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A couple of questions about the Notes Editor
Thank you, Harlan. It is good to know our frustrations are being heard and considered, and that you have a plan to address them.

I was not suggesting changing the "Normal" style, but rather that another style be added ("Compact"?) so that all the existing notes would not be affected.

  ~ Russ  
A couple of questions about the Notes Editor
Hmmm...I uncheck the "Use compact toolbars for notes" option, but I still don't see any "full notes menu." Where is it supposed to be? I am on a Mac, if that matters, and i have updated to the High Sierra OS.
A couple of questions about the Notes Editor
Thank you, metta! I will review those discussions, and play with that full menu option. I didn't know it existed.
A couple of questions about the Notes Editor
As much as I love TB, I continue to be frustrated with the notes editor in TB9. Notes are very important to me, and I would like a lot more control of formatting and edit functionality.

One simple example is that I don't see any way to control the line spacing between paragraphs. i don't want the large space between lines in my notes. If I end a line by pressing Return, it creates a new paragraph, with the unwanted space. I know I can use Shift-return to get a new line, but then I can't format the individual lines, for example applying an indent, as this indents all the lines in the "paragraph."

I don't see a way to control paragraph formatting or create a new paragraph style. Am I missing something? Could you create a paragraph style without the extra space?

One other minor irritation is the way the formatting toolbar behaves. When you open a thought, the formatting toolbar is hidden in the notes pane. Then when you click in the pane to edit the note, the formatting toolbar appears, and all the text shifts down. Sorry, this bugs me. I guess by hiding the toolbar, you are saving a tiny bit of screen space. How about having a preferences setting that says, "Always show notes formatting toolbar" or something to that effect? Or a button somewhere to toggle the toolbar on and off?

Thanks for your consideration
  ~ Russ
unsafe names
Got it, thanks.
unsafe names
I don't see where to download the fix. Can someone point me to it?
unsafe names
I am having the same problem. Since the latest update, I keep getting this message:

"An error occurred while synching.

"One or more attachments have unsafe names. Please run the data integrity scan."

I run the data integrity scan and it finds no errors.

I also continue to see strange behaviors in the notes editor, but it is better than it was a couple of months ago. If I can pin down a repeatable example I will report it more fully.

Keep up the good work!

  ~ Russ

Paste Image Not Working in Notes (#4064)
Sorry, that is not correct. When I turn that preference option on, both are affected. When I paste a URL, the page name is substituted. When I paste an image the image appears. If I turn the preferences option off, neither thing happens.
Note Image Blank (#3183)
Thanks, Harlan. Now that I know I can paste images and actually get images, I am considerably less frustrated. I cannot say that any of the "disappeared" images I have seen were added since the May 12 update, so I will keep an eye on that and report if I see it again.

Sorry if my posts came across as rants. I had built up quite a bit of frustration, I guess.
Paste Image Not Working in Notes (#4064)
Thanks for the info, Harlan. This is the first time I have heard that the "replace URL with page title" preference setting would affect images, though as I think about it, it makes some sense. I don't particularly want URLs replaced by web page names, so I didn't have this option set. I wish I had known this a long time ago, as this has caused me a *lot* of frustration for months.

Ideally, the two would be separate options, though I don't know if that is feasible. I can live with the web page titles much more than the lack of images, so I'll set the option on.
Note Image Blank (#3183)
This happens to me all the time. I'm running the Mac version, if that matters. I'm running the latest version, I think:

The current Notes functionality is a disaster.
Paste Image Not Working in Notes (#4064)
I complained about this issue ages ago, and it hasn't beed addressed. If I right-click an image on a web page and select "Copy Image", then go to the Notes panel, and try to paste in the image, it just pastes a link to the image. That's not what I want or expect. I want the image in the note. 

Also, I wish the Notes Editor would just go to the next line when I hit enter, instead of opening a space (new paragraph, I guess?). No other text editor I can think of does this. Maybe make it a user option or preference setting.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344, #3738 and #3398)
Here we are in the middle of July, and the Notes Editor still sucks. Please, guys, pay some attention to this critical component!
Adding Images to notes fails with no text (#3400)
I have a recurring issue when pasting images into notes. I go to a website and copy an image to my clipboard, then go to my brain and paste the image into a note. It works when I first start the brain, the URL of the image appears in the note briefly, then it gets replaced by the image. Then if I do the same thing again, in a different note, the URL appears but it does not load the image, it just leaves the URL. Now, if I quit the brain and then restart, the paste works. Sometimes I can paste two or three times, but then it will fail and I have to restart the brain again. Restarting is a rather tedious work-around.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344, #3738 and #3398)
For what it's worth, I too experience the bouncing cursor issue all the time on my Mac system. Very irritating.
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