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Dual Platform Support for PB4 Pro!
Attention: To all of our enthusiastic Dual Platform users!
We have listened to your feedback and we are making a change! When you purchase PB4 Pro, your one license will soon work for both your Windows and Mac computers! This includes Linux as well! Just remember, one license allows you to use PB on two computers as long as you are the primary user.
More details to come later today.. I just wanted to get the good news out there now to all of our early morning posters. Any additional questions, don't hesistate to email us all at support@thebrain.com
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Support
New RSS Feed

Just in case you don't look up...


We have added an RSS feed to forums. Hopefully this will help for folks who have been asking for the ability to subscribe to all forums.


We've had these new forums for almost a month now.


How's everyone feeling about them? Good? Bad? Please let us know!

Launching Attachments

We just noticed that the first release cannot open attachments properly... should fix this, but it looks like it may not be as easy to make it work consistently as in Mac OS or Windows...


Please try it out and let us know if you have problems. (Please note what OS you are on, the version of PB, and the type of attachment.)

Linux/Unix Support

An installer for PersonalBrain on Linux/Unix is now available.


Please note that there has not been significant testing of this version and it should be considered for experimentation only at this point.

PersonalBrain 3.03
PersonalBrain 3.03 was the final release of the 3.X series of releases. It is no longer officially supported, however this forum can provide answers to any questions you may have specific to version 3.
PersonalBrain on Mac OS has arrived

The highly anticipated version of PersonalBrain for Mac is finally out.


Since the initial release (, several Mac specific fixes have been made. Version, now supports drag and drop of Web pages, Mac style menu entries, dialog boxes, and context menus, plus much more.


If you downloaded the first Mac version, it's definately worth the upgrade.

PersonalBrain 4 Latest Beta Release

PersonalBrain 4 is currently in private beta. To sign up for the beta and download the latest version, go to:



We look forward to your participation in the beta!

New Message Board

Welcome to the new message board for TheBrain technologies.


Please use this topic to send us your feedback and suggestions for how we can improve the message board itself.


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