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Pasting html comments don´t show when code format is selected (4364)
Thanks Ikane, I will do it like that in the meantime.
Pasting html comments don´t show when code format is selected (4364)
Hi, I need to paste a code as a note, but when I paste the code and code format is selected, some tags are removed from the text.

Missing images on notes (#3183)
Thanks Zanrain, I didn't know that.
Missing images on notes (#3183)

Perfect Harlan, it is working now, thank you for fixing this problem.

Note: TheBrain version was not detecting the new version on the server.
Also on the main download page (http://www.thebrain.com/products/thebrain/thebrain9), is downloading version
I had to manually download with this link by changing the version 215 to 216: http://updater.thebrain.com/files/TheBrain%
Just in case...

Missing images on notes (#3183)
Hi Harlan,
I found something that may help in the mean time:

Case 1: You will loose your images 95 % of the times....

When you paste images with Ctrl + V the image appears visually on the notes:

If I open the notes.html, there is the image reference:

However, the file is not created inside the folder and this is the mystery problem, some times the image file is created and most of the times the file is not created:


Case 2: You will not loose your images...
When you paste your image with your mouse, the file will be saved correctly.

I this case your image file will be saved correctly


Hope this helps find the current problem.
Missing images on notes (#3183)
A few days ago, I created a manual with images on the thought notes, but today some images are missing:

Do you have any idea why is this happening?
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