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how do I sync my brain to cloud?
oh I find it, a small cloud icon.
how do I sync my brain to cloud?
hello, I just don't know to upload my brain, I haven't find any menu or option related to cloud service, am I missing something?
is it possible to create parent/child relationship, but when view focus on child, it sees the "parent" as a jump relationship
I know I can create a child who has multiple parent, but it makes information confusing(at least for me).
so I try to make only one parent for a child, but some times, often when recording "other" thoughts, it seems that the "other thought" can have the previous as a child, but it's from the point of view of this "other thought".  from the point of view of the original child thought, this new "parent" is not as important. so it's better to see it as a jump link. 

to avoid having multiple parent, I add a "proxy", then jump link to the real thought, but it's inconvenient.

it maybe difficult to understand what I am talking, so I take some snapshot to demo it. 
parent2.jpg  =================
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