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notes format
Hi, thanks for responding, I am using TheBrain 8 on Windows 10.
I am having this experience, I use the notes in default position, no setting or moving them etc..
I close the brain and the next time I want that information I re-open the brain and find the notes are not in the same expected position.
This happens only occasionally but it's enough of a nuisance because it demands trying to get back to the original format that I am used to interacting with. I am other-wise not setting anything with regards to note position.
notes format
why does my notes position change without my input and permission ???
I like to use TheBrain 8 and have the notes set up for my use, this is part of my interaction with the information I have in my brain. Then I get frustrated when I open my brain and find that I can only maximize or use a note position that is not what I want or set up.  I would like to set it up my way and not have it change on me. How can I accomplish this?
How long will Version 8 internet services work?
Thank-you, I appreciate this a lot.
How long will Version 8 internet services work?
What will happen with TheBrain 8 ?  I have many brains that I don't want to lose. I want to continue using TheBrain 8 for sometime because I have put much work into projects which I don't want to lose.  The way TheBrain 8 works for me is great. I don't really want to change.
Can you tell me what to expect and reassure me that my brain projects are for not ?
Thought Time Line
Can there be a log kept that reports when a thought was created and when it is accessed ?
When it was last accessed etc ?
page for jungling thoughts (4281)
Oh, and I would also like to chose which text goes into which thought note. So that any note that needs notes has them pasted together with the newly created note or added to an existing thought's note.
page for jungling thoughts (4281)
I would like to be able to cut a page from word, ebook, or pdf and paste it onto a page that allows me to move the words around into a form that chooses where the thoughts go. Whether the thought is new a child or if it is chronological or has an order of some chosen sort on the page before it is actually is pasted into the brain. when paste is chosen every word goes where I have chosen whether a new thought or into a new one connected where I have chosen. This will make the process of studying any book and pasting notes from the book into the brain easier. Thank-you if this is considered.
Easier thought creation and classification
I agree I would like to able to open a document and click a word and be able to choose where it will go in the brain, especially in the new mind map format. So I can choose how the mind map will  look as I am selecting and pasting my chosen words from what ever source I have opened.
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