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Notes not saving automatically
Thanks for posting... That shouldn't be the case. Can you please test again and see if you can reproduce the problem? From your description, it sound like you are using an iPad. Please confirm.

If you do manage to reproduce the problem, please let us know if you are starting on an empty note or one with existing content.

Finally, when you say "they are not remembered", do you mean that they don't show on the thought where you entered them when you go back to it on the same device?
Shorter Timeline increments and the ability to drag and change an Event's duration (#4191)
Gotcha. The snap will adjust to 5 minutes when zoomed in close in the next release.

Dragging to adjust the duration is a documented feature request.
When will a 64-bit version be available
FYI, this is nothing to worry about since TheBrain 9 code fully supports 64-bit. It appears there is a problem in the deployment/packaging process.
More interactivity on the Timeline (#4187, #4188)
Thanks for the feedback. We are planning on adding a context menu to the timeline.

FYI, dragging on the timeline left and right scrolls while up and down zooms in and out.

Searching for events on the timeline is done via the search box (same one used for thoughts). Going to a specific date is done via the mini-calendar on the right. The option to type a date is not yet available.
Problem with search engine.
Sorry you are having trouble. Please check the following:

1. Have you changed the default location of your Brains folder? If so, check that the location is being indexed by Windows Search (see below).

2. Are you on a non-English version of Windows? We have seen a case where results are not returned due to the way Windows translates the path. If this is the case, try using Preferences > System to change the location to a different location such as C:\Brains, then add that location to Windows search (click Windows button, then type "Indexing" to open Indexing Options, click "Modify", and then navigate to C:\Brains and check the box next to it).
50mb sync limit
Ok. That tells us that the file should be available to download via iOS. If you post the GUID of the thought it is attached to, we can take a look and see if there is anything usual about it and investigate further. 
Feature requests: instalaltion locations/tag counts (#4183)
It does not ask you if you just click the "Next" buttons. You have to choose the option to change the defaults. 
TheBrain 9.0.212

Version 9.0.212

August 11, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#4181) Incorrect determination of unsafe file names during sync
TheBrain 9 and Outlook support

We hear you and you are not alone in missing this feature. Unfortunately, MS made Outlook drag and drop very painful to work with so it's not as easy to implement and support as it should be.
Feature requests: instalaltion locations/tag counts (#4183)
1) There is already the option to choose your installation location... Don't remember exactly how to do it offhand and no Windows box with my, but if you look carefully at the options you will find it. Outlook is a separate beast entirely, but it is on the list.

2) For performance reasons, this was not done in V9 as it can be inherently very expensive to calculate. V9 is designed to scale to millions of items where V8 started to show performance issues in the hundreds of thousands of items. Not impossible to bring back, but non-trivial. I've documented the feature request.
drag and drop from outlook
Cerebrum wrote: Doesn't this involve right-mouse clicking to get "Copy Path to Thought's Folder" then going to that folder and then dragging the Outlook item to that folder?

Nope... Just right click and select "Open Thought Folder" or hover and Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+F.
Crash when changing brain theme
Whoa... Good troubleshooting skills Alex. [smile]

We'll log a bug track down what is causing the crash in the first place.
50mb sync limit
At present the official size limit is 200mb, however it is not being enforced at this time and unless abuse of the system becomes an issue it will not be enforced in the future.

About the files you are having trouble with: Can you check to see that it is working properly from your desktop? Also, please try accessing it via https://app.thebrain.com and let us know if it works from there.
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated

Thanks for the feedback. [smile]

V9 is a complete rewrite, so nothing has been removed - everything had to be rebuilt from scratch and the priorities were different than just those that lead to V8. Thus, many areas of V9 are improved and a few things in V9 are changed in ways that some people may not like. Reports, like everything else, was designed for performance and ease of use first and foremost.

Requests #1, #2, and #3 are pending feature requests already.

#4 is not something that anyone else has asked for and is not likely to be making a comeback since the main purpose of the display you are talking about was the ability to see the history of changes in a linear format. This has been vastly expanded and improved in V9 via the recent changes button.

#5 is actually much easier in V9. There is already a built-in search for tags (and for types too). Just click the tags button in the toolbar and start typing. Not sure what is happening with the lack of scrollbar as your describe, will have to check it out.
unsafe names
If the data integrity check didn't find anything that's a bug somewhere... we may contact you to troubleshoot if we can't find the issue ourselves.
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