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TheBrain 9 documentation
Do you have documentation for TheBrain 9? (I can't find it). It will help your users to understand what they can do with your app. Moreover, they will message you  if documented features doesn't work - it will help you in testing.  
The ability to search on html page opened in your embedded browser is required (#4023)
And the other important thing about built-in browser - i can't even make a copy to clipboard from it!
The ability to search on html page opened in your embedded browser is required (#4023)
zenrain wrote: Whew. 
To actually add something useful to this conversation (although I might argue that the fluffy bunny was incredibly useful), if I need to search a web page (which does actually happen now and then), I ⌘+O (or whatever your shortcut is to open an attachment) and then just search it in Safari.

It's great that you know how to use Safari, but for me it would be very convenient to read web pages inside TheBrain. To get rid of a huge number of randomly open browser tabs is one of the most important reasons for using TheBrain - so it must have convenient built-in browser. In General, if you're reading something complicated, it's inconvenient to jump from book to book (from app to app). 
The ability to search on html page opened in your embedded browser is required (#4023)
You have made your built-in browser to view web pages inside the application. And it can be very convenient, but... you should add the ability to search on html page opened in your  embedded browser. Otherwise, the built-in browser is useless. And I think it's not so hard to do.
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
Harlan wrote: There is another bug that is preventing attachment/notes search on Windows (#3990). I believe that is what has caused your search to stop functioning also. (We are working on fixing it...)

I can't find description of #3990
But i read here many times that you can't reproduce this bug on your computers

So i suggested you to build app version with extended logging to test it on my computer 
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
mcaton wrote: Alexander,

Let's start with this, can you please provide a screenshot of your Preferences > System Tab.  I'd like to see where your Brain is storing it's data. Is it possible for you to change this to a basic directory such as C:/Brains ?

Thank you,

I changed it many times. Now my path is C:/Brains.

I had web session with Patrick Thompson. You can ask him about what we tried before
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
I tried several previous versions and can't  restore the search function. But the problem is important for me and for your future app releases too so we should  solve it! Maybe your developers can prepare some tests to run on my computer to detect  your program errors or tu build version with logging?
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
During our web meeting we decided to test the search function on  previous versions.

According to my messages in this branch, it works at the end of May... 
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
I was happy but now i have no attachment search again(((  May it's because your last updates? 
Can you give me previous versions to try?

Windows explorer search works normally

search on web page
I asked not about web search or about search in whole brain.

I ask about search in current opened page (note or html).

If you right click on opened note you'll see menu options like "copy","past", "select"..,
but you'll not find option to search inside in this note!
Who needs even very simple editor or viewer without search option???

And the same about search in concrete html page opened in your inner browser.
search on web page
You have your inner browser to show web attachment. But can i search on web page in your inner browser?
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
mcaton wrote: Alexander,

Maybe we could set up a web meeting to review this together.  I'll private message you with more details and see what works for your schedule.

Thank you,

Ok.  I'll write as soon as i can
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
I change storage path to c:\Brains   and  it helps.
No i can search english and russian text in notes!!

No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
Also i tried:
- theBrain app full reinstallation
- antivirus (kaspersky internet security) turn off

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