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So Again, Where is Webbrain? (#310)
Yes, my brain is syncing fast. (Sorry, I can't resist a pu)
So Again, Where is Webbrain? (#310)
Thanks Harlan. Several times I've tried that, but the cloud icon was greyed out. After a reboot this am, the cloud button was available, but after I agreed, the software reported "An error occurred while syncing. Error sending sync data to server"
So Again, Where is Webbrain? (#310)
I've created several version 9 brains, but I cannot seem to get them shared on the cloud. On my "brains" tab, I see all of my brains, and the older ones are synced, but the new ones are local only. What have I forgotten?
Expanded View (incl. Last / New expanded) in v9?
I started to chime in here with "Yeah Harlan! I can't get my morning coffee started without Expanded View". Unusually for me though, I thought twice, and instead opened versions 8 and 9 of the same brain to the same thought. The version 8 brain was open to expanded view, and the version 9 brain was open to mind-map. Was I then struck with how clearly superior the expanded view I cherish was as compared to the new mind map?

Nope. Instead, I was reminded of the constant twirling of expanded view thoughts jostling amongst themselves for position while my CPU fan wheezed with the effort; my mind, certain that a vision of clarity and order was in there, began a sympathetic twirling of notions. I recognized the situation: time sink. 

On the other hand, the mind map literally snapped into form. I clicked "+" a couple of times. "Hm", I thought, "look at those relationships."
LibraryThing and PersonalBrain
I'm starting to implement a fairly long-term research project with a very large role for printed and ebook materials. There will be almost a thousand books (and now you know why I bought a used book store), and I am planning to leverage the copious book data on the web to create relationship structures for data mining. 

Library Thing exports to Json, and PersonalBrain 9 is json-friendly. I'd like import the data-rich librarything info into PersonalBrain.

I'm hoping that someone might have worked through this kind of process and would share their tips.

Here is a sample of the sort of Json that LibraryThing exports:

{"114820698": {
"books_id": "114820698",
"title": "The Prince (Dover Thrift Editions)",
"sortcharacter": "1",
"public": "1",
"primaryauthor": "Machiavelli, Niccol\u00f2",
"authors": [{
"lf": "Machiavelli, Niccol\u00f2",
"fl": "Niccol\u00f2 Machiavelli"
"tags": ["default",
"tagidA": [2425013,
"collections_idA": [1],
"collections": ["Your library"],
"originalisbn": "0486272745",
"isbn": {
"0": "0486272745",
"2": "9780486272740"
"asin": "0486272745",
"ean": ["0486272745"],
"publication": "Dover Publications (1992), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 80 pages",
"date": "1992",
"summary": "The Prince (Dover Thrift Editions) by Niccol\u00f2 Machiavelli (1992)",
"ddc": {
"code": ["320.1"],
"wording": ["Political Science ",
"Political Science ",
"Social Sciences ",
"The State"]
"lcc": {
"code": "JC143 .M38"
"subject": {
"0": ["Borgia, Cesare, 1476?-1507"],
"1": ["Castracani, Castruccio, 1281-1328"],
"2": ["Church and State"],
"3": ["Church and state"],
"5": ["Church and state",
"Early works to 1800"],
"6": ["Italian language",
"7": ["Italian literature",
"Translations into English"],
"8": ["Livy. Ab urbe condita"],
"9": ["Political Science"],
"10": ["Political ethics"],
"12": ["Political ethics",
"Early works to 1800"],
"14": ["Political science"],
"16": ["Political science",
"Early works to 1800"],
"18": ["Political science",
"To 1700"],
"19": ["Rome",
"21": ["Staatkunde"],
"22": ["State, The"],
"24": ["State, The",
"Early works to 1800"],
"25": ["State, the"],
"27": ["Utopias"],
"29": ["Utopias",
"Early works to 1800"],
"30": ["political science",
"early works to 1800"]
"originaltitle": "Il principe",
"awards": ["The Telegraph's 110 Best Books: The Perfect Library",
"The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written: The History of Thought from Ancient Times to Today",
"Fortune's 75 The Smartest Books We Know",
"Newsweek's Top 100 Books: The Meta-List",
"The Globe & Mail 50 Greatest Books",
"Guardian Essential Library",
"The Essential Man's Library: 100 Must-Read Books",
"Books That Changed the World",
"Guardian 100 Greatest Non-Fiction",
"Western World's Greatest Books - Project Gutenberg",
"BookDepository's 100 Best Books Ever",
"Classics Revisited",
"1001 b\u00f6cker du m\u00e5ste l\u00e4sa innan du d\u00f6r",
"Harenberg Buch der 1000 B\u00fccher"],
"genre": ["Nonfiction"],
"genre_id": ["1247"],
"source": "amazon.com",
"workcode": "6026",
"entrydate": "2014-12-18",
"format": [{
"code": "1.1.1",
"text": "Paperback"
"copies": "1",
"physical_description": "80 p.; 8.03 inches",
"height": "8.03 inches",
"thickness": "0.31 inches",
"length": "5.04 inches",
"dimensions": "8.03 x 5.04 x 0.31 inches",
"weight": "0.26 pounds",
"pages": "80 "
Can I rename a thought?
Thanks! I'm getting back to priorities.[idea] [cool] 
Can I rename a thought?
That did it. Thanks!
Can I rename a thought?
I'm looking for the thought settings icon to fix a typo in a name. 
I broke my brain
Fixed this. I found the db lock file, and after making a copy, I deleted it. Less than a second later, the file was back. So I deleted it again. Again, it came right back. "Aha", I thought. In the task manager, I could see that there were actually two vestigial thebrain.exe instances still running. I nuked these. Then I deleted the lock file. Then I restored my backup of the preferences file. Bingo.

