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A List of Thoughts
Hi zenrain - we're close
In V9 I followed your instructions up to getting the list of thoughts on the left side of the plex
but when I Right-click the area where those thoughts are selected and choose any of the Copy options, I get the message: "The given key was not present in the dictionary"
any thoughts?  Thanks!
A List of Thoughts
pthompson wrote: PJMiller,

This is possible, using a Report.

it would be great to output a report to a file or printout - is this possible?
not able to log in to cloud services from desktop brain 8
Thanks, Patrick, you nailed it!

Java 8 - 111 was the only version shown in the program files, but there were a lot of other extraneous folders so I deleted everything and re-installed per your above instructions

then when I launched theBrain - Help - About ... it showed Pro, without my even having to re-register

life is good...thanks! 
not able to log in to cloud services from desktop brain 8
Hi - 

I have a pro account and am logged in to cloud services BUT my desktop brain 8 (latest version) shows "Free Version" when I select "About"

when I choose upgrade and try to log in from the popup window, it doesn't let me log in

I can log in to my cloud services account from a web browser with no problem, but can't log in from the desktop client

any help would be appreciated...thanks!
Export (#3404)
Hi Patrick,

I'm loving theBrain 9 beta, but just wanted to request that you make an HTML site brain export option available as part of TheBrain 9 final release...

Art Murray
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