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I broke my brain
Fixed this. I found the db lock file, and after making a copy, I deleted it. Less than a second later, the file was back. So I deleted it again. Again, it came right back. "Aha", I thought. In the task manager, I could see that there were actually two vestigial thebrain.exe instances still running. I nuked these. Then I deleted the lock file. Then I restored my backup of the preferences file. Bingo.

All good now.
I broke my brain
My fault for being lazy, perhaps. I was reading a long article on wikipedia, and I thought "why take notes? why not just change notes into code view, right click on the wikipedia entry and select "view page source". Hit ctrl-a, ctrl-c, alt-tab back to thebrain, and type ctrl-v. 

Trouble. That's why not.

editlive error.png 
Clicking "OK" was not ok. After that, the dialog closed, but thebrain windows were missing their control items. There was a truncated message in the notes window saying something about restarting, so I closed thebrain and re-opened it.

This gave me a "TheBrain has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution...." (I've been down this road before, and corrected this problem by restoring a backup copy of  thebrain8preferences.xml to "C:\Users\My Files\AppData\Roaming\TheBrain")

After that, thebrain restarted properly. Then I attempted to re-open the brain file I had been working in. Yikes!
thebrain error.png 

OK. So I've been looking around for something like a file lock. Suggestions? Help?
Using PB 3.0
[dusts off old neuron path...] I dimly remember that issue could be fixed by setting your operating system's internet default browser. Can you check to see if Firefox has set itself to be default?
Google Drive and PB, anyone?
pthompson wrote: tcahill,

Virtual Folders are not synced so you would need to set this up on each machine.

Ok. In fact, there might be a less than optimal data outcome from any attempt by TheBrain software to sync a Google Drive Folder between two different Brain file locations. My enquiry was more along the lines of TheBrain recognizing similar file content found in different locations on different PCs to the extent of treating the files as the same.

Going further into the android eco-sphere, one will find that there is a very google-centric orientation built into the OS. Many apps that I use integrate with Google Drive. I'm sure your engineers will have an interesting time considering the issues that integration between TheBrain and the Google way will present. 

In the meanwhile, my thought would be to make three thoughts, one for each PC, and attach a local virtual folder to each as a child thought.
Google Drive and PB, anyone?
pthompson wrote:

With the testing I have done so far, as long as you are not storing your Brain database in Google Drive, there should be no issues linking to other files.

So now I'm curious. Let's say that I have three different computers. Two run windows and one runs linux. I have Google Drive Sync on all three computers (using Insync for Linux), but the Google Drive is in a different location for each computer. On linux, the folder is at /home/tim/documents/google drive, on one of the windows PCs, the folder is at C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Google Drive and on the other windows PC the folder is at I:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Google Drive

So now I'd like the folder to be available in TheBrain as a virtual folder. Would this need to be three different virtual folders for the same gdrive? Perhaps this reply is a feature request in disguise: Can we get TheBrain to recognize the same content when it appears in different actual and virtual locations?

Nexus 7 (2012)
Ok, I'm quitting
There is a lot of Deja Vu in this thread for me. I do not intend to minimize any of the concerns voiced in this thread, but I do wish to add my perspective (which extends over much more time with The Brain than I'm comfortable disclosing -- hint: when I started the company was called Natruficial or something).

I've seen 8 major revisions to this software in that time. I started using TB because it was the only software that did what I needed it to do. When the software needed new capabilities, they were added. Many of the product enhancements came at the request of users like Zenrain, Spacenexus and many others that I should do a better job of remembering.

During all that time, Harlan and his team never pre-announced, never made promises, never committed to deliver anything that they couldn't. They just kept at it, year after year.

A long time ago, there was another forum like this one, but it got too unruly for a corporate-run site and had to be shut down.

After that, other independent forums sprang up that were More or less committed to brain-mapping in general, and PersonalBrain (as it was then called) specifically. It didn't take long for The Brain Corp to get involved and throw their support into it. That was so successful that Thebrain CO, brought it back home again as this forum.

There have been times in the past when it seemed that, just like Christmas, a new major release would never come. How many remember the sheer agony of wondering if there would ever be an upgrade to version 3. I may have been among those who had difficulty waiting patiently.

Many hot technology companies have come and gone over the past few decades, but Harlan and Co. have persevered, delivering ever-improving software, no matter how hasty and curt their end-users might have become.

I think they've done a fine job, and I wouldn't recommend they change now.
Evolution - Revolution or Stagnancy
As one who has used TheBrain, and personal Brain before it, I'll say that I've heard all the doom and gloom before.... version 3! And 4. And 5, 6 and yes 7. Perspective is everything. Patience everyone.
pthompson wrote: Tim,

Tap menu and enable 'Request desktop site'

Yes Sir, that's it. (On Chrome). I'll have to look about for an equivalent in Dolphin.
I also am using the Nexus 7. 
When accessing a webbrain using Dolphin or Chrome, the following occurs.
A long press (and hold) on an exiting thought reveals a context menu. The options visible are "Create Child, Create Jump, Create Parent, Rename, Remove Pin". 
I do not see an option to edit the note.
Google Drive and PB, anyone?
Has anybody tried this? I don't want to be the first. Cheers.
pthompson wrote: As it has been mentioned several times, we do have plans for an official iOS and Android application of TheBrain. We do not have any timeline for either of these at this time, however.

How about now? Are we there yet? Is it too soon to ask again? Would wining help? Pleeeeeeze!
Full functionality on Androids Tablet PC?
I appreciate that getting a native Android port running is somewhat time consuming. However, my Google Nexus 7 is supposed to arrive next Friday. Would it be unreasonable of me to expect that native version to be available by then? Just checking.
never throw anything out.
sombat1987 wrote: Spacenexus and tcahill

I still have Natrificial version 1.02 of sep/1998

That is some awesome zipfile, sombat. Thanks! For some reason, I think I recall a 0.9x series. Is this right? Am I thinking of something else?
Does TheBrain Technologies allows this software to be installed via Synaptic package manager?
Regarding synaptic, or rpm, zypper, yast, (other linux installers)., going down that path would require TheBrain Inc to deploy significant personnel-resources to the task, as a different release of thebrain would need to be made available for each of the many distribution types. Of course, this would result in a smoother end-user experience, but would the effort be worth it? As TheBrain is a java-based application it does not have complicated installation requirements. I`m guessing that your Linux distribution does not prevent alternatives to synaptic from installing software. Rather, the distribution can not be expected to provide installation support for software that is not included in the distribution. For that reason, instructions on how to do so are probably lacking.

However, here on this board, there are many of us who have successfully installed and now use TheBrain. Please tell us the name of your distribution, and we`ll see if we can help you get up and running. 

The basic steps are
1) open a terminal where thebrain has been downloaded to.
2) type sh TheBrain_unix_7_0_4_1.sh
3) press enter.
4) if the distribution complains about using the default installation folder, just create and use a folder in your own home directory. 

Synaptic is a graphical package management program for apt. It provides the same features as the apt-get command line utility with a GUI front-end based on Gtk+.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Packaging_Tool wrote: APT simplifies the process of managing software on Unix-like computer systems by automating the retrieval, configuration and installation of software packages, either from binary files or by compiling source code.``
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