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Feature Request: Multi Level Labels (#4392)
Would your objectives be met if you could have multiple lines of text in a label? Sort of like a miniature notes field that appears on hover?
So Again, Where is Webbrain?
Thanks for the feedback on naming. We are simply unifying all branding under "TheBrain". Calling the web client "WebBrain" makes it seem like a different product. It's analogous to calling the macOS client "MacBrain" and the Windows client "WindowsBrain". This is also why we stopped using the name "PersonalBrain" several years back. Different delivery platforms, same service. Also, FYI, the name "WebBrain" has caused confusion in the past.
Notes: cannot paste unicode characters
This is a known issue and affects emoticons. FYI, it does not affect accented characters, kanji, etc. Thanks.
TheBrain 9.0.224

Version 9.0.224

October 16, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#4362) Enable toggling public brain access for the currently open brain via the File menu
  • Fixes
    • (#4142) Long file path prevents import of a .v8 Brain
    • (#4366) macOS: Capture image/icon results in error
    • (#4367) Deleting calendar event using the button in Events List causes exception
    • (#4369) Recurring event processing: Failure to parse 'BYDAY' token in RRULE
    • (#4376) Sync errors should be labeled with TheBrain
    • (#4378) Editing Thoughts not working after you have archived a Brain
    • (#4380) macOS: Capture image does not work while in fullscreen mode
Image Capture not working with High Sierra and Safari (#4344 - fixed)
FYI, this has been fixed in the upcoming release 9.0.224.
File presentation
In V9 you can display attachments as tabs or as a list. Right click on the area behind the tabs to switch the view. As of now, you can sort attachments manually using drag and drop to change their order. If you want to sort by name/date/size, open the thought folder and do so from there. Built-in sorting options is planned for a future release.
So Again, Where is Webbrain?
Hi Mark,

First of all, we love that you are using TheBrain for Climate web. Thank-you! [smile]

If you want to know what the version 9 web client looks like, please go ahead and try it out. You can import your Brain into V9 and sync it to see how it looks in the new web client. It has been publicly available for a while now and will not change dramatically aside from bug fixes and the addition of missing features. We're more than happy to hear your feedback on the new version of course.

We are doing all the we can to get everything finished as quickly as possible. Until the web client is more complete, you should stick with the version 8 web client. If you import into V9 to test out the new web client it will not affect your V8 brain - just keep using V8 until you're ready to make a permanent switch and at that time delete the old version of your V9 Brain and reimport the latest V8 Brain.

If you'd like help with this whole process, please get in touch with Matt or Shelley and we'll arrange a time to talk about it.
So Again, Where is Webbrain?
Hi Mark,

Don't worry, we are already hard at work on TheBrain web client. We don't refer to it as "webbrain" anymore so that may be some source of confusion.

The version 9 web client has been available for several months now at http://app.thebrain.com but we have not been promoting it because it is still fairly buggy and unfinished. If you use version 9 and sync your brain, when you login to http://app.thebrain.com you will see your brain there and can open it.

We are working on improvements to it everyday and it will be far better than the version 8 web client soon.

FYI, we just redid our website (www.thebrain.com) and the login from there now goes to the new V9 web client by default.

Brain Constrain (Problem importing very large V8 Brain) (#4283)
Hi Jim,

It looks like you have at least one attachment in the source whose path length exceeds Window's maximum path length of 260 characters.

I'll send you the info on your support ticket.
TheBrain 9.0.223

Version 9.0.223

October 6, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#4283) Add ability to alter working directory to avoid running out of temporary space when importing a very large brain
    • (#4341) Paste text outline as Thoughts doesn't work
Brain Constrain (Problem importing very large V8 Brain) (#4283)
Hi Jim,

9.0.223 is up on the alpha channel now and should resolve this for you. Please and use the Preferences > System tab to change the working directory to a drive that has more room available then retry your import. It would be great if you could let us know how it goes. Thanks.
TheBrain 9.0.222

Version 9.0.222

October 3, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#4352) Empty event location causes sync to fail
    • (#4354) Free edition does not allow setting theme wallpaper
TheBrain 9.0.221

Version 9.0.221

October 2, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#4252) Offer to upload error information to server instead of requesting user email log files manually
    • (#4299) Offline license activation / registration
  • Fixes
    • (#4311) Automatic sync does not turn off until restart
    • (#4313) Unable to edit URL attachments that have the pipe ("|") symbol
    • (#4330) Delta sync fails when user has reader access
    • (#4334) Error from auto sync never disappears from notification area
    • (#4347) macOS: Attempting to type accented characters via multiple keystrokes causes error.
    • (#4349) macOS: Detect failure to initialize search and offer to disable
touch screen support has removed ability to use on touch screen? (#4018)
Yes, this is already in the queue to be worked on. FYI, on initial investigation it did not appear that the changes we made in .195 were the cause, but we have not had time to go deep into this issue as of yet.
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