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Attachments Lists Enhancements
9.0.155 is now up on the Alpha channel and includes the fully fleshed out UI for attachments as a list.

Most notably, the selected attachment is now shown as a single tab next to notes so you can preview PDFs, image, and web pages, just when all attachments are displayed as as tabs. Additionally, support for drag and drop, multiple selection, in-place renaming, and more has been added to this view of attachments.

This feature addresses much of the feedback we have received here on the forums with regard to the new UI design and layout of TheBrain 9. For those of you who missed the way attachments were displayed in TheBrain 8, this option makes TheBrain 9's attachments list even better than it was in 8 while incorporating the benefits of 9's clean design and built-in previews.

TheBrain 9 with Dropbox
Zenrain is correct. While it is possible to use a third party sync service such as dropbox with your Brain, it is not recommended as any mistakes in timing (editing more than one copy of your brain without first making sure it is the latest version sync from any other copies) will definitely result in data loss and could corrupt your Brain.

TheBrain's syncing is designed from the ground up for networked data and allows concurrent modification of a brain from many different copies between syncs.

If you really want to use dropbox for your brain, the safest way would be to create a BRZ and put that into your dropbox each time you want to send it to the other machine, then import the BRZ on the destination machine. While somewhat cumbersome, this would ensure that you do not inadvertently corrupt your data. However, even with this method, it is possible to make a mistake (such as editing your brain before you reimport the latest version of the BRZ...).
TheBrain 9.0.155
This release enhances the attachments list with support for previews, drag and drop, and more.

Version 9.0.155

February 23, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3533) Renamed attachment in list view does not show changes immediately
    • (#3534) Attachment tabs are no longer aligned after drag and drop out
    • (#3540) Move file in/out of brain command does not make the shortcut icon in the attachment tab appear/disappear immediately


Version 9.0.154

February 22, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#992) Drag and drop of attachments from content tabs to Finder/Explore/Browser/TheBrain
    • (#3418) Drag attachment tab into plex to create a new Thought
    • (#3478) Drag and drop to, from, and within the attachments list
    • (#3494) Preview of attachments in the attachments list
    • (#3506) Attachments tab UI improvements
    • (#3513) Attachments list multi-selection support for open and delete context menu commands
    • (#3528) Context menu for background of attachments list
    • (#3500) Windows: Error when attempting to view link properties
  • Fixes
    • (#1717) Clicking a thought icon to open an attachment while another attachments list is open shows the wrong list
    • (#3489) Context menu missing when editing an event from the attachments pane
    • (#3515) Drag and drop URL doesn't work when preferences are set to “Move dragged files”
    • (#3521) New event dialog window goes off screen
    • (#3524) macOS: Drag and drop of folder with a space at the end of the name to the plex results in error
    • (#3526) When events are present and there are many attachment tabs, the "more" button that lists hidden attachments does not function correctly.
    • (#3530) Event tab doesn't update


Creating link to a folder? (#3251)
I believe folders and files follow the same behavior as files. If not, this should be documented as a bug.
Timeline and Events (#3481)

Thanks for the feedback. Glad to see so many people are excited about the timeline!

As of right now, the most complete documentation for the timeline is in the release notes for 9.0.149. Since then a few more small features have been added:

* Create event for a thought/link via the thought/link context menu
* Preference for starting weeks on Sunday or Monday
* Locale sensitive date and time formats

If anyone would like to step in with their own interpretations of how to best use it, we would all love to hear your thoughts!

Maybe I am missing something here, but from my perspective you can "SET a 'thought date' for each thought" right now. In fact you can set as many dates as you want for a thought - by attaching an event. Simply right click on the thought and select "Add Event."

As for searching by date, that is essentially the entire purpose of the timeline itself. [smile]

Issues related to copy and paste (#3505)

I renamed this thread as issue #3250, Error when using Paste Thoughts > Replace, is not what you describe and the release notes never claimed to have closed any of the issues you describe.

