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Fixed Storage Location in v 9
@metta I've devoted an inordinate amount to time to thinking how I can accommodate this new behaviour to no avail.  I fear this might be the end of the line for me and TheBrain, which is a great disappointment to me.  I understand that, if my use case is highly unusual, then there is no expectation that the dev team should bend to my wishes, which is why I was pleased to see that you have similar requirements (although I'm sorry if you are ultimately inconvenienced too).  For what it's worth, I've reluctantly started looking again at TinderBox as an alternative.
Fixed Storage Location in v 9
Version 9 is an impressive update, but the fixed, single storage location for all brains is a problem for my use case (and others?).  I like to use The Brain as a client application to open brains that are stored in many different locations, according to their purpose, ownership, confidentiality requirements, etc - I suppose this is the word processor model, which allows files of a suitable format to be opened from whatever location they happen to reside in.  I wonder if anyone else has or can envisage having this requirement?  More fundamentally, I wonder whether this feature can be changed in later releases?
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