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Request: Google Calendar Sync as a free feature (Pro Version)
To be fair, if you look on the page about the pro-feature (https://www.thebrain.com/products/thebrain/pro-features) you will find nothing promised about syncing in any way and it is also said in the overview that the pro-version as "Licence Only" comes without any Cloud-Services or updates after version 9.0 (with the 0 explicitly noted).
file drag and drop from outlook (#731)
I used TB when it was called PersonalBrain in the early 2000s, then worked in a different enviroment and now came back and startet with TB9 because Java was no option for me. I like the rework a lot, don't get me wrong, but I am somewhat upset that it lacks bugfixing for the daily use while they spend ressources on mobile apps which I think are maybe a nice-to-have for some people but not essential for the usage IMO. Why would I buy a mobile app for something I am not satisfied with on my computer in the first place? Looks like priorities are set by marketing and not by common sense.
Request: Google Calendar Sync as a free feature (Pro Version)

I would like to use the Google Calendar Sync as a free feature without beeing forced to sync my brains with you servers. Is that possible?

I have bought the ProVersion and can not understand why I have to pay for that service. Also I don't trust your (or anybodys, for that matter) servers with my brains and would not use that feature even if I payed 15$ a month.

I can understand that you don't want to give it to everybody, so make it pro-only, no problem, but 15$ a month to sync my calendar is a bit too much for my taste.

Maybe you can think of an alternative payment-model and sell things like this as plug-ins with one-time-payments, I think that could work. I personally could imagine me paying for things like an OwnCloud-Sync-Plugin or an Calender-Sync-Plugin, as long as it's one-time and reasonable priced.
file drag and drop from outlook (#731)
CaptainJustice wrote:
I have touted TheBrain far and wide and demo's it for many people. I now cannot recommend it and that makes me sad.

I can feel your pain. I tried to promote TheBrain (which I bought with my personal money because I like it in general) in my department (software development at a tv-station) to use it as a tool for knowledge-management, but after month and month in which the developers failed to fix basic bugs like the editor (try to copy a link when spellcheck is on in an acceptable time or insert two horizontal lines and try to get you cursor between the two - the last is bug #3712 from march) or try updating when you are behind a proxy (what we are, bug #3697 also from march) and of course the outlook-thing you mentioned, I am ashamed to do so because the feedback from my colleagues was not well over time. As long as new features seems to have priority over stability I keep my mouth shut and just use it for my personal work here.
TheBrain 9 documentation
I'm sorry, maybe I am a special kind of stupid, but I don't think that for example the dialog you get when you click on a link is all self-explanatory. I don't even think that new users would know what features are available, for example the one-way-button in said dialog. Not only discovered I this button somewhat late, it also tricked me the first time after it seemed to do nothing at first and later, when I came back from the other thought, I just could not find the first thought. (I thought it just adds arrows to the links so you could visualise some relations with it and I don't expected it to hide thoughts if you are looking from a special direction)

I work in software testing myself and I know that developers hate writing documentation, but I think you should at least have something that explains the concepts and functionalities. Maybe today a lot of people need YouTube-Explaining-Videos like from sesame-street, but I prefer also some documetation to read an in which I am able to look things up, search and have an index. Call me old-fashioned, but TB is no CandyCrush for relaxing but an not-too-cheap-software to be used as a tool, and I like to know my tools well to put them to best use.
BUG: TB throws an error when deleting an empty event (4286)
Win 7 Enterprise 64bit Dual Monitor / TB 9.216

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Timeline is shwon at the bottom
  2. Click on the bottom of the timeline to create an event
  3. Click on the strange three bar-icon which opens the menu
  4. Select "delete event"

