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The Brain on Linux Desktop
I have never tried it under WINE, getting the mime types and default applications was challenging enough with Native Linux let alone with adding WINE to the mix.
The Brain on Linux Desktop

This is indeed a shame from an end user perspective, but commerically understandable. Myself I now run the brain 8 on a Mac. I use my Mac mainly as a hypervisor running vmare fusion with a number of productive VM's with Linux and Windows.

However, it truly is a shame that the days of running a key productive tool such as the brain on Linux  has come to an end
Drag and drop issues on Sierra
No problems on my Sierra 10.12.1 , Java is 1.7.0_80 64 bit ( according to Brain splash screen) , Brain , installed.

I Can drag and drop from finder and safari, including folders (short cut thoughts)
The Brain on Linux Desktop
Glad to hear it, Kinda why I asked the question. I would not like to see it go either, But i suspect that there are very few activations on Linux. And every commercial enterprise has to focus their resources for the highest yield. Unless the brain is written using a cross platform framework the development costs have to be scrutinised.
The Brain on Linux Desktop
Does anybody actually still use the Brain on Linux?

This section of the forums is looking pretty quiet.

I used to, but some of the issues like drag and drop and mime types and default application problems forced me back to windows. I'm pragmatist looking for a stable computing environment, I don't really care where it is. At the moment it is looking like MacOS.

Ideally it would be a Linux environment( lubuntu ) , but the brain is a key component of my environment.

I hope that the Brain continues to be available on Linux. Even if a select specific distro to keep support and development costs down, as it gives me the choice and flexability i'm looking for.
Version 9 a step back? (#3221)
zenrain, Thanks for the UI and keyboard shortcut.

The popup thing was an analogy to convey the feeling of disruption during workflow. In my analogy it felt like having to clear a popup to view your dashboard.

Harlan used a VCR. I used a car [smile]
Adding Images to Notes
I also had this problem, only on Mac, not windows. It does not happen in version 9 of the brain.
Version 9 a step back? (#3221)
After playing with V9 over the weekend, I came to the same conclusion as kbunders, and a little disappointed.

Looking forward to Version 9 to complete my migration away from windows to the Mac. Brain8 has less gotchas on windows.

Appreciate it's pre-release so you are after feedback, this is why i dug out my forum account.

I'm tying it on a Mac, It does look smoother, and slick.

I miss the spinning retro 70's 7" record centre in the middle of the plex, its also nice feedback when its busy doing stuff, then starts gently randomly spinning again waiting for input.

It feels like getting into a new car where a lot of the controls are in the new strange places.

The search field feels like the Engine start button is a touch screen button way over on the passenger side of the dashboard.

To view the notes of a thought feels like I'm clearing a popup  each time to look at the speedo.

When I click on a thought I personally like to look at my notes first even if empty, but by default it shows me a preview of an attachment. I would prefer my notes first before any attachment previews.

Also double clicking on the wallpaper wallpaper hides/reveals the notes attachments section, I miss that.

I use calendar for a particular type of thought only. Not a big deal, but I would really like it back which apparently you are.

So yes it is very modern with less buttons, but V9 currently has less features and the features left are activated by pressing same buttons multiple times and with couple of swipes for good measure. 

Overall the programme is faster executing, but it does feel slower stretching over the dashboard, and clearing popups to enter notes, just driving the thing seems slower.
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