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FYI - Possible Windows Updates Causing Problems
Heads up in case anyone runs into this: I received Windows updates (not sure which ones). I was not able to open TB9 after the laptop restarted - continued getting the message that TheBrain has stopped.

I went to uninstall -> TheBrain 9 and there was an option to Repair. I did the repair, the laptop restarted, and everything worked well.

Crash when changing brain theme
Thanks! This worked!
Crash when changing brain theme
When I change the brain theme and click on "Light Blue - Default", TB crashes. Interestingly, I have 2 themes named the same title, so I wonder if that's why.

I can change to other themes just fine.
text shadow makes thoughts difficutl to read
You can play with some of the visual settings (including text shadow) by going to options->brain theme. I don't know that you can turn it off, but you can change the color.

Reports Area - Change Size or Group Results (#4179)
I've been making more use of the reports area lately. I've also been using the comma trick in front of a thought name to bring in the parent's thought name.

In the task management scenario, I have "Project A" and "Project B" and then a tasks for each. When I look at tasks in the reports area I see:

"Project A, Task 1"
"Project A, Task 2"
"Project A, Task 3"
"Project B, Task 1"

This is great - all of the tasks have been grouped together so it's very easy to see that I have a bunch of related tasks.

However, the names can get long and I have to click on the item in the reports are to view the whole thing. Can the reports area be resizeable? Or (and maybe I like this one better), can the reports are group all the items with the same parent name? Example:

Project A
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Project B
Task 1

Notes scroll while typing
While typing in a note on the Android app, the screen scrolls up. The characters I type are still being placed in the correct spot, but the full notes area scrolls up as the characters are entered.

Events: more suggestions (#3690, #3692, #3692, #4127)
+1 for a visual indication of event complete. I like Gerardo's idea of using color or strikethrough. Color might be easier to see as the size of the events are is limited.
Feature Request: radio tags
+1 [smile]

I'm trying to transition all of my project management to TB, so this would be a fantastic help!
Reports - Childward Option
Is there a way to generate reports but using a childward only method?

For example, if I'm managing my tasks in a project, I want to go to the project thought, then search for all "action" thought types from this thought forward.

Sync issues for Android
Perfect! Thanks for the update and I look forward to testing out the next release!
Auto-renaming of related thoughts is freaking awesome
Wow, I totally missed this feature! Will definitely be trying it out!
Sync issues for Android
As a data point, I can get through synchornizing to where it says "Exported xxxx/4015 attachment files"

The statistics of my brain shows 13.42GB in internal file attachments.
Link to Office365/OneDrive File Not Working (#3410)
Thanks, Matt. I sent you some links to review. This morning, I am able to access my personal OneDrive file and also my own company's OneDrive file. However, the sign in for my corporate/day-job's OneDrive account is not working.

Link to Office365/OneDrive File Not Working (#3410)
onedrive.png I see issues when trying to link to files on OneDrive (either with Office365 or with a personal Microsoft account). The above snapshot is the Office365/OneDrive link. The personal Microsoft account's file on OneDrive is a blank browser area.

I can open these links successfully when I click to open in an external browser.
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