  5.   error216.PNG 
  6. Code:
    TheBrain Windows - Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 
    2017-09-12 10:35:42
    Origin: XWT Terminal: False
    System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
       bei ##.#qBD(TimelineViewControl #hKe, #PoB #OdB, Guid )
       bei #vOt.#PoB.#BYb(#OBv #Az)
       bei TheBrain.Desktop.CommandManager.#WHx.#Vnt(Object , EventArgs )
       bei #UWp.#Ecc.#aZ(EventArgs #oc)
       bei #UWp.#Ecc.#ozd()
       bei #UWp.#Ecc.#icq.#aZ()
       bei ##.#VYq(#J1p #Df, Action )
[BUG] TheBrain 9.0.158 fails to check for Update with proxy (#3697)
Just checking in, over five month now, still not working.
Frustration with new notes editor (#3712, #3713, #3344, #2941, #3547, #3718)
rustyedges wrote:

horizontal rules (which I make liberal use of) cause all kinds of problems with cursor movement and editing

  • arrow down or up until reach a horizontal rule, then jumps either to top of notes or up to middle of some content?
  • Ctrl+right arrow on line of text above rule to jump past word, it jumps to end of entire notes.
  • put a horizontal rule at top - no way to arrow up above it
  • have link and horizontal rule, the cursor just disappears or goes to top

Five month in and still massive issues with horizontal lines. Is there a bugfixing planned?
Different behavior with external monitor (#4035)
I use TB always on my second monitor (expanded view), at work via VGA next to one with hdmi and at home even on an USB-Monitor from ASUS (MB186B+) attached to my Laptop, and for me the context-menu-positioning issues where fixed some iterations ago, so if I can help with logfiles or settings, let me know.
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344, #3738 and #3398)
Haven't seen any jumping-issues lately and must say the the editor has seen some major improvements since the time  I startet using it around the 140s. Actually the only thing I see (but haven't validated enough to file a bug) is some hic-ups when selecting a non-linked url and want to copy it with the context-menu... there seems to be some extra waiting.

But otherwise I had to give the developers credit for constant progress in this area!
Creating/Editing/Deleting URL in Notes (#4036 and #4058))
Relating to the general linking issues: It seems to me that you switched to tinymce underneath, at least I find some fragments in the folders of TB (and if so, I would like it [smile] ). In tinyMCE you have the feature where you click on some text, select "create a link" an then you get an input-line where you can start typing the url. And in the wordpress-version of it, it also searches the existing pages that match your text and offer them as link-target.. love it really much:


if you wonder whats behind that Settings-Button:

Creating/Editing/Deleting URL in Notes (#4036 and #4058))
I stumbled upon this issue yesterday at home. At Work I was used to have the buttons for links at hand and suddenly at home I had to look for them. I think it has something to do with screen resolution.
Here you see my (second) sreen at work:
TB Work.PNG 
As you can see, all the Buttons are there. When I saw @pshanks screencast I saw that the right buttons where missing because he splitted the areas different. Maybe there is a possibility to make the toolbar in two lines when the window get to small instead of hiding the rightmost buttons? So you would have all the link-buttons one click away. You already do it, but only for the last 11 icons from the left:

TB Work2.PNG 
Paste Image Not Working in Notes (#4064)
Harlan wrote:
Enter > New Paragraph: The way the Enter key works now matches how HTML is designed to work. We are aware that there are some people who do not like that it creates new paragraph when you press Enter and we have plans to address this. Unfortunately it is not easy to do and it will take some time before we are able to implement a change. In the meantime you can use Shift+Enter if you want to add a new line without making a new paragraph.

For me this behavior is already common, At first I don't liked it that much but at least it is consistent everywhere around me and now I'm used to it. ENTER make a new paragraph and Shift+Enter just a new line. It's even the same in Word (2010 at least) and on the most Webpages and so on. So I can't see a reason to change it just for one Software. IF you want to change it (can't see why you would spend time on that), maybe you can make it a setting that the User can change at will?
BUG: Paste image from Clipboard/Sniping-Tool changes highlighting
I stumbled upon a strange error. I captured a part of my screen with the Microsoft Sniping Tool, that comes with Windows 7. I used the build-in highlighter for some text and then clicked on the "Paste Image" Button in the attachement-section from a thought.
TB inserts the Image as it should, but it changes the highlight-color to a non-transparent grey color.
I use the sniping-tool a lot and have never experienced this behavior. It ist reproduceable.

Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit, TB, Sniping Tool is the build-in from Windows

best regards,
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