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Edit notes with Brain 9 web client - is the functionality not yet available or I am using it wrong?

I tried to edit notes using the Brain 9 web client, but I can't get it to work. I tried right clicking the thought, right clicking the Notes tab, looked for an edit button, etc. I am starting to think this feature is not yet available. Am I doing something wrong, or should I just sit back and wait for a web client update in the (hopefully near) future?

Portable installation of v.9?
Just wanted to confirm that following Matt's instructions I was able to get Brain 9 working in a locked environment. This is a Windows PC on which I do not have the privilege to run the installer. Copying the brain install folder from my home PC to a folder on the locked machine I was able to run the application, log on to the cloud and synchronize my brain. Android and iOS are great alternatives when you're on the road, however until webbrain 9 is working reliably, the only reasonable alternative for accessing a fully functional brain at work is by getting the desktop app to work in a semi-portable fashion.
Having trouble joining Android Beta Testing
I've followed Patrick's instructions and on the screenshot below it does look as if I am a Beta Tester. However having now waited a full day, in Play Store I still do not see a confirmation that I am a Beta Tester. I was expecting to see the Brain show up on the Beta page in Play Store, the same place where all the other apps where I have also joined Beta Testing are listed. I can't figure out what I might be doing wrong...
Upload of imported brain fails (#3605 and #3908)


I have captured the Android logfile for you – see attached.

You will notice first “Compressing 2,440 files…” then in the next attempt “Compressing 2,620 files...”
From the log I can now see the root cause for the failed sync was likely: “There is not enough space available to extract this brain. 1,538.5 MB required.”

  • Would be nice if the app would provide this error message on screen, not just in the log
  • Also, I have an SD card, and I have set up The Brain in the Android app settings to store data on the external SD card. On the SD card, there was 5Gb available. The brain should use that. 
  • In addition, the brain is only about 400MB large, why is 1.5Gb required?

I’ve freed up space on the internal storage and the sync succeeded. I'll check over the coming days if sync and all works reliably before retiring my brain 8 brain.

BTW. I am on Android 6.0

Yesterday while playing with the URL for Brain 9 webbrain, in one instance it loaded correctly, showing the thoughts and all… but the next time and ever since it does not. It felt like Charlie Gordon’s rise and fall in Flowers for Algernon.

I've attached the Chrome console log for a failed brain load attempt.

I have a small test brain in the Brain 9 cloud as well, that one opens in webbrain without issues. 


Upload of imported brain fails (#3605 and #3908)

Thanks. I found one negative side effect of the approach described above. My directional links lost their direction. 

To verify at what point the link directions were lost, I re-started the whole process from the very beginning by first importing my Brain 8 brain to Brain 9 as a new brain. The links retained their directions. Great!

Then - just to try my luck - I clicked upload to the cloud... Sure enough, this time the upload was successful. However, when I open the brain on http://app.thebrain.com/brains it comes up empty (BTW - why is the http and not https; https on the same brings up a white page). Not a single thought, just the wallpaper image. Searching for a thought using the search box results in the spinner in the search field spinning... but no results.

When I open the new Android app, it shows the uploaded brain. Clicking on it brings up the server progress dialogue, first processing properties, then links, then attachments, finally compressing files (interestingly the number of files referenced on screen changed from sync attempt to attempt, it was 1780 then the next time it was 2260, then it was 2480 files... then I stopped attempting). In the end the process stops with an error (I clicked send report) and the brain is not synced to my mobile.

In summary not everything is perfect yet:
- directional links were lost when I imported a brain9 backup into a brain9 brain.
- upload resulted in a seemingly empty brain online
- https does not seem to work on app.thebrain.com
- Android sync fails and there is something funny going on with the number of files being compressed.

Upload of imported brain fails (#3605 and #3908)
I am using 9.0.184 on Windows 10.

I have imported my PB8 brain as a new PB9 brain. I am now trying to upload this to Brain 9 cloud.

Upload fails at various percentage of completeness.

Here are my 6 attempts (listing the last successful "Uploaded" message from the log)
1. 190840832 of 322376450 bytes
2. 44040192 of 322376450 bytes
3. 2097152 of 322376450 bytes
4. 44040192 of 322376450 bytes
5. 274726912 of 322376450 bytes
6. 274726912 of 322376450 bytes

Seems unlikely that it is just mere chance that the breaking point is exactly the same in attempt 2 and 4 and in attempt 5 and 6. Unfortunately from the logs I can't make out what I'd need to change in my brain.

Log file all attempts attached.

I've also found a hack to resolve the situation, however I do not know if this has unintended side effects.

I saved a backup of my newly imported PB9 brain (#brain1).
I then created an empty brain in PB9 (#brain2), and went on to import the backup (#brain1) into the newly created empty PB9 brain (#brain2). Finally I applied the theme from #brain1 to #brain2 and set my home thought to what it was in #brain1 and forgot the home thought of #brain2.

