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Will become Microsoft a competitor to TheBrain in the future?

I'm mentioning the following as a matter of interest...

It looks like TheBrain has some direct competition. I recently came across this app on Windows store which is surprisingly similar to TheBrain: InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder (http://www.buildyourmap.com/) with online and offline versions etc.

The software has similar functionality as well as some which would be useful to see in TheBrain (e.g: Insert Pseudocode).

There is a lot of research being done to look at mapping relationships in some form or another which TheBrain is a leader in (in my view).

I'm thinking the decider will be when TheBrain gets its API or some way of providing some way to easily provide automation to update en masse will definitely set it apart from anything else.

This is clearly easier said than done, given the request for API has been about for many years, I hope the V9 updates will provide the team with the benefits to make this essential update.


Offline license activation
Like in V8, will there be an offline, activation process?

Due to corporate restrictions, I am unable to activate the PRO features in V9 and also have issues connecting to anything thebrain online via the application, though I am able to access webbrain.com when I go through a browser...

So at the moment, I am able to use v9 though only as a free edition.

and I'am unable to use the v8 version which is registered?!

very frustrating...

Unable to access app.thebrain.com via IE 11 but can access through Chrome

Hi when I try to connect to app.thebrain.com via IE11 I get a unable to connect to server message.

Though I am able to connect via Chrome 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit).

Also, if I try to click on New Brain, when I have logged in via chrome, I get the message pop up.

"app.thebrain.com says:  invalid brain name"

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