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Unable to Sync Internal Server Error 500
Yes that fixed it.  Thank you all!
Unable to Sync Internal Server Error 500

I've been receiving Unable to Sync Error - internal server error 500.

I attached a log.

Any tips to make thought-switching animation smoother?
Thanks Harlan.

Switching off Text shadow and Curved links helps. 
Slowest animation speed helps, but it is too slow for my taste... [smile]

It's good to know what works. 
Annoying flash (#2115)
I also have not noticed flashing while navigating between thoughts (some with many sibling and children). May we know your Macbook Pro spec? 

I tested on;
Macbook Pro early 2015
i5, 8GB ram, Intel Iris Graphics 6100 
Sierra 10.12.6
App running on my taskbar: Google Drive, Sync, Screenie and QuickRes
[Feature Suggestion] Inline Code (#4467)

Many many thanks!!! I'm looking forward to use it and tidy up my notes.

Any tips to make thought-switching animation smoother?

I notice a little lags/jerkiness when switching to thoughts with many children. Does anyone have tips to share how to make animation smoother?

I'm running i7 4th gen, 1920 x 1080 res, 16 Gb ram, GTX 900 series.

The following seems to help;
  1. Lowering screen resolution to 1280 x 720 helps. The number of thoughts on the plex will be less, however, I'm unable to see my thoughts overview efficiently.  
  2. Incresing  font scale in the plex helps. likewise, number of thoughts on the plex will be less unable to see thoughts overview efficiently. 
Found large PDF files deep in Brain's folder but not appear in report window
I didn't do that. Never thought of that!

...and it worked! I could see the files that I wanted to delete. Isn't this kind of embarrasing, I've been using since Brain 7 and such a basic feature I didn't know how to use....
Release 227 not running on my windows laptop
You guys do bug fixes amazingly fast. Kudos.
Is there an option to enable inline code (#3278)
Not really. I was referring being able to do something like...

Quote: We have added `trim()` to trim additional whitespaces in the string.

The word trim() is ideally monospaced and looks different then the rest of the inline sentence.

Not syntax highlighting. It is similar to CODE block but inline.
Found large PDF files deep in Brain's folder but not appear in report window

I searched via windows search. Searching brain does not return the large pdf. Searching windows does.

I ran report with attachments and couldn't find this particular attachment.
Is there a way to do [QUOTE] in the editor?

That's my workaround for now. Thanks for your reply.
Is there a way to enable syntax highlighting when <code> is used? (#3278)
Thanks. I don't mind waiting. It would be nice to have. At the moment, I copy and paste lengthy code to Atom and let atom do the syntax highlighting for me. 
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