I was able to upload #brain2 to the cloud without any issues.
#brain2 seems to contain all my thoughts and works as expected. 
Import stalls (#3864)
Thanks! v9.0.183 has solved my issue.
Import stalls (#3864)

I trimmed back my brain to practically empty. It still produces the same error. I hope this helps in identifying the root cause of the import issue. I'd really love to start using Brain 9 on my phone.

Import stalls (#3864)
I can partially reproduce the error with the attached brain. This brain imports OK if saved as a BrainZIP, but produces an error with the same symptoms as my other brain if imported as an unzipped brain. It contains a single thought with an attachment that has accented characters in the filename.
Import stalls (#3864)
Thanks. Good to know.
The file is relatively large >300MB brainzip. Also contents is personal.

I may try to play around to try and recreate the issue with a trimmed brain.

Maybe unrelated, but there was a parallel error in Brain 8 when I first ran the import and forgot to close Brain 8. I had to run "Rebuild Database" in Brain 8 to get it restored.

Also I got the following error in the log the next time I tried to run the import:

2017-05-16 05:10:09.4030 | DEBUG | TheBrain.Core.DataExchange.Converters.ConverterBase | [32] Conversion started. Converting file: C:\Users\Zsolt\Documents\Exported Brains\Zsolt's Brain.xml.
2017-05-16 05:10:09.6717 | DEBUG | TheBrain.Core.DataExchange.Converters.ConversionJob | [97] Thought: 1 000
2017-05-16 05:10:09.7208 | DEBUG | TheBrain.Core.DataExchange.Converters.ConversionJob | [97] Link: 2 000
2017-05-16 05:10:09.7818 | DEBUG | TheBrain.Core.DataExchange.Converters.ConversionJob | [97] Link: 3 000
2017-05-16 05:10:09.8384 | DEBUG | TheBrain.Core.DataExchange.Converters.ConversionJob | [97] Link: 4 000
2017-05-16 05:10:09.8914 | DEBUG | TheBrain.Core.DataExchange.Converters.ConversionJob | [97] Link: 5 000
2017-05-16 05:10:09.9180 | ERROR | TheBrain.Core.DataExchange.Converters.ConverterBase | [70] System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'D:\Users\Zsolt\Brains\Zsolt's Brain_brain\Files\B9562F57-77E4-3A52-A371-B334B92D8DD1/Rental Voucher _ Rentalcars.pdf'.
at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
at System.IO.File.InternalCopy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite, Boolean checkHost)
at System.IO.File.Copy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName)
at #F5x.#fUz.#Ai(#QED #QED)
at #F5x.#HED.#Ai(#DVz #mt, String #b9q, SyncProgress #Ggj, Boolean #3Tz, Guid #EED, Guid #FED, Nullable`1 #fXb, Action`1 #GED)
2017-05-16 05:10:15.2671 | DEBUG | TheBrain.Desktop.BrainDialog | [163] Disposing BrainDialog: #J2z
Import stalls (#3864)
Now that the new Android app is available I wanted to convert my Brain 8 to 9 so I can use the cool new features in the mobile app.
I ran into an error during converstion:
I tried importing the brain file directly as well as saving it first as a brainzip and importing that. Neither worked. In both cases I see the below dialogue and then nothing...
Both logfiles are attached.
I am using and
This may be irrelevant information, but I do use accented characters in my brain like áéőőúűóüöí for thought names, link labels, notes, etc.

Inline images 1
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636, #4333)

On the subject of zooming out beyond a year and still showing events... I understand your point about rendering many events, however the number of events will differ from brain to brain, not all brains will have 4-5 events per day. I'd imagine that adding an option to set the zoom limit for showing events to be relatively easy. 

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636, #4333)
I love this new feature. Well done!
9.0.150 solved many of the initial issues I experienced. Thanks!

The event lines should still show when I zoom out beyond a year. Imagine a "history brain" use-case when events span across decades or more.

In the notes & attachements area for the thought, I couldn't figure out how to change the date format shown for the event. In how I use the brain I typically would not care about the day of the week, and would like to see the year shown as well.

Event types with default color and event line width would be a nice addition.

Right clicking the event in the timeline view should offer a command to activate the thought or link attached.

Can I search for orphan events, without a thought attached?

I've seen others share similar thoughts: now that you have developed the timeline view control, it would be a nice addition if you could switch this view to show the history of the plex. 

Calendar gone?

What happens to Calendar data when I migrate from PB8 to PB9?

I am storing birthdays as calendar entries. These are no longer visible once I move to PB9. Once the calendar reincarnates, will those birthdays become visible again?

How secure is WebBrain?
Hi Matt,

Thank you for the response. I am aware of the developments and expectantly waiting to get my hands on the new Brain Android App. I am also delighted to hear about the technology / design choices.

Based on my experience even the very best developer teams make mistakes and leave doors open. Since The Brain is a digital companion to my mind, with not only raw data but context about my thoughts, security is a similar concern as in case of banking.

I urge 3rd party code scanning using a reputable industry player such as Veracode, and similarly urge penetration testing employing a partner such as KPMG.

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