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Jumping Cursor on 151 (#3503)
Great, thanks Matt!
Jumping Cursor on 151 (#3503)
I've been able to recreate this with a large variety of text, but I noticed that the cursor jumps when I'm editing a note and using Shift+Enter to do a carriage return (to keep the single line spacing). Not sure I've recreated with spacing using Enter. I'll try to capture an output log.
Jumping Cursor on 151 (#3503)
I noticed that on 151 I'm seeing the jumping cursor again. Spellcheck is off. I have not recreated the text deletion issue after the jumping cursor, just the cursor moving around.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
I did some initial testing this morning to try and recreate the jumping cursor or the deletion of the note text. I was not able to recreate either. Thank you for the fixes!
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
Hi Matt - any update on the resolution to the jumping cursor? Will that be out in 148 soon?
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
FYI - I was just able to recreate the note text disappearing while typing regularly, and once the note text was gone, I was not able to recover it even after a restart of the application. Hopefully this is resolved after the jumping cursor is fixed.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
Hi Matt - it was probably me reporting the disappearing notes case. Once the text of the note disappears, I cannot retrieve the note by restarting. It's gone completely.

However - I have been playing around with this and think I have some more insight:

I have not been able to recreate the disappearing note in 147 unless I "stress test" entering characters quickly, which I typically do by inserting a bunch of date strings with Ctrl-d. When I do this, I am holding down the Ctrl key continuously, so perhaps there is something interesting for debug. This quickly causes a jumping cursor and a delete of all of the note text. 

I realize this is not a valid use case (I can't think of any reason why someone would need to insert 20 date strings) but it is a way to reproduce the issue.

I am able to recreate jumping cursor with regular text entry as well, but I know your team is actively working on that.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
Hi Matt - any updates on the jumping cursor/note deletion issue? I see this as one of the most critical issues in Beta right now and am having to use other tools like OneNote/Evernote for note taking as I don't want to risk losing info I have in TB.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
I posted an updated log file with v147 under "Jumping text cursor in Notes". I recreated both the jumping cursor and the note text deletion, but it is hard to see. Much improved from 144.
Jumping text cursor in Notes (#3063 and #3184)
I was able to recreate the cursor jumping and notes erasing issue, but it is much harder to see in 147. I disabled spellcheck, disabled the "Embedded browser" option and disabled any backups of items in my Brain folder.

I can see the cursor jumping around, but it is a much longer time in between the jumps than in 144.

In order to recreate the note erasing problem, I have had to do a lot of fast typing - in this case, using Ctrl-D to insert the long date over and over again. Perhaps the dev team can try that as well. I have attached the output.log file for reference.
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
+1 for allowing some more customization of the window - I want the notes and tags boxes always on my screen as the screenshots above show. 
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
Based on your recommendations, I excluded all brain files from the Syncplicity backup and restarted TB. I was able to replicate the jumping and erase issue 3 times with 3 different scenarios:

Output-no-TB-backup.log : Using the regular brain I had been using (and imported from TB8)

new-brain-jump-erase-2.log : I created a new brain (after I had disabled all of the backups) and was able to type a lot of info into a note, plus copy a picture into the note. This is the longest I had gone without seeing a jump/erase issue. I left it overnight, came back to it this morning, and was able to replicate.

new-brain-jump-erase : In the new brain, I created another note and was able to see the jump/erase issue fairly quickly.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
Did one more test - created a new note and excluded that notes.html file from a Syncplicity backup, so no other app was trying to do anything with the file. I typed for quite a while and then did experience a jumping cursor and a notes erase. Ctrl-Z didn't bring the note back. A restart of TB didn't bring it back either.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
Hi Matt - I attached 2 files. Log 1 is after experiencing the jump, then an erase of the data. Ctrl-Z did not work to bring back the notes text. Around this time, I did notice that Syncplicity showed an error to upload the Notes.html file associated with this note. Syncplicity backs up all docs on my PC, including everything in my brain file area.

Log 2 experienced jumps with no erase. But, I did see that there was an error from Syncplicity to upload Notes.html and then also an error about uploading brain.db. 

Syncplicity keeps trying, so it did eventually backup the files.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
Hi Matt - just coming back over from another thread where we were asked to keep some of the notes issues separate. Apparently the jumping cursor is in the "fixing" state. I want to make sure that the notes text being erased after the cursor jumps is part of this fix. Once the cursor jumps, the notes text is erased, and gone forever. A restart of TB doesn't bring them back.
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