All good now.
I broke my brain
My fault for being lazy, perhaps. I was reading a long article on wikipedia, and I thought "why take notes? why not just change notes into code view, right click on the wikipedia entry and select "view page source". Hit ctrl-a, ctrl-c, alt-tab back to thebrain, and type ctrl-v. 

Trouble. That's why not.

editlive error.png 
Clicking "OK" was not ok. After that, the dialog closed, but thebrain windows were missing their control items. There was a truncated message in the notes window saying something about restarting, so I closed thebrain and re-opened it.

This gave me a "TheBrain has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution...." (I've been down this road before, and corrected this problem by restoring a backup copy of  thebrain8preferences.xml to "C:\Users\My Files\AppData\Roaming\TheBrain")

After that, thebrain restarted properly. Then I attempted to re-open the brain file I had been working in. Yikes!
thebrain error.png 

OK. So I've been looking around for something like a file lock. Suggestions? Help?
Using PB 3.0
[dusts off old neuron path...] I dimly remember that issue could be fixed by setting your operating system's internet default browser. Can you check to see if Firefox has set itself to be default?
Google Drive and PB, anyone?
pthompson wrote: tcahill,

Virtual Folders are not synced so you would need to set this up on each machine.

Ok. In fact, there might be a less than optimal data outcome from any attempt by TheBrain software to sync a Google Drive Folder between two different Brain file locations. My enquiry was more along the lines of TheBrain recognizing similar file content found in different locations on different PCs to the extent of treating the files as the same.

Going further into the android eco-sphere, one will find that there is a very google-centric orientation built into the OS. Many apps that I use integrate with Google Drive. I'm sure your engineers will have an interesting time considering the issues that integration between TheBrain and the Google way will present. 

In the meanwhile, my thought would be to make three thoughts, one for each PC, and attach a local virtual folder to each as a child thought.
Google Drive and PB, anyone?
pthompson wrote:

With the testing I have done so far, as long as you are not storing your Brain database in Google Drive, there should be no issues linking to other files.

So now I'm curious. Let's say that I have three different computers. Two run windows and one runs linux. I have Google Drive Sync on all three computers (using Insync for Linux), but the Google Drive is in a different location for each computer. On linux, the folder is at /home/tim/documents/google drive, on one of the windows PCs, the folder is at C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Google Drive and on the other windows PC the folder is at I:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Google Drive

So now I'd like the folder to be available in TheBrain as a virtual folder. Would this need to be three different virtual folders for the same gdrive? Perhaps this reply is a feature request in disguise: Can we get TheBrain to recognize the same content when it appears in different actual and virtual locations?

Nexus 7 (2012)
Ok, I'm quitting
There is a lot of Deja Vu in this thread for me. I do not intend to minimize any of the concerns voiced in this thread, but I do wish to add my perspective (which extends over much more time with The Brain than I'm comfortable disclosing -- hint: when I started the company was called Natruficial or something).

I've seen 8 major revisions to this software in that time. I started using TB because it was the only software that did what I needed it to do. When the software needed new capabilities, they were added. Many of the product enhancements came at the request of users like Zenrain, Spacenexus and many others that I should do a better job of remembering.

During all that time, Harlan and his team never pre-announced, never made promises, never committed to deliver anything that they couldn't. They just kept at it, year after year.

A long time ago, there was another forum like this one, but it got too unruly for a corporate-run site and had to be shut down.

After that, other independent forums sprang up that were More or less committed to brain-mapping in general, and PersonalBrain (as it was then called) specifically. It didn't take long for The Brain Corp to get involved and throw their support into it. That was so successful that Thebrain CO, brought it back home again as this forum.

There have been times in the past when it seemed that, just like Christmas, a new major release would never come. How many remember the sheer agony of wondering if there would ever be an upgrade to version 3. I may have been among those who had difficulty waiting patiently.

Many hot technology companies have come and gone over the past few decades, but Harlan and Co. have persevered, delivering ever-improving software, no matter how hasty and curt their end-users might have become.

I think they've done a fine job, and I wouldn't recommend they change now.
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