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Using TB While Creating Brain Archive
Thanks, I was mostly concerned about damaging the backup so this is helpful!

Using TB While Creating Brain Archive
I create daily archives (work information has to be kept local, so can't be synced to the Cloud). Is there any issue with using TB while it is creating the archive? I'm guessing it's not a problem to view items in TB, but would changes during archive cause an issue?

How to use TheBrain for task management/to-do list?
I've been trying to follow the GTD methodology using task lists and project designators.

  • Each project gets its own Thought and has a Thought Type of "Project", with the Thought Icon being a hammer
  • Each project that is urgent/high importance has its Type changed to "Project - Top" with the Thought Icon being a hammer, but it is red
  • All tasks are put in the project's note field with a checkbox next to it. It was too time consuming to create a thought for each task
    • This allows me to see my list of tasks for a project and change the text as needed (for example, if I need to do task A, and then I sent an email to someone and I"m waiting for a response, I'll put a "(w - name)" next to it to show I'm waiting for that person.
    • Once the task is complete, I will check the checkbox
    • I can rearrange the tasks as needed and get a quick overview of what has been done
  • All files, docs, other Thoughts for that project are Children of that project Thought

When I need to get a full list of my projects, I use the reporting area and choose "Project" or "Project - Top". This is essentially creating the task lists that are referenced in GTD.
Pen- and voice-enabled? (#3386)
I just received the Windows Fall Creator's Update from Microsoft yesterday and now pen input seems to be working in the notes field!

Previously, when I clicked in a notes field and the on-screen keyboard was opened, I didn't have the option to choose the handwriting/pen keyboard. However, now the pen keyboard opens and I can hand write text with my Surface pen, it translates it, and adds the text to the notes field.

I do sometimes appear to have an issue with getting the keyboard to open at all (the way the keyboards open now is different - you have to enable it to open automatically - I don't have a keyboard icon to select in the task bar). The method that always works is to click on the plex which opens a keyboard and then click on the notes field.

Would love any comments/tips/tricks from others with the new update. I'm still new to the Surface, so I might be missing something.
Move a synced brain to local only
I need to change one of my brains to only a local sync (no cloud sync). 

Do I do this by clicking the hamburger menu and then choosing "Delete Remote Brain". I'm just a bit nervous about losing anything [smile]

Sync to a new device error - size constraint
Hi Matt - I sent you a message with the output log file.

Sync to a new device error - size constraint
I have a Surface 3 tablet with Windows 10 and want to sync my large brain. I've tried several times but it fails with:

I'm sure my brain is not 70GB. When I look at the size on my desktop, it shows less than 15GB in the Brains directory.


Does TB need extra space to extract? I have about 30GB of space available on the device.

Sharing webpages casuses multiple crashes (#176)
I have the same issue. Rarely ever works to share something to TB. I have to email myself or add to evernote and then migrate once I'm on my pc.
TheBrain 9 Server Is Temporarily Down
I'm seeing a lot of these errors today - haven't synced since yesterday. I sent the log file to support.

Export (#3404)
Is an export of a though and children along with files being planned? I transition a lot of projects at work and would be great if I could a snapshot of all notes and files exported.
TheBrain 9 Server Is Temporarily Down
I've been seeing the 500 error often the last couple of days. The sync works correctly intermittently.
Issue & Request - File Preview
Hi Matt - the Office doc previews (Word, PPT) do not open in the same location as the PDF. In the latest version, they appear to be loading in the center of the screen, a bit to the right of where they were in the image I posted earlier in the thread.
.jpg file - Zoom in preview?
Is there a way to zoom a .jpg file preview? I can zoom with the PDF viewer, but didn't see one for images.
Camera Input is Rotated (#187)
I used the Android app to take a picture of some notes. After the sync occurred and then I previewed the .jpg file from the desktop app, the picture was rotated -90 degrees instead of being oriented the way I took the picture.
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