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Questions from a new user, for the average user
-Do you write down and keep everything in your brain, a la Getting Things Done style (write down notes and checklists for anything at all you would normally need to memorize)? Or is it more so used as a solely broad, project-focused mind map.
-Do you have just one main "Master Brain", or do you have several more specialized brains? How many brains do you have at any one time?
-Is your brain more personal-use-only, or is it shared with anyone?
-Are your brains mainly work-focused, personal-life-focused, or used all round?
-How often would you say you open, look at, or make edits/additions to your brain on an average day?
-What would you say is your most used functions in TheBrain? The least?
-How specific/extensive are your "thoughts" and notes on average? (A blurb? A sentence or two? A paragraph? A full blown essay?)
-How big are your brains on average? Which is the largest? The smallest?
-Is the brain your only/main note-taking app? If not, what others do you use? Why do you use them instead?
-If you were me, would you have had all of what I've written and asked for already under a "questions to ask other TheBrain users" thought?

That's all I can think of right now, of course you don't have to answer all of them, some of these are slightly redundant and in no real particular order.
Thank you for your time!
TheBrain 9 for Android Freezing on Start
How do I access TheBrain9 for android? It doesn't seem to be on the Play Store 
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