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Clicking the notes icon
When I click the little "Note attached to this thought" icon nothing happens.

Bonus points if it just opened the notes panel, or even showed the notes in a tooltip with an option to open the notes panel.

Issues Moving Attachments Internally
Thanks @zenrain. I could have sworn I looked through the all settings... Not my most observant moment I guess!

I've now toggled that over to copy, thanks.

I'm assuming that, set to copy, then even using DropZone should be fine as it should make a copy of the resource. I guess I will find out.

Now what I need to figure out is how I address all the existing attachments that were referenced in situ and how many of those might already have turned bad.

Issues Moving Attachments Internally
I'm not sure why but I thought when I dragged a file onto a thought it would be moved into storage associated with the Brain itself. But it seems to be referring to the file as it exists on the file system. This could make sense for a document in, say, ~/Documents. But as an example of where this does not work I am a heavy user of DropZone on my Mac. If I drop a file from there the attachment gets a file reference like 
 Pretty soon that is going to pointing at nothing.

Personally although it might lead to some duplication I'd like all attached files to end up in storage associated with the brain. I can solve that problem later if it turns out to be relevant. I'd much rather that and know that any file referenced in my brain is reachable in my brain.

At the very least I'd like the option and Brain itself should check to see if a file reference is likely to be durable (I suspect a relatively simple heuristic would cover 80% of the problem cases).

Brigitte wrote: Currently, with TheBrain 8 and http://www.webbrain.com, we use Amazon AWS servers/security. By default, synchronization is protected using 128-bit AES Encryption on port 443. This is the same encryption used by the US government to protect classified information. More general information on Amazon AWS can be found at http://aws.amazon.com/security/ .

TheBrain 9 uses a completely different architecture from TheBrain 8 and we are enhancing security as part of that transition. TheBrain 9 servers are hosted via Microsoft Azure and not AWS. Additionally, passwords are salted and hashed using a unique-per-user salt. We will put together a technical overview of security features of TheBrain 9 as we get further along in the development process or soon after the release.

Hi Brigitte. Thanks for the information, but what I am asking about is how the data is protected once it has reached the brain cloud, i.e. on your servers is the data in cleartext or encrypted?

Who from Brain Inc. is able to access this data and under what circumstances? What happens if your servers get hacked?

If I am going to be using TheBrain to store confidential client information it's important that I understand how that information could be accessed without my knowledge or permission.

Kind regards,


Not sure what's going on with the quoting here. My reply is definitely outside the quoted area...

At the moment, although I do have some client information in my Brain I don't have anything super-secret. But I'm thinking as it is syncing to the cloud to wonder what the security of this information is.

I'm pretty sure its syncing over HTTPS so I'm not overly worried about capture on the wire. But is the brain info all in plaintext on TheBrain.com servers?

Kind regards,

Is there a quicker way to add a web link (URL)? (#3634)

As a counter-suggestion. When nothing is on the clipboard that can trigger such an action how about adding a grayed out "Paste..." menu option. That way a new user gets the idea they should be able to paste something and will be prompted to experiment (at least, if they are interested it will give them a prompt).
What is the Timeline for?
Just to reiterate for Patrick, Matt, and Harlan: I (am I alone in this?) still have no idea what the defining concept of the Time Line feature is. So far the best I have is that it's a replacement for the v8 Calendar (which I have never seen or used) and not what some people expected or wanted.

I'd love to see an overview of the use cases that lead to its being implemented. Maybe I would then be able to see how I can work with it. Clearly it's not for recording historical events... how do you guys actually use it?

Keep two tabs in sync (#3632)
Cool, thanks Matt.
Is there a quicker way to add a web link (URL)? (#3634)
Thanks guys.

As an aside, can I suggest graying out, rather than hiding, inapplicable menu options? I hadn't even realised that 'Paste Web Link' was a possibility because I hadn't seen it in the menu.

Menu length is a separate issue, but it's already pretty long so at this point a few more probably don't make the problem an order of magnitude worse [smile]

Embedded browser cookie store?
I'm attaching links to LinkedIn pages for people in my brain.

What I am finding is that, when the built-in browser loads these pages I am continually having to accept cookies.

Is the embedded browser using a cookie store?

Highlighting a problem (busy plex)
Harlan wrote:
Yes, thousands of thoughts under a single parent. Hundreds of thousands in the total brain. I think the attachment limit is 10 MB, but if you run into a limit, you can always send to us via https://www.hightail.com/u/thebrain

Thousands of items under a single parent is not uncommon when you activate a thought type and there are many instances of that type. It is also possible just using regular thoughts.

Okay, I mean I'd hope this would be possible. I'm capturing some snippets of video as I experience poor UI performance. Will forward them on when I've edited them down a little.

Why I want an API (was: A tool I would like)
mcaton wrote: Matt,

From one of Harlan's posts in December:

Sounds like this is might be what you're looking for.


Thanks Matt.

To be clear, I'm not imagining I am the first person to ask for an API. What I am trying to get at is the thinking mode at TheBrain.

When someone responds to a request like mine (for the tool I described) with "We'll put that in the backlog, and get around to it one day. Thank you." it suggests a thinking mode of "We have to do it" rather than "We can enable you to do it."

Of course I am reading far too much into one off-hand response by a, probably overworked, support team. I will now await the release of v9 and look forward to the API in future.

Probably I am just too impatient, but TheBrain has so much potential to be more integrated into my work.

Is there a quicker way to add a web link (URL)? (#3634)
Yes in this case it's not only not a link, but not even a full URL. Irritating. But I'm doing it a lot so I have to ask.
Keep two tabs in sync (#3632)
I find that most of the time I want to work with the Plex full view but toggling the notes pane on and off is a bit of a nuisance.

It occurred to me that if I kept a second tab open I could have the notes open and quite large.

What would make this useful is if I could slave the two tabs to each other so that the focused thought in one followed the other.

Have I missed the capability to do this somewhere? If not, could you add it?

Kind regards,

Is there a quicker way to add a web link (URL)? (#3634)

I have a partial URL (for example I have copied someone's public LinkedIn URL from LinkedIn's new UI where, in their infinite wisdom, it's not a link and doesn't include the http:// part).

I want to add it to a thought.

At the moment, since I don't have a link to drag onto the thought, it seems like I have to:
  1. Select the thought
  2. Open the notes pane
  3. Click the '+' to create a new tab
  4. Click 'Enter URL'
  5. Paste
Is there a quicker way?

Kind regards,

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