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Smart Thoughts
Hi Sam,

How would you like to see this implemented? Thinking about how it would actually work, it seems like a Smart Thought would really be skipping a step or two of clicking a Tag/Type, or viewing Thoughts in a Report, then selecting them all and attaching to a single Thought. Any ideas you have for how this would work from a user perspective will help me properly document this on our feature requests.

Cheers, Sean
TB9 - Support for tables in the native Notes feature (#4504)
Hi Mike,

We are working on adding tables to the notes. I have added your voice to the feature request, and let our team know that this feature is one of the more frequently requested ones.

Cheers, Sean
How to remove all types and tags at once
Hi Randy,

You can add all the Types and Tags to the selection box, then delete them. To do so:
-Click the Type button in the top toolbar (just to the right of the Home icon)
-Hold Ctrl while clicking each Type to put them in the selection box
-Repeat for Tags
-Hold shift, right-click in the selection box
-Delete X Thoughts

Cheers, Sean
Opening .msg files
Hi Omer,

On Android, TheBrain does not preview files, but asks the system to open it with the default application. Interestingly, Outlook for Android does not open its own .msg files. There are apps specifically made for opening .msg files on Android though. You would need to install one of those to view your attachments.

Cheers, Sean
Create Thought from a Google Calendar Event
Hi Jaime,

This does sound like a good idea. I see a problem with this though. A Thought created this way does not have any data to tell TheBrain where to connect that Thought. There would just be orphan Thoughts created from imported events.

Is there a certain way you would like to see this work? Like how to attach these newly created Thoughts? I will write a feature request for this, and add your comments to it.

Cheers, Sean
Dropbox *will* corrupt your Brain's database (and so will any other file-sync service)

To move your Brains, create a new empty folder named Brains in a directory that will not be synced. Then open TheBrain and your preferences. Preferences > System > Select Folder, and point it to the new folder. Read the dire warnings about moving your Brains, and move them over. All your Brains will move over, including internal attachments, and it should work without any issues.

Cheers, Sean
Priority in displaying icons and images (#4536)

I have added a feature request for the option to choose which icon/image attachment is displayed on the Thought icon.

Cheers, Sean
Scraping Website / Generating Sitemap Using TheBrain
Hi Koos,

This was a feature a long time ago that became much too difficult to maintain. Unfortunately it is not likely to come back for TheBrain 9.

Cheers, Sean
Webbrain-driven Sharepoint website.
Hi Koos,

TheBrain 8 could export Brains to HTML which could be embedded in a website. We are working on this feature for TheBrain 9, but it is not yet ready. No projected release date either.

Cheers, Sean
Importing MS Word Docx files -not working
Hi Anton,

I just tested this, and .rtf files do not preview within TheBrain content area. However, .txt files do preview directly in the content area. Also, .rtf files can be attached, and will be opened in the correct application when clicked on within TheBrain.

Cheers, Sean
REPORT shows change on Attachments in V8

When I hover over any entry in the Thought history, a dialog shows on the left with the changes and a timestamp. Are you requesting that the timestamp is shown in the history list? Or does this timestamp in the expanded dialog contain enough information?

Cheers, Sean
Possible to roll back versions

Would you mind posting here when your issue is resolved, and possibly a short version of the problem/steps to solve it, in case other users come across this thread?

Cheers, Sean
Inline and block Math Equations (#3519)
Hi Iwan,

We do have this documented on our feature request list and our engineers are looking into implementing it. I've made a note that we are receiving more requests to be able to add inline math equations.

Cheers, Sean
Scroll issue with latest release (TheBrain 9.0.234)
Hi Frederic,

We have not seen this issue in any of our tests. Could you post a video of this behavior? That would help us a lot to figure out what might be causing this issue.

Cheers, Sean
Download Attachments as option (#336)
Hi Sibley,

I just responded on your other post ( http://forums.thebrain.com/post/9506888 ) but I'll add to that here. 

You can download attachments to your iPad by accessing those attachments, and they will be available offline. Those same attachments will sync back to your Brain if you make any changes. Just remember to manually sync your iOS Brain.

Cheers, Sean
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