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Lost ability to resize Images in Notes (#4214)
This issue has been fixed in 9.0.219. Thanks for reporting Zenrain. Sorry it took us a bit longer to fix than usual.
TheBrain 9.0.219

Version 9.0.219

September 22, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#4257) Assigns a random theme automatically when a new brain is created
  • Fixes
    • (#4153) Application is crashing due to file lengths over 260 characters on Windows
    • (#4214) Notes: Image can't be resized
    • (#4233) Google Calendar settings window does not immediately populate
    • (#4280) Copy Thought from Brain of an account (or local-only Brain) to Brain of another account results in error
    • (#4282) In a rare case, importing from TheBrain 8 can lead to an encoding exception
    • (#4285) Notes does not refresh after deleting the active Thought
    • (#4286) Deleting an event that hasn't finished creating should not be possible
    • (#4295) Remove usage of HIToolbox framework on macOS
    • (#4301) Occasional KeyNotFoundException when attempting to import a brain from version 8
    • (#4303) Occasional InvalidOperationException when attempting to import a brain from version 8
    • (#4304) Misspelling in calendar series adjustment menu
    • (#4318) macOS: DMG background is low resolution
Initial view (4306)
Actually, it does remember the position as long as you don't close your brain. Just exit the program without closing your brain and when you restart everything will be where you left it.
When will syncing start working?
It sounds like you are looking at the version 8 brains list on iOS and the web. Sorry for the confusion. Sync is working and has been working ever since TB9's initial beta began. 

Pat's suggestion will correct the problem for iOS. For the web version, you need to go to http://app.thebrain.com .
URL Scheme?
Thanks for explaining. The URL scheme you are thinking of existing only because when that version was released, there was no other way to share from Safari to TheBrain. In V9, the inbox can be accessed via iOS's share sheets.

If you could create a thought from an item in the inbox (which would name the thought based on the page's title, just like on the desktop) that would accomplish the same thing, but better, correct?
Brain Constrain (Problem importing very large V8 Brain) (#4283)
There was nothing special done to import Jerry's Brain. The number of thoughts and links in a brain have a relatively insignificant impact on the overall storage space taken up by the brain. Usually 90%+ of storage space is due to attachments, including thought icons.

No one else has reported a problem running out of temporary space. As far as I know, Jim is the first to experience this issue so most people will not have a problem even with very large brains.

I'm not that familiar with the import code so I can't venture a guess as to what is happening in Jim's case, but I will ask one of our engineers to investigate and come up with a solution.
URL Scheme?
Can you give an example of how you used this?
TheBrain 9.0.216

Version 9.0.216

September 7, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3183) Windows: Images in notes sometimes get lost immediately after they are added
    • (#4044) Error messages on first setup of Google Calendar sync
    • (#4232) Cancelling a Google calendar selection requires clicking twice
    • (#4262) Sync may fail due to the length of the HTTP request
    • (#4270) Paste Image command doesn't work on notes when Image is from URL that requires authentication.
Disappearing images in Notes and other Notes issues (#3183)
As I just posted in the other thread about this issue, we have found and fixed this issue and expect to have it the fix out in the next day or two.
Missing images on notes (#3183)
FYI, we looked into this today and were able to reproduce and fix the problem using your instructions. Should have the fix out tomorrow or the next day at the latest.
webbrain - adding/linking/editing thoughts?
Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the feedback and for renewing your subscription. We have great things in store with version 9 and beyond.

The web client is the part of version 9 that is least developed there are many bugs and missing functionality at this time. (In the header for app.thebrain.com, you may have noticed there is a disclaimer that it is not yet complete...)

The good news is that the iOS client for version 9 is far superior and you don't need to use the web client anyhow. Please to sign up for the iOS client beta here:

Once you install the iOS beta, make sure that you click the "i" button on the login screen to go to the version 9 client.

v 215 running extremely slow on Windows
Sounds like there was a problem accessing the database due to Veracrypt. No changes were made related to database access between .214 and .215. TB9 depends on the access to the database files being fast - if it is slow TB will be slow. This is why slow drives (such as network drives, USB drives, or other drives where an additional layer is added, as I'd guess Veracrypt works) can have an impact.
Missing images on notes (#3183)
Hmm... good detective work. If we can confirm that is how it happens it will definitely be helpful. Thank-you for the details. 
Can not use chinese input method on notes (#4220, #4288)
Yes, our internal issue number for this is 4220.
Disappearing images in Notes and other Notes issues (#3183)
Thanks for posting. The loss of images that were added to notes is something that we saw earlier, worked on, and believed was fixed. Unfortunately it seems it is still happening. This is a top priority for us.

As for the issues with notes appearing on the wrong thought occasionally, we think that this happens due to the "Update displayed content on hover" option (Preferences > UI). Try unchecking this option and let us know what you find.
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