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Coming up to renewal
 I just checked and I am also at 1.28!  4095 thoughts.  I guess I now have a goal to get to 1.3...  As far as renewing, I can't imagine NOT using The Brain.  What I try to do is figure out what other software I can cut out and accomplish the same results with The Brain.  Remember the Milk is still easier for task management (only because I haven't figured out a great way to accomplish total task management in TB) and I still frustratingly use Evernote, even though it is so slow and clunky.  And it's not because I have 18,000 plus notes in there.  It is because of the ubiquitous capture tools - when TB starts to come close to EN in that regard, that will be a cause for celebration.
V9: Where is the Alt-Left Arrow and Alt-Right Arrow Navigation from V8 gone?

Options / Preferences / Keyboard / Navigation / Backward...Forward.  I have mine set to Ctrl-Left Arrow and Ctrl-Right Arrow
[feature request?] keep selected brain open
Same with TB on iOS.  If more than a few minutes passes, I'm back to the start screen when I restart TB.  Would love The Brain and the active thought to stick, as it does on the desktop app. 
All I want to do is Renew
korm - I agree.  And since this is an annual payment, I'd also like to be able to see which payment method was used last year and have the option to keep it or change it.
Advice on tag setup

Your last point really makes the case!  So much more flexibility that way.

"Finally, I think it may also help to keep in mind that one of the big advantages to using parent thoughts for your categories is that, when a given thought is active, this strategy will allow you to see (and connect to) a much wider variety of potentially related sibling, parent and jump thoughts than would be possible if categories were set-up as individual tags."
Can't open the new version
Yes, I needed to delete the old version and download again.  Working fine now.  Although when I first signed in, I was on version 8.  Apparently, that is still the default for logging in.  I logged out and back in, being sure to set it to version 9.
New version crashes on launch
OK.  I deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled from TestFlight.  Seems to be working now.
New version crashes on launch
Same here.  Previous version had been working fine.  New version crashes on startup.
Auto-renaming of related thoughts is freaking awesome
dkbeauchamp - Thank you!  Works like a charm.
Auto-renaming of related thoughts is freaking awesome
Great feature but is there a way to add the comma after I've already created the thought?  I sometimes forget until its too late, or I created the thought through drag and drop.
Suggestions for improving the timeline. (#4040 and #4053)

After seeing Patrick's post about it, I decided to look around.  Found it under keyboard settings - Timeline.  Set up a shortcut for it.  Used the shortcut and started the process. The box to choose my Google Calendar was in the upper left corner of the screen with the top and left cut off.  After selecting my Google Calendar to sync I had to Alt-F4 to close that box.  Sure wish I hadn't tried it...

Any way that I can undo it so that I can open that Brain?

Thank you for your help.

Suggestions for improving the timeline. (#4040 and #4053)
pthompson wrote: Christian,

I'm not sure if/why your post was deleted. It may have been by mistake, but we are always open to suggestions if it is constructive. What where your suggestions for the timeline? By the way, we do still have plans to improve and expand on the timeline. We just recently added the ability to sync with Google Calendar but we also have some other open suggestions for it and are always open to more.


After seeing this, I tried to set up Google Calendar sync.  After enabling the integration with Google Calendar and then choosing a calendar, sync failed so I restarted The Brain.  After restarting, sync seemed to be working ok - taking much longer than usual which I assumed was due to syncing my Google Calendar events.  Then The Brain crashed and I can't get it restarted.  Many attempts.  I send the log file to support.  Any ideas on how I can restart The Brain while I'm waiting for a response?  

Any help would be much appreciated.

feature suggestion: hashtags for inline tagging (#4038)
Inline tags are an excellent and often used feature in Workflowy and Dynalist also.  Autofill for the tags is very helpful as well. They use @  or # to enable two distinct sets of tags. It would be great to be able to replicate that in TB thoughts and notes.  
Notes not being searched (#3990)

Yes, all notes in all Brains with the word "Three" showed up when I searched "Three" in Windows.

Does that help?

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