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Better quickview for office docs (#3727, #2480 and #2800)
Preview doesn't work for me except for PDF files. I either get "cannot initialize" error message or it pops up in another part of the screen and I have to navigate to another thought to get it to end the preview.
Note text deletion after crash (#3655)
Hi Harlan,

I uploaded the logfile into Hightail. Your summary is correct. The notes were not deleted ahead of time - I was looking at the text while doing Ctrl-V to paste.

Note text deletion after crash (#3655)
I had an issue with the text of a note being deleted after a TB crash. I had copied a couple of lines from an Outlook message to the clipboard and used Ctrl-V to paste into TB. TB crashed and I selected to restart. When it restarted, the note text was empty.

I do have a backup program (Syncplicity). I do not have the tool syncing the database file (.db) per our previous conversations but it is backing up everything else in the folder. I was able to recover the note text by recovering from the Syncplicity tool.

Who can I send over the output.log file to? I don't want to post here as there might be some customer names I don't want to make public. It does have some details around an unhandled exception.

Reports - Tag / Type Options (#3389 and #3204)
Hi Matt - another option instead of, or in addition to, the scroll bar in the report area:

If I choose a Thought type for example, then the tags options would be limited to only the tags that are also part of that thought type. Some other applications do this, and it is a nice easy feature to navigate. But, for complexity, I would say that the scrollbar for thought and tag types would be much easier to implement and would solve the issues i have with the reports.

Any update on the addition of the features above?
.ignore file for notes.html
I have seen an issue multiple times where the notes.html file is changed to notes.html.ignore after I edit the note and then switch to another thought and back. Any idea what might be causing that?
Deleting Brain Not Complete (#3575)
Thanks, Matt - this worked well! The extra Brain is now gone.
Open a new tab with same visual settings (#3559)
I'd be very happy with just a per-brain setting. I can see that others would want the same across Brains, but I would likely have a different setting per brain.
Deleting Brain Not Complete (#3575)
I had a second brain file and wanted to delete it. I used the hamburger menu to select Delete Local Brain but it didn't complete the removal. Now when I want to open a new tab, I see the second brain showing "Loading Thumbnail".


In the file system, it shows:

B01 - The "Dashboard" brain
B02 - The old brain I tried deleting
B02-m - I assume this one is related to the deletion of the brain
Open a new tab with same visual settings (#3559)
I have a brain tab open and have the timeline, reports area, and notes section located where I want them. However, when I open a new brain tab, it opens with a different format. Is there a way to have it keep its settings from the original tab?
msg & eml (#3545)
I second this feature plus would love to have the drag & drop of outlook emails like in v8.
Attachments Lists Enhancements
Appreciate the new changes! I like the preview of the selected attachment and dealing with attachments seems speedier than before. Plus - I was able to preview an Excel file! 
Checkbox on same line as bullet (#3368)
I would like to add a feature request:

The ability to put a checkbox on a bulleted line

I take notes in bullet format and would like to have some "embedded" todo items within that infrastructure.

(Of course - I also need to give a shout out for the non-strikethrough option when using checkboxes again) [smile]

Jumping Cursor on 151 (#3503)
Great, thanks Matt!
Jumping Cursor on 151 (#3503)
I've been able to recreate this with a large variety of text, but I noticed that the cursor jumps when I'm editing a note and using Shift+Enter to do a carriage return (to keep the single line spacing). Not sure I've recreated with spacing using Enter. I'll try to capture an output log.
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