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TheBrain 9.0.250

Version 9.0.250

February 22, 2018

  • Fixes
    • (#2951) If a Brain's folder has been deleted, error at startup
    • (#4715) Incorrect Brain status can cause error
    • (#4717) Release version should not expire
    • (#4718) Release version should use release license agreement
Notes: text selection via keyboard impossible
You're welcome. Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. A fix is now up on the alpha channel in 9.0.249.
TheBrain 9.0.249

Version 9.0.249

February 18, 2018

  • Fixes
    • (#4707) macOS: Selecting text via Shift+Arrow replaces selected text with a rectangle
Make everything private
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Notes: text selection via keyboard impossible
Thanks for posting Christian.

This appears to be a macOS-only issue that started in 9.0.248 (possibly caused by changes made to fix #4699). If you switch back to the Beta channel you can re-install 9.0.245, which does not have this issue.
Make everything private
Thank-you for the feedback. 😉

To make all thoughts private, open the reports tab (View > Reports). The default report will include all thoughts. Click the menu button (to the right of Sort) and choose "Add All to Selection". Right-click on the selection and use Set Selection Privacy.
(#4668) Secure sharing of Brains via email address (Online > Brain Access and Sharing)
If you want to eliminate the bar, use the /embed link, which you can get via the web Brains list > Brain Access and Sharing.
TheBrain 9.0.248

Version 9.0.248

February 16, 2018

  • New Features
    • (#4668) Secure sharing of Brains via email address (Online > Brain Access and Sharing)
    • (#4706) New command: Copy Web Thought URL
  • Fixes
    • (#3650) Pasted local thought URL is not named correctly when pasted into a different Brain or into notes
    • (#4508) Theme change should have just one Undo/Redo action
    • (#4634) Having a wallpaper attachment but not the image file itself causes exception in Brain Theme Dialog
    • (#4678) Windows: Enter key twice on Quick Create button creates two thoughts instead of creating and then opening properties
    • (#4687) "Show in Explorer" does not work if file path has a comma in it
    • (#4691) Renames and color changes are not logged to history in 9.0.246
    • (#4699) Notes does not work sometimes (toolbar never opens and notes do not load)
[bug] onedrive word doc freezes scrolling
Sorry, we can't troubleshoot issues with third party applications running in the internal browser. The browser is not meant to replace your normal web browser.
[bug] event properties go off screen (#4705)
Could you post a complete screenshot (showing your whole screen) so we can see where this is happening please?
TheBrain 9 often hangs. The most common case is when i am typing search string
Thanks for clarifying.

That portion of the log indicates that search still has completed. When you say you see the "progress bar", are you referring to the "Searching..." box that shows under the search box? If so that may indicate that the problem is happening when the app tries to hide that message and display the final results since the logs shows that the search is finished.
Disturbing: sync turned off
I am not aware of any other way the for auto sync to be disabled. It's possible there is a bug that causes this but I haven't heard any other reports of it so far.
Search not finding a thought
This could be due to bug #4683, just fixed in 9.0.246. If that thought was deleted and then the deletion was undone in a version prior to 9.0.246, its index information would not have been restored. You can rebuild the search index by closing the brain and then opening it with the shift key held down. (FYI: Even though this only takes a few seconds, it is almost never necessary and this is the only case that I am aware of so far that justifies doing this.)
Brain Access odd user "?"

One of our engineers did some research into this and discovered a few things.
  • You have two accounts, mmower and sandbags.
  • The ? account is the other account that you are not using. (Support tickets indicate that you started using V9 under one account and then switched accounts because you purchased services on a different account.)
  • The account is showing as a ? because you do not have TeamBrain services and thus the app does not expect another accessor and can't look up the name properly.
  • You should be able to remove the ? account by right clicking on it and selecting "Remove"
  • Normally this would not happen and we are now looking into how it did. We suspect that it may be related to when you assigned the Brain a new Guid and the original account you were using should have been removed as an accessor but was not.
Let me know if you are not able to remove the extra account for some reason.
TheBrain 9 often hangs. The most common case is when i am typing search string
Hmmm.. Again there is no indication of any problem in the log file. After the search has completed, almost minute passes and then a sync starts. So it seems like the application is not actually hanging, but perhaps just the display stops working? How often does this happen for you? Can you try running in Windows' "safe mode" and see if it still happens?
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