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Advice on tag setup
I’m new to TheBrain and I’m outlining my setup for how I’m planning on using TheBrain.  I’m hoping to get some advice or pitfalls to look out for, from some experienced users, that have walked this path.
At the moment, my primary use for TheBrain will be for learning and reference for my learning notes.
This is what I’m hoping to achieve with my TheBrain setup.
After I read a book, take an online class or course I will put the notes I took into TheBrain as a separate thought.  Tagging the thought based on subject matter (marketing, accounting, accounting payroll, etc.) then putting a thought type (quote, story, stat, idea, etc…)
My goal is to be able to, at a later date do a search to put up all my notes or thoughts on a particular subject.  (Search for all my notes on marketing on facebook.  Quotes on goal setting, or all notes on payroll accounting).
Based on watching one of the webinars on TheBrain I decided on the following setup.
  1. Two Main Parent Thoughts (hope that is the correct term).  Authors and Categories.  Each book, class or course would be listed under both.  Allowing me to search quickly for all courses under a particular author or all courses under a particular category (marketing, accounting, productivity).  These category names would be top level. Taking the example above Marketing, Accounting and Productivity etc… They would NOT include the subcategories such as Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Payroll Accounting etc…
  2. Under each course listing, I would include all my notes, ideas, stats, stories, quotes I took from the course or book.  Each of those would be its own thought in TheBrain and would be assigned a Thought Type (Note, Idea, Action item, Quote, Stat, ETC…).  It would also be tagged with the subject matter category or subcategory.  (Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, or Accounting, Payroll Accounting, New Hires, ETC…)
The tagging is where I’m struggling a bit and could really use some advice.
With this current setup, I would be using quite a few tags.  Currently listed at 150+ and would grow slowly from there. Are that many tags hard to work with in TheBrain, without becoming too overwhelming or time-consuming?
The other area of concern is, some of the tag names will over lap with the Category Thought names.  I think it would be beneficial this way for searching and quick retrieval but not sure if that would cause future conflicts?  
Since it appears that tags can’t have sub-tags, I’m looking at using the following naming convention.  I think this would make my searching easier but would love to hear other ideas.
Mkt Social Media
Mkt Facebook
CW Headlines
CW Bullet Points
ACNT Payroll
ACNT Quickbooks
OB Customers
OB Assistants
EM Conversions
EM Subject Lines
This is just a small sample. I put the actual list of tags I have included in my outline at a little more than 150. 
This is a completely new endeavor, and I would appreciate all insight and suggestions.  I know some of this will need to be perfected over time but if I can avoid an ah ha moment three months from now that causes me hours of retagging, my future self would be grateful. 
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