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Paste Text Outline as Thoughts (#4341)
Thanks, Matt and Sean for the quick replies, and Sean thanks for the instructions on how to revert to the previous version. I'm wondering what the expected timeline until the next update (assuming it will be resolved by then). The paste functionality can wait a week or two if you think that might be a safe ballpark estimate. Otherwise I'll re-install the previous version.
Paste Text Outline as Thoughts (#4341)
Is anyone else having a problem with pasting a text outline as thoughts? When I select to paste a text outline as thoughts TheBrain 9 does nothing. It's not frozen or anything, it doesn't paste it as orphaned thoughts somewhere else... it just does nothing. 

I am running TheBrain on Windows 10. I know I didn't have this problem on the previous version of TheBrain 9 (I used this functionality quite a lot just a few weeks ago).
Please add Keyboard Shortcut/Accelerator for setting thought type and tag
I couldn't find a previous thread that references this specifically, but in TB8 I was able to set up a keyboard shortcut to set a thought type or tag. In TB9 all I can find is activating (i.e. filtering) by tags or types. In order to set the thought type, I need to show the thought properties and select the "Type" or "Tag" buttons from the properties window or I have to right-click and go to the sub-menu labelled "Set type" or "Set tag".

Is there any way you could add an accelerator option for setting types and tags in TB9, please? If not, what is the rationale for leaving this one out?

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