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changing the javascript code that is used for SiteBrain
Thanks Matt. I know about the cloud service. Can I give a cloud brain exactly the same look and functioning (including responsiveness on phones and tablets) as I have in my SiteBrain? And could it be on my own domain? Another thing is, the brain I am using is from PB 5.5. I tried to import it in a higher version, but that didn't work very well...
changing the javascript code that is used for SiteBrain

Hi, I am having a sitebrain as my website (https://www.wideopenwindows.be), and I can easily change the HTML and CSS around to create a responsive and good looking and well functioning website. But I lack the skills to mess with the javascript. I would like to have:

1. clean url's.
2. content html not loaded in an iframe, but directly injected into the main page, so it becomes indexable by search engines.

These 2 topics are the most important to me. As an addition I like to:
3. have all the separate scripts inside one script to reduce http calls
4. move from the Prototype framework to something more modern, like jQuery or Angular.

So, if there's anybody out there who would like to take up this challenge, please contact me.

SiteBrain anti-aliasing links
BTW3: And I would really like to have 'clean' url's (for SEO purposes)
SiteBrain anti-aliasing links

Ok thanks! At this moment SiteBrain seems to have the advantage that I can hack into almost anything concerning HTML and CSS and really give the brain (plex and notes) the look I want (except for the links).Hyperlinks in the notes area open in a new browser tab. I gave the notes a nice fade in with jQuery. The contact form works with form validation, etc. etc. I can also hack into the JavaScript and the search button is now a 'find' button. And of course everything works from my own domain that I host myself. If webbrain can do all these things I will consider moving...

BTW, I tried out TheBrain 8, but it did a bad job importing my brain from PB 5.5 and an exported SiteBrain looked completely empty...

BTW2: sorry for the bad link to my SiteBrain in the original post. It has been moved since.

SiteBrain anti-aliasing links

Hi, I am busy setting up a SiteBrain from PersonalBrain 5.5 (Mac). Have a look on https://www.wideopenwindows.be/new/ . As you can see I can pretty much change the whole outlook, even the color of the links. But I don't seem to be able to change the jaggy lines into smooth lines. anybody has an idea?

Another question: Are there any differences in exporting SiteBrains with later versions?

Thanks already!

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