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Please post release notes - Beta testing results (#3656)
metta wrote:
I'm using the "attachments as list" option, and haven't been able to figure out how to drag/drop attachments using this setting.

Just tried this and it works as expected. Drag any attachment from the list and drop it in the plex. Please let us know if this isn't working for you.
Navigation Buttons on iPhone and Forget button issue (IOS-252)
We will likely add gesture support for back and forward in a future release, but those types of improvements will be a lower priority to functional problems like the unlink issue you discovered. Thanks for posting.
Please let me turn off automatic link-creation in notes (#3744)
Using 9.0.192, paste without formatting using Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V and pasted URLs will not be converted from text.
Thanks. That's good. Yes, you can let us know about any iOS 11 issues you see, but please make sure to let us know that's what you are using so we don't get confused. [smile]
Notes Cursor "Jumping" Issues Resolved?
TheBrain 9.0.192 is now up on the Alpha channel. We believe this release fixes all known issues where the notes cursor would move unexpectedly ("jump") when performing certain operations.

We'd appreciate it if you could test out the notes editor to ensure that it is behaving as intended.

If you've been frustrated by the notes editor in the past, give it another go as we think that these "jumping" problems were the biggest issue.

Thanks for your patience.
TheBrain 9.0.192

Version 9.0.192

June 6, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3744) Do not auto-recognize URL links when pasted via Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V
  • Fixes
    • (#1246) Windows: Capture Image feature - issue with 2 monitors
    • (#3888) Pressing Enter in Notes sometimes adds 2 paragraphs instead of 1
    • (#3952) Better error handling for sync
    • (#3344) Notes: Text cursor “jumping”
      • (#2897) Notes: backspace up from previous line of bullet does not let you backspace last character of previous line
      • (#3503) Notes Editor - Shift+Enter can cause the Cursor Jump issue
      • (#3813) Cursor jumps when backspacing a bullet
spinning rainbow wheel on start up TB9 (#3842)
We believe this was fixed in 9.0.190. Alex, please let us know if you can confirm. Thanks.
Please check that you are running as I think this was fixed. (Click gear icon on the brains list to show version number.)
Viewing Web Pages
Thanks for the suggestion. There does already exist a shortcut for this: if there is only one attachment, tapping on the thought icon should open it in Safari immediately. If there are multiple attachments, it should ask you which one you want to open.
Feature Suggestion: Open Thought in New Tab (#1362)
Bal, you are correct. I think Patrick was thinking of a different bug related to "open in new tab".
Importing large v8 brain fails.
Hi Ron,

Thanks for your support over the years. I believe that you will be pleased with version 9 once your import succeeds. This is the most significant upgrade in our history and thus the import process is more intensive than prior releases. Unfortunately there is no way for us to solve your particular problem without knowing what is happening. Please contact support@thebrain.com and describe the issue along with the output.log file so we can help you out. To find the output.log go to Help > Open Log Directory.

FYI, the beta releases always have a fixed expiry date. New releases extend that date into the future. This is done to ensure that old versions of the beta are not kept in use beyond their time.
Please post release notes - Beta testing results (#3656)
With regard to preview functionality, aside from PDF, text, and images are handled by the OS itself. There is no way for us to build a previewer for doc and docx beyond the function of the OS. Same goes for eml and msg.

FYI whether any particular feature is "part of version 9" makes no difference at all in when that feature will arrive. It only changes when version 9 goes from beta to release.
Problem with Software-Keyboard on Windows 10 tablets
Sorry, but we haven't done any significant testing using Windows 10's software keyboard. I believe the keyboard is popping up because when you interact with the plex the focus gets set to the search box and Windows thinks you want to type something... We do have a Surface here that we do development on, but it usually has a keyboard attached. We'll take a look and see what we can do to address the issue.
Please post release notes - Beta testing results (#3656)
Yes, the inbox is planned, it will be part of a future release. This is a feature that I am quite excited about but we have not been able to implement on macOS and Windows as of yet. It is however currently a part of both the iOS and Android clients.

This is a perfect example of talking about things that we are planning/working on but aren't finished. At the time I mentioned the inbox (quite a while back I am sure), I thought we would have completed the functionality by this time, but as fate would have it we had to work on other things. Even though I'm sure I didn't mention a date, mentioning future functionality always sets an expectation and tends to lead to disappointment. Sorry about that, but rest assured that we haven't forgotten about it, it's just not going to be part of v9. [wink]
Doesn't work on tablet with low Specs
Please send us the file so we can see what is going wrong. Thanks! (Go to Help > Open Logs Directory if you can get TheBrain started... Otherwise, go to the location specified via File Explorer.)
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