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Endless Initializing in
Hi Matt

I can not open (anymore) my old previously working TB8 Brain. While having the issues with TB9, I deinstalled and reinstalled it. Now it seems to be broken (TB8, not the Brain itself, as I doesn't even let me select my Brain).

I can not get any dialog on TB9, as ...

(to answer your question)

... the initializing popup stays open forever. 

If I click on it, it hides (which generates the message "Disposing PopupDialog: #v6w").

After that, I have to close it via the taskmanager or CMD-Q 

Best wishes



Just sent you a PM with the output.log
Endless Initializing in
Hi Brigitte

Thanks for the link.

But... still the same issue.

Best wishes

Click image for larger version - Name: Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-29 um 00.13.52.png, Views: 85, Size: 136.05 KB
Endless Initializing in
Hi Matt

I've installed build 216 and I do not come that far, that I am able to change the preferences.

I am on High Sierra (Release no beta) as well.

If you will send me the link to build 220 I will try it.

Best wihes

Endless Initializing in
Politely answering (no offense): I started the topic. Send logs. The remedies so far didn't help. Now I am just almost hopelessly telling my story.
*whining off*

Best wishes
Endless Initializing in
Somehow I can't even use TB8 anymore now.

Using text search within The Brain 8 folder to get to my informations and saving them elsewhere. So sad. I am using the Brain for so long, it was called Personal Brain back then, while the company was called Natrificial.. 
The oldest data (named "PersonalBrain Notes") I can find in my brains file system dates back to February 2010 and that was backed up data. So I am using it even longer.

I am really about to leave it behind because I am need more time to get to my data than saving time by using it. 
Endless Initializing in
Screenshot at Sep. 12 16-35-00.png 

As I had trouble with TB9 beta before, I ran a fresh setup. Cleared every reference to TB9 on my SSD I could find:

/Users/marco***/Library/Saved Application State/

Is there anything I am missing?

Constant crashes in
Since the update to I can't keep it open for even 20 seconds after opening my brain file.

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