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Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636, #4333)

how can we change the look of the timlines, can we the the Timline arrange from top to down, can we chnage the thickness of the lines,
can we make the window hiher, etc.

Regards Franz
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Trouble updating TheBrain9
Hi, Harlan

but here i can only find the file until number not

Where can i get teh File

Trouble updating TheBrain9
Hello I can´t install TheBrain
because the System needs the Source
C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{DCCB4AE4-B268-4536-A42E-29C607BF30EE}v9.0.155.0\
and this Source is not on my PC.

Who can help

Update 163 - 175
I would update from 163 to 175
The Update asks for Version 155
In the troubleshooting Website are only files up to Version 129

Can you help me

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