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Pasting a Facebook post into Brain note Emoji extra large (#3035)
Sorry, but notes is not intended to support all possible formats or to be able to replicate full HTML. Images are always centered in notes. Additional formatting options are already documented as feature request. 
PDF preview error (#3967)
Fixed in 9.0.206.
TheBrain 9.0.206

Version 9.0.206

July 22, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#4112) Improved parsing of web site favicon location
  • Fixes
    • (#2826) Some web links yield an empty icon
    • (#3035) Small images (such as emoji) in notes should not scale up beyond their original size
    • (#3148) Missing icon for attachment
    • (#3967) Windows: “Invalid PDF structure” message shows after hovering another thought
    • (#4039) Pasting in search box after notes are active and while search results are visible pastes into notes instead
    • (#4086) Windows: Ctrl+V does not work to paste text into the internal browser
    • (#4093) .brainzip (or _brain) cannot be imported due to very long names used with an internal folder
    • (#4095) Notes asset has absolute path after undo of delete
    • (#4097) "No account found" error report generated on startup
    • (#4109) macOS: Flashing white boxes when popups (search results, TPD, etc) are appearing
    • (#4111) Ability to check for problems that may prevent syncs and other data integrity issues
Sync issues for Android
Hi Victoria. The ability to sync very large brains to mobile clients is not working with the current Android release. The next release, hopefully out sometime next week, will address this.

Starting with the next release, both the Android and iOS clients will sync your entire brain except for file attachments. This will make your brain take up much less space on your mobile device. When you tap to open an attachment, it will be downloaded once and kept local for later use. 
Syncing iOS Beta with Desktop Beta
That does indeed look like an issue. We will have to experiment and hopefully reproduce it. Thank you for explaining and posting screenshots. 
Who Wants to Join TheBrain?
We are looking for an entry-level tech customer service and support person to join the team here in California...

All day, all Brain. [smile]

Please see the official post here: http://forums.thebrain.com/post/8663857
Syncing iOS Beta with Desktop Beta
Just to be clear: Renaming a brain does not make it in into a different Brain. The name of the brain is just a property. Unless you assign a new Guid for a Brain, it is still the same brain and will sync to other copies of that brain, regardless of what they are named. The brain's name will in fact be synced also.

In your example, Test1 must be synced from the computer where you performed the merge in order to send those changes (the results of the merge) to the cloud. You must then open Test1 from the iPad and sync again in order to bring those changes down from the cloud.

Please try using the web client (https://app.thebrain.com) to view what is actually on the cloud and let us know what you find. (I should note here that the web client is not yet reliable - it may not display notes and attachments, so please ignore that aspect of it, but it should show you which thoughts are on the cloud.)
touch screen support has removed ability to use on touch screen? (#4018)
rustyedges wrote: I can't use touch to activate notes, to select thought from search results, to activate a different tab and more.

Is that a change? Or something that was always a problem?
typed links are not listed in search results (#2160)
Link types are not searched because there is no way to activate a link type. You can run a report on that link type, but you cannot access it from search.
Time setting not honoured (#3426)
Hi Ernest,

Nothing has changed. Please check the local clock on your computer (both the time and time zone settings). It is most likely is incorrect.
Do Not Update to macOS High Sierra Beta 3
Please do not install macOS High Sierra beta 3 if you are using TheBrain 9. It will not work. There is a bug in High Sierra beta 3 that prevents TB9 from starting.

Generally speaking, we cannot provide support for beta operating systems as issues therein are often beyond our control.
No Thought Icon, link not opening (#3148)
Hi Pat,

This has been fixed but is not yet released. Will likely make it into 9.0.206.
Sync Notes between PCs
Hi Matt,

I understand. No need to do that... Matt Caton should be in touch with you soon so we can figure out what is going wrong. Thanks!
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