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Always Link to Existing Thought (#3363)
any news on this issue, of duplicates? the Brain used to easily recognise duplicates, and you would never have duplicate thoughts, unless you specifically wanted more that one thought with the same name (which really doesnt make sense to me). I am really suprised that this long standing feature is missing.
Always Link to Existing Thought (#3363)
Still waiting for this feature of No Duplicate Thoughts (always link to existing thought).
Any progress?
Always Link to Existing Thought (#3363)
thank you and blessings. will do.
Always Link to Existing Thought (#3363)

Thank you. I understand.

Do you know about when this will be ready?

Always Link to Existing Thought (#3363)
Yes, it is the pasting of lists or text outline in hierarchical format.
This feature has been consistently in the earlier versions of theBrain.
Does your response confirm that this feature has been left out of Brain9, and if so, will it be restored?
Always Link to Existing Thought (#3363)
Thanks for your response, but it does not work.
Tried it many times. I have been copying and pasting multiple 'thoughts' structured texts in previous versions, (for years) and duplicates are recognized in previous versions, but no such recognition in Brain 9, when I do exactly the same thing.
Without this function/capability Brain9 is no use to me.
Hope you can advise me further.
Always Link to Existing Thought (#3363)
What happened to the ALWAYS LINK TO EXISTING THOUGHT function, which was in previous brains.

When copying and pasting many thoughts, or importing e.g, a text file,  I need to always link to existing thought of the exact same name. I never want duplicate thoughts, i.e  two or more thoughts to have the same name.

Also, can this feature me made the default option.
This feature is very, very important.

thanks, and blessings.
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