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Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)
Harlan wrote:
The problems with scrolling the tags and types lists were fixed in 9.0.235. [smile]

Thanks for your responsiveness! 
As for the rest, I hope that there will be place for a deeper and large discussion about the next generation of TheBrain, now that its is optimized from the scratch, 

Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)

Your answer is clear, we really expect you to take the Report area to a next level, we are many to consider TheBrain as a powerful and knowledge-oriented tool, compared to plain project management solutions. The more information we put on our brains, the more useful they are. This is the essence of TheBrain, I am sure that you are aware of your potential. The complementary tool Evernote is a good example when it comes to advanced search / filtering notes / sub-tags. 

Though, my second question was about a troubleshooting not a feature request : the missing scrolling bar. If it is too late to implement it, please which practices would you recommend to overcome that issue I described and captured in screenshot. 

I would like this part to be fixed in the next releases, just like other bugs were fixed before. 
Thanks for your consideration.
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)
Thanks for your reply, so I have no choice but to contact support team about a question which is supposed to be addressed in forums. A forum is made for listening and interacting. We did invest time writing and describing this feature request, and in return, not a single "yes" or "no". I can not appreciate or find excuse for such silence. Good job everyone!

zenrain wrote:
If you want direct replies, email support. This is a customer forum. Since it is in beta TheBrain folks interact more than usual. But don’t reply to every question. Otherwise they would never get any work done. [smile]
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)
Harlan wrote: Just to set the record straight, this is untrue:

Dear Harlan, we would appreciate if you can follow up my questions pending since 14 days... it is really surprising that questions get ignored here! We are customers. Thanks.
Dropbox *will* corrupt your Brain's database (and so will any other file-sync service)
Hello. The following question was asked in this thread but the case is different: I use TheBrain on two different computers running Windows, and as you know, the default location of TheBrain data is within OneDrive. 

I suppose that since the software is designed to select OneDrive, so this location can be safe, yes ? or not ? 
Trying to moving the folder outside, I have that warning "changing the location .. is not recommended. Do not proceed unless you are an advanced user..."  

Sorry for my confusion, do you consider OneDrive - default location - safer than Dropbox ? Thanks for your guidance.
release 227
Hi Harlan, I confirm now that the issue has been resolved following the instructions. Thank you!
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)
Hi Harlan, I would like to follow up regarding those pending features requests, features that we have been enjoying since version 4 of TheBrain for 10 years! Could you please confirm if those features - below - are going to be implemented in one of the next releases of version 9 ?  

- Reports > filter untyped thoughts 
- Reports > filter untagged thoughts

We do need these features back, in order to check thoughts we forgot to label & categorize. 

Second point, after several releases since August, I still struggle to select / check types or tags in the Report Area: there is no scrolling bar! Knowing that I have some hundreds of tags, and no touchscreen, I have to roll my mouse wheel for 1-2 minutes to select the right tags... not practical at all. Here is a screenshot to make it clear. It would be great if you can add the scrolling bar or better, a box where I can type the tags & types I need to filter my Report results.

 Screenshot 2017-11-19 14.55.01.png 

Click image for larger version - Name: Screenshot 2017-11-19 14.55.01.png, Views: 96, Size: 61.72 KB
release 227
I have the exact same issue with 9.0.226 and the error window keeps repeating even after reinstalling TheBrain 9 & restarting my Windows 10.
I think seriously that it is still early to work on v9. I honestly can't rely on it on a daily basis. When I double-click on a any program's icon, the least thing I expect is that software opens! 
About the Fix (#4131) - Events not imported
Hi Harlan, 

Thanks for your clear instructions. Approach B is crystal clear, 

Approach A looks practical and easy to implement, but I suppose that it imports events alone, not linked the thoughts they are related to, correct me if I am wrong, 

From a user perspective: importing events (including past ones) is important once I need to browse events held by a specific company, or in a specific field, during a specific period of time. 

Thanks for your consideration and corrections eventually, 

About the Fix (#4131) - Events not imported

One of the recent updates (9.0.211) brought the fix (#4131) of this : "Events from V8 Brain (BrainZip or .brain file) are not imported"

Question: how to import those events knowing that I have already worked on the new Brain for several days and there more information compared to the old file. If I import that file again, is there a risk to have duplicates or any likely conflicts ?

Please advise,
Thank you
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)
Hello Rahlan, 

Thanks for your prompt reply. Sure, it is clear that the new version is completely outstanding in terms of design, ergonomics and performance. You did a great job!

- Points 1, 2 and 3: good that these features will be back, I hope very soon in a minor update!

- Point 4: Well, this is a level of detail that can help in case of file management, I think. Personally, I use TheBrain almost for knowledge management, but if I want to turn into an intelligent explorer of my files, those details are appreciated. 

- Point 5: Sorry I was not very clear about this point. I was still referring to the Reports section. Of course, searching a single tag or type is now much smoother, you did well! But when we need to search 2+ tags in an report, the experience becomes all the opposite. I wish the list of tags in the Report section to include a search button just like in the toolbar, or at least, a scrolling bar. Let me explain a scenario: I have already more than 220 tags, I make a report in which tags should match "A" and "Z". I have to use the mouse roller for may be 1 minutes or more to reach the last tags. That's the only way I have. Now, the list of tags can grow more and more over time.. 

Thank you! 
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)
Hi all! I have gone through this new version and yet, I am pleased by its well thought ergonomics and the overall performance, HOWEVER, the reports / advanced section look in some ways less sophisticated than before... 

1- There is no way to search untagged thoughts, untyped thoughs / links, and this is a big lack! It comes that we forget to tag thoughts and one day, we want to go back to those thoughts to define them properly, how ? now it is impossible, please bring back those options "untagged" and "untyped" 

2- In the version 8, it was possible in a custom report to search thoughts matching specific types, tags AND links types. Now this is not possible, it looks, why ? It was a powerful tool. 

3- Moreover, there is no more way to save custom reports. Some queries are a bit complicated and can be used often. 

4- Now as for the results displaying: where are the "modified," "created" and "activated" dates types of filtering ?! In the version 8, those options were very helpful in specific usage cases, and there was a column to show the modified/created/activated date. Why did you withdraw that ? 

5- Ergonomics: while trying to search thoughts matching specific tags, and knowing that I have 200+ tags, I have to scroll up and down with the mouse roller... really frustrating. There is no scrolling bar! And why not adding a search box for tags: you type the tags you remember and you have them, that's more intuitive than going through a list of hundreds of tags to choose from. 

To me and to many people who rely on TheBrain for heavy data organization, these features are really a must, please bring them back in your very next update (before the v10 !) 

Thanks for your listening! 
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