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Can't open link to Outlook contact.
none of the outlook stuff works and no idea of plans to implement
Is there a way to enable syntax highlighting when <code> is used? (#3278)
This is supposedly on an enhancement list somewhere. My guess is that it will be a long time coming. 
Harlan Hugh Gives the Scoop on Development of TheBrain 9
I agree and probably would not have invested in the product. Too many features missing or broken for the price. 
drag and drop from outlook
These suggestions are great workarounds to what needs to be in the core product. And none of these methods link back to the item in Outlook.
TheBrain 9 and Outlook support
This needs to be on the high priority list. This is another key V8 feature that is still missing. 
TheBrain 9 and Outlook support
Hi, Any timeline to get drag-drop of items from Outlook back into TheBrain 9? Really wanting this linkage for contacts, etc.
MS Office Add to TheBrain icon
I would like to see a toolbar item for TheBrain in MS Office applications. Pressing the button would put the document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) in the active though in TheBrain. Maybe a second button that would prompt for which thought to insert the document. Options would include the ability to specify if the item would go as an attachment of the current thought or create a new sub thought under the selected thought. 
Feature Request: Support for Code Blocks
I  have found the CODE setting does not really format the code well at all. I am also interested in output like illustrated above. Line numbers should not be a part of the code - I am not interested in the line numbers but have no issue with them appearing on the side. The color coding, maintaining spacing (indents and line spacing) is critical, and font is very important.  
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