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Calendar Icon Not Showing and request for color
Next release will update thoughts with events as they are activated. (Sorry, but since this is a beta we may not get around to a completely automated update of all thoughts with events).
Calendar Icon Not Showing and request for color
You can also modify an event (drag it to a new time and drag back to original time for example) to make the icon update.

It actually is colored... the days are blue if you look closely. I guess the background could be colored instead to make it more in line with the notes tab. Glad you like it. [thumb]
9.0.162 Event icon
Thanks for reporting. Yes, this is a known issue. To force an update making the icon appear on a thought whose event was added prior to 9.0.162, can edit one of the events (for example, drag it to move it on the timeline, then drag it back to it's original position).
TheBrain 9.0.162
More improvements and fixes for events.

Version 9.0.162

March 25, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3636) Event indicator on thoughts in plex
    • (#3677) Display event color in event tab and on reminders popup
    • (#3680) Sort events to show the most recent at the top
  • Fixes
    • (#3678) Multiple event reminder windows appear on top of each other
    • (#3679) Reminder windows stay open when brain tab is closed
    • (#3683) Renamed brain does not display properly on current tab
    • (#3684) Info/error messages cannot be removed


Event Colors?
Does the "stuck" checkmark also happen for you on other color selectors? (thoughts, links, brain theme)
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
9.0.161 is out now on the alpha channel and includes the changes I was mentioning earlier that make events much more thought-centric. Additionally, reminders can now be setup for events.
TheBrain 9.0.161
Many new features and improvements to events are included in this release. Thanks again for all the feedback on this. Also included is the ability to redisplay the search results by clicking the search text box.

Version 9.0.161

March 24, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3482) Click search edit box to redisplay search results
    • (#3621) Make events more thought-centric
    • (#3663) Event reminders
    • (#3589) Click event in timeline activates thought/link on first click without opening properties
    • (#3601) Make more thought commands available from thought properties actions menu
  • Fixes
    • (#2761) Shortcuts to create a new thought should dismiss thought properties dialog
    • (#3609) macOS: Search results and reports scrollbars don't look right
    • (#3614) Long event name will cut off text and time in the attachment tab
    • (#3615) Multiple events do not scroll on the tab
    • (#3628) Edit URL location when attachments list is not visible results in error
    • (#3635) Thought names should not be truncated at 140 characters
    • (#3661) Multiple keyboard shortcuts for accessing timeline
    • (#3608) Animation of dialog popups: disable on Windows, add preference on macOS
    • (#3670) Long thought names display as very small text in TPD
    • (#3671) Long event labels and dates are being truncated on attachment tab
    • (#3674) It is possible to create a thought type with no name


Confirmation of new Types and Tag creation - "empty" Types/Tags can be created (#3645, #3674, #3675)
Thanks for the detailed write-up. Very helpful This has been added to our queue to be fixed.
V9.0.155.0 seems to crash very often for me.
Thanks for running those tests and posting Pat.

I believe the hard drive speed is indeed the problem. If you compare your Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines, it is actually a huge difference. The Windows 10 machine is nearly twice as fast. Obviously the SSD is much much faster, but 90% faster (40 vs 21) is still a very big jump. If you upgrade the drive I am sure you will see a proportionate performance increase.
thought names truncated too much? (#3668)
Thanks for posting the screenshot. That's helpful. The difference between those truncated very short and not is the presence of jump thoughts. We'll have to adjust the layout algorithm to utilize the space a little better.
[Duplicate Feature Request] Brain INBOX (#699)
Yes, we have been planning for this for a while. It already exists in the iOS and Android clients FYI.
[Bug Report] Two Chinese related bug

The font alignment is part of the font itself. Sorry, you'll have to choose a font that is properly setup.
We have just completed a server upgrade... File attachments and notes are now encrypted using a 256-bit AES cipher (one of the strongest block ciphers available).
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