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Recording Now Available: The Art of Visual Inquiry
The Art of Visual Inquiry
The Art of Visual Inquiry
Increasing Understanding with Connections
Explore, Capture and Study with Your Brain

Watch HERE.

Topics include:
  • Using TheBrain as a study guide
  • Building a knowledgebase to increase understanding
  • Re-contextualizing information sources to create a perspective that matches your thinking
  • Analyzing relationships and mapping out information networks on complex subjects
  • Example Brains for teachers, students and researchers
September 21, 2017 Web Event: Create Your Education Brain and Learn Faster

If you missed this web meeting or would like to re-watch the video, the webinar was recorded and can be accessed here.
Tab Names
Hello David,

Thanks for your suggestion, user suggestions are very useful to us. We have definitely taken note of this and will consider it for future development. 

We do have a feature in place that may help with this issue in the mean time. As you click through different Thoughts, you should see a list of those thoughts begin to appear on the bottom of the Plex. You can easily click on one of those icons and it should take you straight to that thought.

When should a Thought really be a Note, and vice versa
Hello Ward,

Thanks for posting your question on the forums, it's a great question to consider before starting a new Brain. Like you said, it really does depend on how you think and what you are using TheBrain for. Personally, I like to think in an outline format (titles with subcategories that have bullet points) so I tend to make Thoughts short and bullet point details within notes. However, I have spoken with plenty of users who have preferred very long Thought names. They typically use TheBrain for projects involving research, writing and file management.

To get technical, I would suggest trying to stay on the shorter side of Thought names to ensure that the file path each thought creates does not get too long. The Notes section allows you to place a lot of information in there and I would take advantage of that. You can always make a long title in the Notes area.

Show child thoughts and properties in a report-like format when selecting a parent (4310)
Hello Cerebrum,

This is a great suggestion. I will add this idea to our future features list and notify our engineers. Just to add to it, there is also the 'Mind Map' option. This may not be exactly what you are looking for but it does offer another visual display of thoughts.

Initial view (4306)
Hello Ray,

Although this is currently not available in version 9, it is a known feature request that our engineers are working to make available in future updates.

File management
Hello Ray,

We have some tutorials that may help with further questions on this topic. I have attached links below regarding notes, attachments and drag/drop features.

Drag and Drop: 

Notes and Features: 

These tutorials can also be found in a Quick Start Brain which can be located by going to 'Help' -> 'Create A Quick Start Brain..'

Check out 'Jerry's Brain' interview on NPR!
Quote: I don’t know about you, but my phone feels like an extension of my brain. I can’t commit to an appointment without checking my calendar. There are to-do lists and voice memos to make sure I don’t lose an idea. And, of course, there’s Google to instantaneously answer any question.

Jerry Michalski and the world's largest brain made it on NPR today! Check out the interview here.
Pinch to Zoom for Plex Text (288)
Hello Zenrain,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. A robust and responsive application is very important to us and I will note this for our engineers to take a look. Please note that TheBrain 9 is still in beta so that there will be expected issues to fix. Features such as the mobile and web platforms may still be limited relative to the desktop application. We are working to make sure these issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Can't find Version 9.0.216
Hello David,

Matthew is correct, please check what channel you are on if you wish to receive the latest updates. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us at support@thebrain.com and we would be happy to help you with them.

page for jungling thoughts (4281)
Hello Ramond,

Thank you for your ideas. We are happy to add these to the future feature suggestions so that our engineers can review them for future releases.
Missing attachment after sync to another machine
Hey Johan,

I am happy to see that you resolved this issue. Please feel free to email support@thebrain.com with any future issues and we would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.
Suggestion to display notes on iPad via double tap (284)
Hello Shaun,

Thank you for your suggestion on our iOS application. I have added this suggestion to our suggested feature list for future development.

How to delete a thought?
Hello Ethan,

Just in case you are looking for more information, we have an incredible library of tutorials that may answer a few of your questions. Below is a link to one all about Thoughts including how to delete them.

Dragging a link from the internal browser to the Plex (4258)
Hello Cerebrum,

Thank you for your suggestion, I think it is a great idea. I have added it to our future features list for our engineers to check out.

As a work around, you should be able to navigate to the specific link in the internal browser, select the icon and drag that to create a new thought to the specific link.
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