if on-line syncing is checked and if the authentication server is online then go to the on-line login procedure  
1°) In the preferences (
      - make a new section in TheBrain/preferences/system named:
        place: the path where a backup.brz should be registered (even a external hdd or ssd)
        name: the name of the backup-file. (.brz)
        Time: the time interval at which the user wants to make a automatically a backup (minutes, hours).
2°) In the menu bar arrow next to the cloud:
      extend the choices with: 
      on-line syncing
      off-line backup
      off-line restore
3°) functionality
      The backup should be taken with the parameters determined in the preferences.
      Before quiting the program, a last local back-up should be taken.
      When working off-line, a first restore should be made before starting.  

Impossible to have access to my Brains
Yes Cerebrum and indeed on my desktop i don't receive the syncing message annymore

Impossible to have access to my Brains
Harlan, i understand you have problems with the server, maybe the company cannot resolve by itself.

Please give us a message of what's going on and when we should be online again.

I suggest that:
The locally brains should work totally independly from external acces and an automatic back-up should be made on an regurlarly base
locally (brz) the path and time (every 10', every hour,...) should be defined in the preferences  so that we still could work locally from an import.

Impossible to have access to my Brains
I have the same problem

I when i try to login i receive error 500 from the server.

How can i use the Brain locally ?

XML Import in the brain 9
Ok, Matt but i made all mijn brains with V9 and they cannot be imorted in V8 so i'am stuck.
If you have a solution it woud be welcome !

XML Import in the brain 9
Could you please explain how the the general structure of the xml code has to be to import xml in the brain 9  ?
I export a database from sqlite to xml and want to import it in thebrain9
In attachment, the xml. 

Gerard Coppejans
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