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No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
Thanks for posting the video. I noticed that in explorer, the path to the documents folder is not shown normally. (screenshot below)

Not sure, but I am guessing that the OS is aliasing the location C:\Users\pc\Documents and this is what is causing the issue. If that is correct, it could be that when we ask Windows search to filter search to show only in results C:\Users\pc\Documents\Brains, it says there is nothing there.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 12.35.40 AM.png

Can you post a screenshot of your Windows 10 Settings > Region and Language screen please? Then we can try to replicate the problem here. Also you could try setting your Windows display language to English to see if that makes a difference.
Thought Icons for internal attachments showing as linked attachments (9.0.189)
Is this still happening for you in 9.0.189? If so, please describe how you are adding the attachment and what OS you are using. Thanks.
TheBrain 9.0.189


Version 9.0.189

May 26, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3253) Show thought name on brain tab at all times
  • Fixes
    • (#2366) Renaming an image attachment that is being used as the thought icon makes the icon disappear
    • (#3096) Windows: Error verifying Windows file search should be more informative
    • (#3356) Cmd/Ctrl-O triggers opening both notes and attachment if notes has focus
    • (#3370) macOS: Notes loses focus when using Apple Dictation
    • (#3391) Paste Outline - URL favicons are not appearing
    • (#3587) Note indicator icon in plex is often missing from imported thoughts
    • (#3597) Thoughts created from folder import do not get icons based on their contents
    • (#3722) New thoughts created via keyboard are linked to Pin rather than active Thought
    • (#3884) Renaming file used as thought icon breaks the icon
    • (#3903) Thought icon's shortcut indicator does not update after moving file in/out of brain
    • (#3927) Open in New Window appears twice in keyboard shortcuts list
    • (#3929) New Tab/Window opens in a new and incorrect layout
    • (#3930) New Tab/Window causes plex/content splitter to stop working
    • (#3931) Canceling addition of a duplicate URL causes error
    • (#3933) If icons are missing/inaccurate, they should be updated on activation
    • (#3937) Keyboard shortcut to activate deleted pin causes error
    • (#3939) BRZConverter should handle precomposed vs. decomposed file name issues
    • (#3941) It should not be possible to activate a forgotten pin via keyboard unless forgotten thoughts are on
Update TheBrain9
Please take a look here: http://www.thebrain.com/products/thebrain/thebrain9/update-troubleshooting/

If you still have trouble, please post a screenshot of the error you are seeing.
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)
Best guess at this point is that Windows Desktop Search is disabled or is not indexing the location where your brain is stored. You stated earlier that you were able to find content typed inside of notes via the File Explorer search. Can you replicate that again and show a screenshot of the search working via Explorer?
Feature Suggestion: Preferences-Keyboard Keyboard Focus on Plex
The search and plex are one and the same as far as keyboard focus. If you have something typed into the search field, the arrow keys will navigate that. If there is nothing in the search field, the arrows will navigate the plex. (Typed this as Patrick was posting apparently... A video is worth many many words.)
Preferences - Keyboard - Open in New Window (Twice) (#3927)
One is for thought content, the other is for a full new tab. Will differentiate.
List 'o Thoughts without Reports
Thanks Alex. I loved Enders Game. Ancillary Sword was also very good. Haven't read the others, but I'm adding to my brain...
Upgrading to 9.0.183 version hid all the events [Fixed in 9.0.184]
I am in communication with Gerardo. Seems that he is having a different issue. But we are getting close I think.
Unicode is supported in both TheBrain 8 and TheBrain 9. Seems that somehow you got the wrong information. I assumed you were talking about 9 because that is what this forum is all about.

Unicode characters are entered the same way in TheBrain as they are in any program. You need to configure your OS to allow you to type them. Try Googling "typing accents in windows 7".
TheBrain 9.0.188

Version 9.0.188

May 25, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#1918) Thought context menu commands: Open in New Tab/Window
    • (#3898) Brain context menu to open in new window
    • (#3899) Content area context menu command to open content in a new window
  • Fixes
    • (#3806) Pins do not update in the Plex when a sync completes
    • (#3906) Windows: Immediate error on startup "Widget is already a child..."
    • (#3919) Multiple copies of the same Brain on one machine cause issues
    • (#3920) Notes Editor: Spell-check should not mark abbreviations as incorrect if in dictionary
    • (#3923) macOS: Login to existing account should set focus to password
    • (#3714) Notes Editor: Cursor jumps after pasting in a URL
    • (#3780) If the same error happens repeatedly when attempting an automatic sync, only show the first time
    • (#3793) Paste thoughts as outline does not refresh the display
    • (#3796) Unusual characters in a file name fail to sync as well as restore
    • (#3895) Various errors caused by select brain screen
    • (#3897) New windows sometimes appear exactly on top of an existing window
    • (#3906) Windows: Immediate error on startup "Widget is already a child..."
    • (#3907) Temporarily disable right-click in the Attachment web view on Windows
    • (#3908) Brain Archive with Link Types imported into an existing Brain causes errors
    • (#3911) Deleting an attachment via the context menu of the content area causes error
    • (#3912) After import of BRZ into existing brain, display is not refreshed
    • (#3913) First download of a Brain with internal file Attachments has warnings about unauthorized file access
    • (#3915) Notifications build up and cannot be dismissed if you change the import destination from new to existing brain
Search results are inconsistent with URL attachments. (#3916)
As I said, it not related multiple URL attachments. If you drag each URL in as its own thought, the search is searching the name of the thought, not the attachment. Search of URL attachments is a popular request but it is non-trivial to implement properly. Sorry, we do not give dates as to when new features will arrive.
OK, those should work just fine. See screenshot showing examples... (I can't read the text there so apologies in advance if it not appropriate. Copied from news sites.)

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.26.00 AM.png 

Please provide a specific example that is not working for you and where you are trying to type it (as a thought name, in a note, in a label, in search, etcetera). What is going wrong? Does it not show? Does it show incorrectly? Also, what OS are you using?
List 'o Thoughts without Reports
Great example of how to use the Show Common Children feature. Now how about sharing that list of interesting sci-fi books?
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