Kriggel23 wrote:
1. Pasted notes: "new line" is pasted as "new paragraph"
2. Pasted notes: import of notes stops at "&", e.g. source text "copy & paste" results in target text "copy"
3. Pasted thoughts: copied 23 thoughts, pasted 21 thoughts
4. Pasted thoughts: duplicates are not recognized on pasting, e.g. copied 23 thoughts, pasted two times in target brain with "Paste text outline with notes", result: 63 thoughts?! (see issue #1635)

1. Please explain what you are copying and where from, then how you are pasting it. Then tell us how the result differs from what expect. Are you referring to how plain text is translated into paragraphs (Return) vs line breaks (Shift+Return)?
2. I am able to successfully copy and paste "copy & paste" without any problem. You mention "import" however - what are you referring to here?
3. Please provide example data for this issue.
4. The "Paste text outline" feature does not look for duplicates. That is an outstanding feature request (#3363, not #1635).
Manual download of b152?
9.0.153 is out now on the alpha channel.
Time machine
Sorry, that task is still pending, we've been very busy. The preferences are not reset as part of the upgrade process. I would guess that the files that store your preferences were deleted accidentally somehow or perhaps you are logged into the computer as a different user?
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
Sorry, but this is a bit of a mystery. When we ask the command to run from inside TheBrain it is just taking a very long time for no discernible reason. Unfortunately it is not happening on any of our machines where we can investigate it.

I'm curious now: Is it slow for all searches or just for specific terms? Does the searching for the same term return at different speeds in different brains?
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)
Thanks for the feedback. [smile]

Double click not working in the list view was a Windows-only bug that is fixed in 9.0.153, out now.

There is more planned for the attachments list view, it is not done yet.
Takes Forever To Backup to Archive on Update
Please update to 9.0.153, then quit, delete the output.log file, restart, do a backup, and then send us the output.log file so we can investigate. Thanks.
TheBrain 9.0.153

Version 9.0.153

February 15, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3500) Windows: Error when attempting to view link properties
    • (#3501) Long attachment file name overwrites location in list view
    • (#3504) Main menus disappear if opened while using Notes, preventing Edit menu usage


Version 9.0.152

February 15, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3480) Double click to launch attachment from list
    • (#3487) Click to edit names and locations of attachments in attachments list
    • (#3493) Create event for a thought/link via the thought/link context menu
    • (#3498) Tighter layout of toolbars
  • Fixes
    • (#3147) Sibling thoughts can get cut off when plex is displayed above the content area
    • (#3250) Error when using Paste Thoughts > Replace
    • (#3251) Drag and drop mouse cursor feedback does not match action and cannot be modified using Ctrl/Cmd/Alt/Shift keys
    • (#3254) Removed pin doesn't disappear immediately
    • (#3271) Cannot manually add unicode URL
    • (#3292) Unpin thought sometimes causes error
    • (#3453) Creating a link type cannot be undone
    • (#3454) Notes: Colors (fore and back) cannot be assigned to existing text
    • (#3483) Event list should show the year of each event and not show the day of week
    • (#3484) Event context menu should allow activating the attached thought or link
    • (#3499) Need better logging of events during sync for troubleshooting purposes
Install of v151 incomplete and sync with server stopped
Thanks, but that looks like only a small portion of the output.log file. We'll need the complete file to troubleshoot the issue. (Please update to .152 also if you have not already done so prior to posting a new output.log file.)
can't drag out of attachment list
Drag and drop to and from the attachments list is not yet supported.

I am not able to replicate the problems you describe. Are you using .151 or .152? Windows or macOS? If this is still happening in .152, please post the output.log file.
Jumping Cursor on 151 (#3503)
For this issue, the output.log file will not be helpful. Instead if you could take a screenshot of the note and tell us where the cursor jumped to and from and what you were doing at the time. Thanks!
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