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TheBrain 9.0.172
This release includes the option to send information to us for troubleshooting if a sync fails on the client side. If you are given this option, please do submit the information to us as it will help us to track down and fix issues related to sync.

Version 9.0.172

April 25, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#2905) Note size should be preserved when Brain is Closed/Opened
    • (#3773) When a sync is in progress, the sync toolbar icon animates
    • (#3781) Option to send logs for a failed sync to the server
  • Fixes
    • (#3772) Preview of YouTube video in embedded browser leads to crash
    • (#3774) Delete of remote brain is always disabled if there is no local copy
    • (#3220) TheBrain 9 install overwrites TheBrain 8 desktop shortcut
    • (#3403) Internal folders imported from a v8 Brain are empty in v9
    • (#3538) Timeline events do not automatically appear after sync to a different machine
    • (#3539) Syncing all-day events between machines will add an extra day
    • (#3703) Improve underlying interface layout methods
    • (#3761) “Sync automatically” should be on by default
    • (#3779) Toolbar tooltips should show keyboard shortcut if one is assigned
unable to sync (#3616 and #3762)
Thanks Xavier. [thumb]
Event Date Not Updating After Original Sync (#3539)
Issues with syncing events should be resolved in the next release. Thanks for your patience.
unable to sync (#3616 and #3762)
Excellent news Wayne. Thanks for the update. The engineering team has been working hard to make sync as seamless and reliable as possible.
Deleting brains
Thanks for the bug reports and suggestions. The issue of not being able to delete a remote brain when there is no local copy has already been addressed for the next release. We are also aware of the server error that is sometimes happening when the remote deletion is attempted.

Unfortunately there are still many issues with the web client and it is not yet ready for serious use.
TheBrain 9.0.170

Version 9.0.170

April 19, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3767) Toolbar buttons should be rendered more consistently
Toolbar Icons
1. Thanks for catching the extra home button. This will be fixed for the next release.

2 and 3: Yes, there are a few issues related to the display of both the timeline and report buttons on macOS that we are working on. Thanks.
Offline license activation
Hi James,

Please contact support@thebrain.com and someone will be happy to help you get your V8 registration working. As V9 is still in beta, we are still working out how we will handle offline registration.
TheBrain 9.0.169

Version 9.0.169

April 18, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3009) Tips on use at startup (dismissable)
  • Fixes
    • (#3726) macOS: Icons missing from installer
    • (#3760) macOS: Progress indicator does not appear while searching and checking for sync changes
    • (#3127) After upgrading, it should not be necessary to log out and back in in order to unlock new features
    • (#3765) Sync changes are detected but never resolve due to sync of SyncPoints alone
TheBrain 9.0.167

This version includes a major update to the syncing process that should makes it much more reliable. It also enables you to check on the sync status of your brain by clicking the small triangle next to the sync icon, which will now tell you if there are changes to be sent/received.

As part of these sync improvements, we have disabled syncing to the server from older versions of the client, so please upgrade ASAP. Thanks!

Version 9.0.167

April 17, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3740) Sync redux for increased speed, reliability, and status reporting
    • (#3741) Toolbar icons for toggling report and timeline panes
  • Fixes
    • (#3238) Delete remote brain does not work
    • (#3708) Windows: Attachment list does not scroll
    • (#3717) Notes: Recent changes may be lost when switching to/from attachments list view
    • (#3732) Pressing Escape does not cancel linking to an existing thought
    • (#3733) Search is not as comprehensive as it could be in a large brain when common terms are mixed with more specific terms
    • (#3748) Issue when changes are made and syncs between two machines are done within a short timeframe
    • (#3749) Delete remote brain command should be disabled is user does not have admin access to a brain.
    • (#3755) When no changes exist on an automatic sync, notification should not be shown
Using web link to mobile Wikipedia article instead of to main article
I gather we are not supposed to edit it ourselves. If anyone here would like to volunteer, that would be great.

Error on starting Brain 9
Just to be clear, those instructions will delete all your data and should never be used unless that is what you are trying to do. (For example if you wanted to start with a clean install for some reason.)

As Zenrain said, TheBrain will work fine with indexing off but search will not be able to find anything inside of notes and attachments. We will add an option to disable this warning in a future release. 
TheBrain 9.0.163

Version 9.0.163

March 30, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#-3686) When multiple tabs are open, clicking search box clicks through to inactive brain's search box
    • (#-3687) Event calendar and color picker go off screen
    • (#-3689) New type/tag window should say "Thought Type/Tag Name" - not "Thought Name"
    • (#-3696) Windows: Brain tabs change location when clicked and display scale is > 100%
    • (#-3698) About dialog always displays at the center of main display.
    • (#-3710) Windows: Content tabs do not indicate which tab is on top
    • (#-3711) Displayed file size and modification date do not update immediately
Time machine
Don't bother trying to hack it. It's not that simple to do unfortunately. We'll be addressing this issue soon. If you need it sooner we could setup a web meeting with you and do it remotely or maybe send you instructions. 
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