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TheBrain 9 Server Is Temporarily Down
I'm seeing a lot of these errors today - haven't synced since yesterday. I sent the log file to support.

Export (#3404)
Is an export of a though and children along with files being planned? I transition a lot of projects at work and would be great if I could a snapshot of all notes and files exported.
TheBrain 9 Server Is Temporarily Down
I've been seeing the 500 error often the last couple of days. The sync works correctly intermittently.
Issue & Request - File Preview
Hi Matt - the Office doc previews (Word, PPT) do not open in the same location as the PDF. In the latest version, they appear to be loading in the center of the screen, a bit to the right of where they were in the image I posted earlier in the thread.
.jpg file - Zoom in preview?
Is there a way to zoom a .jpg file preview? I can zoom with the PDF viewer, but didn't see one for images.
Camera Input is Rotated (#187)
I used the Android app to take a picture of some notes. After the sync occurred and then I previewed the .jpg file from the desktop app, the picture was rotated -90 degrees instead of being oriented the way I took the picture.
TheBrain 9 Server Is Temporarily Down
The update worked for me yesterday afternoon, everything looks good today. Thanks!
TheBrain 9 Server Is Temporarily Down
Perhaps not related, but the update is not working this morning. The message says "There was a problem checking for updates".
Show child thoughts and properties in a report-like format when selecting a parent (4310)
+1 I like this idea and do like the "preview" style of evernote searches
Searching ideas for integrating task management into TheBrain 9
@metta - I realize this was targeted at @GerSch, but I've been working through the same workflow/task management issues and though I'd share (and get feedback). 

I had a method of GTD somewhat implemented in TB:

"Runway" thought: this is where I capture the random notes on-the-fly during the day
"Project" thought types: I have a thought for each project. This allows me to then link to all of the associate thoughts:
  • Child thoughts: Strategy, Documents, Meeting Notes, Links to other reference material in other thoughts
  • Parent thoughts: Companies Involved
  • Jump thoughts: People involved

In the "Project" thought itself, I have some info on the project and a checklist of tasks at the top of the thought. It looks like:


I also have thought types of "Action", "Waiting", and "Completed". I have utilized those but I honestly like having all my tasks in the Project notes area because it is less space on the plex I'm taking up and it's just easier to cross things off rather than change the thought type. Also, its a quick reference to have things crossed off. I can look at my project and know "oh yeah - I already did that".

I can get a list of my projects from the reports area and then I can either mark them with tag "Today" or change to thought type "Priority Project" to then get a listing of stuff I really want to get done today.

I've been playing around with putting my tasks into an actual task manager. (still keeping my Project area the same as above because I need to know all the details about the project, just moving the tasks somewhere else). I've tested 2 of them - Nozbe and Todoist. I really like both for a variety of reasons:

Todoist has:

  • Integration with Alexa so I can tell my Echo to add an item to my to-do-list or my shopping list (my kids love to add things like toys and candy!).
  • Sub-projects
  • Outlook add-in so I can add tasks from Outlook as I'm processing email and I can also add a link to the email itself
    • Note that clicking the email link causes the Todoist add-in to search for the ID of the email - and it takes a LONG time because I have so many to search through
  • Cheap - about $30 a year

Nozbe has:

  • A Windows native app
  • My favorite: a Windows quick entry option so I can press Ctrl-F12 and add a task that goes into my Nozbe Inbox
    • I can be in TB taking notes from a meeting, then when someone says "Can you take care of this task", I hit Ctrl-F12, a small box pops up, I enter my text, hit Enter, and I'm back to where I was in TB.
  • A "priority" concept. I can review my tasks/projects in Nozbe and quickly mark any task with the priority star - this essentially creates my list of things to do for the day without having to modify task dates. It's much easier than setting priority values or modifying task dates in Todoist.
  • Expensive: $90ish a year but I hear they have good Black Friday deals.

I've also been using Evernote to take meeting notes because I can use TaskClone to take all checkbox-marked lines in Evernote and put them into Todoist or Nozbe automatically. So, I'll never miss a task that way. Once I process Evernote and move stuff out of the Evernote "Inbox" I put a link to that note in TB under "Meeting Notes" of a "Project".

So - lots of great tools and I"m having a hard time deciding what to do. I definitely am using TB as my information manager and project information repo. I think my problem is: I need time to review my tasks - whether they are in TB, Todoist, or Nozbe. Using Evernote/Task App/TB seems like tool overload, though. I think that's why I'm struggling. For today, I'll be following this workflow and testing out how efficient I can be:

(1) Take a meeting note in Evernote, mark tasks with checkbox (TaskClone then creates the task in Nozbe)
(2) Link the Evernote note into TB and then file it away
(3) Mark the stuff I need to take care of Nozbe with "priority"
(4) Use TB as my information base throughout the day (I am constantly switching projects - I probably work on or discuss up to 20 projects a day)
(5) Any information I gather that's not a formal meeting (more of information capture) will go directly into TB.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!

Edit to add: I am taking a lot of meeting notes in Evernote due to the fact that it has handwriting capabilities. No need for a paper notebook in a meeting now if am presenting from my laptop. I can use my Samsung Note with stylus and enter notes into Evernote.
Search in Android app very slow with large brain
When I search in the Android app, it takes over 6 seconds for the search results to start to appear when I'm using a large brain. When I search in my very small brain its much faster. 

Sync issues for Android
The new Android app appeared on Play Store for me today. I can now sync my very large brain. Thanks!
Feature Suggestion: Slider Bar for Maximum Filesize for syncing
Dan - I think the TB hasn't released the latest Android app yet (didn't see it on Play Store), but it looks like the iOS app has the feature to not sync all attachments. Currently I have one large brain which doesn't sync due to the attachments but I have one smaller one (with just a handful of attachments) that syncs very well.
Notes scroll while typing (#179)
Hi Sean,

Yes, that's what I saw as well.

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