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Move File out of brain needs a LOT of work (#3477 and #4522)
I think he is referring to opening the Thought folder and moving the files from there, which will result in the attachments being disconnected from the Thought (which is the correct behavior).
So Again, Where is Webbrain?
Open the brain you want to sync with the could and then click the cloud icon in the toolbar. You will be asked to confirm uploading it. Once the upload finishes your are all set. 
Report: untyped or without tags? (#3204 and #3209)
Reporting on untyped thoughts and untagged thoughts will be included in the upcoming 9.0.237 release. 
Feature-Request: Copy/Paste Thoughts also via JSON in plain-text (unicode) (#3155)

It may be a problem with the tool you are using to open the zip. A recent change was made such that 64-bit zip file support is needed by the software that is opening the file.

Also, please make sure you are using 9.0.235 or above as there was an issue with BRZ export that was fixed in that release.
Can not use chinese input method on notes (#4220, #4288, #4448)
FYI, this has been fixed. As of release 9.0.230, it is no longer necessary to turn off spellchecking to input Chinese.
Events: more suggestions (#3690, #3692, #3692, #4127)
The suggestion to make the Thought name being displayed in the Timeline optional was implemented in 9.0.231.
Reports - Tag / Type Options (#3389 and #3204)
The problems with scrolling the tags and types lists were fixed in 9.0.235.
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated (#3389)
The problems with scrolling the tags and types lists were fixed in 9.0.235. [smile]
TheBrain 9.0.236
This release features improved speed and responsiveness especially for large Brains with many links.

Version 9.0.236

December 9, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#4524) Optimize performance when siblings are not displayed in the plex
    • (#4525) Optimize performance when thousands of thoughts are being displayed
  • Fixes
    • (#4424) Clicking event selection options outside of the event window perimeter doesn't work
Children of a certain type
Add the active thought to the selection (ctrl/cmd + click), then add the type to the selection (activate it, then ctrl/cmd + click).

Once the selection has the two thoughts you want, right click on the selection and choose "Show Common Children"
TheBrain 9.0.235

Version 9.0.235

December 8, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3389) Scrollbar is not shown on Tags and Types lists in Reports
    • (#4429) Random theme is not identified when new brain is created
    • (#4456) Deleting a duplicate theme can lead to a crash
    • (#4478) Multiple Accounts in the meta database with the same UserId cause failure to start
    • (#4511) Intermittent issue exporting/importing/syncing large BRZ files
    • (#4517) Windows: Mouse wheel scrolling of Brains list and other items is too slow
    • (#4518) macOS: Selecting "Recents" from import file chooser and pressing cancel results in error
Full text search
Due to the way the index works, searches starting mid-word are not possible. You will find that all indexes searches perform this way (google, OS file search, etcetera).
Some questions about Thought History (#4532)
The history is for informational purposes only. You need not look at it if it is not useful to you. History track back since you started using version 9.

Colors are based on the time of day the change was made at. Changes at night are dark, changes midday are white.
Structured Attachment Tabs
Yes, version 9 added support folders inside of thoughts, including sync of the content therein. You will lose the ability to preview the items inside of the folders within TheBrain however.
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