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Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
Ok, let me know if you need anything from me..
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
Thanks Patrick but as I said, it is working as expected on my laptop, so yes I am dragging correctly.

This is clearly a problem with my particular windows 7 configuration (or the installation of V9 on that particular machine).

Aside from dragging and dropping working correctly on the lap top, Adobe pdf preview works perfectly on the laptop.  However, neither drag and drop or pdf preview is working on this desktop machine.

So how do I go about diagnosing and correcting - I use the desktop for most all my work and the brain extensively.  I need to find a way to fix it.

My desktop config is a windows 7 Pro 64bit - i7-6700 3.4GHz with 8G

My laptop is a windows 10 Home 64bit - i7-4510 2Ghz with 12G.
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
I have tried all three settings related to what to do with files dragged and dropped.  None of them allow me to create a new thought by dragging an attachment out from the list or tab.  That is only on my desktop installation, it works fine on my laptop.  I can't find settings that aren't the same between the two.

Obviously it is something to do with my windows config or the installation of V9....   

What now?
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
I'll give Matt's suggestion a try. 

Harlan it seems as though you are talking about attaching a file to an existing thought, I'm talking about an attachment already attached to a thought being dragged out to  create a new thought..
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
One other thing, and this may have come up elswhere, but I am unable to drag and drop a file in the attachment area onto the plex and have it create a new thought.  This is a basic procedure that is sorely missed if it is not just a bug but a feature deletion (or maybe you just haven't got to it?)

On a related note, it seems that in List View I can't copy multiple files either only one at a time so making a bunch of new thoughts from a list of attachments is now a huge pia.
Preview of attachments (#3402)
sorry for long delay in getting the info......

Layer 1.png 
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
I have a bug report concerning the notes and attachments.  On some thoughts, not all, if there is already an existing attachment and I attempt to create a new attachment through the attachment dialog, non of my templates will activate a new thought.  I can right click in the attachment area when in "Attachments as List" view and get the context menu to add attachment and it works fine.  However, if you are in "Attachments as tabs" view there is no context menu anywhere available to do that.

I am not getting an error so what should I send to you to figure it out??
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
So I am converted to V9 after the changes to the attachments and notes area.  But I am missing the "email attachment" context menu item.  I thought at first it was just the new "List" view but then looked at the new tab action menu and it is not there.

We going to add that back in?  It was a daily part of my work flow.  Is there another way of doing that in V9.  (drag and drop from attachments area doesn't count!!)
PDF Preview Error (#3247, #3335 and #3402)
im having the exact same issue.   attached error log..
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
Ok, that is a perfect setting!!!  Assuming full functionality in the attachments area when you guys get done, that would be exactly what I am looking for and it looks like it would work in any position for other users!!  

Still think the thought title could use a little pizazz......
Preview of attachments (#3402)
Updated Java, Updated Acrobat (actually installed reader just to see what happened).  No luck, still getting the error mentioned above....

Other ideas? 
Preview of attachments (#3402)
Actually it makes me wonder if I don't need acrobat READER in order for the brain to do its thing rather than the full version of the program???
Dragging Attachments into Plex in TB9 (#3418)
well, turns out that I must be having machine specific issues.  The installation on my laptop works just as you would hope.  I can drag an attachment out to create a child thought and everything stays where it is supposed to.

However, I agree that there is a problem with whether it is copied or moved.  even when I change the preferences in the UI section to "move dropped files" it still just copies it.  and none of the helper keys changes that.
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
Here is what I get when I set my tools to the new list view.  I am thrilled at the list view for the attachments.  However the aesthetic of the title and notes area is wonky....   you see the HUGE grey area (where the attachments used to sit as tabs).  That is just wasted space.

Also, in any view that is available the title of the thought can get cut off depending on width of the attachments notes area.  And it is quite subdued.  so.....

brain 9b advanced tools, list view.png 

I was wanting to suggest something where the title is expanded over the entire notes/attachment area and maybe takes on the thought color theme.....

brain 9b advanced tools, list view with new heading..png 

Of course you still need to do something with that wasted attachment area but i'll leave that to you guys
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