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Export to RDF (or some other formats)
With SQlite query you can extract all the information from the DB file, not changing the DB but getting the data out TheBrain you need elsewhere.

see example:   http://adschevers.nl/TB9_attachment/Civiel-Road/weg.php
(this is the result of a query from this brain  https://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/EAEADB0B-B653-3445-922C-77C2F709B511#-7  )

This example gives all the information from one thought "weg" / "road" with all the links and linktypes to oher thoughts, this is realized with a SQLite query from TB9 database file.
When i change things in TB i do a new query and all the information is synchronized with my brain.

Why? forum Android is closed?
Why is the forum; "TheBrain for Android" locked?

Is nobody interested what people think about this app??
+1 ASUS TF300 , NEXUS 7
Alphabetize thoughts first by link type and mass modification of links.
Angstrom wrote: Does anyone else here find these ideas to be useful?
Alphabetize thoughts first by link type:

Yes please +3
link labels and direction always visible

Harlan wrote:
The cloud services web client has been updated. Following is a summary of new/improved features and fixes:
  • Link Labels and Direction
    • Links labels are drawn at all times, not just on mouseover, just like in the desktop edition
    • Link direction information is visible from Web client

Thanks, Very nice that the link labels and direction are always visible but sometimes the text is in the wrong direction, see:


Click image for larger version - Name: 2012-09-30_webbrain_with_link_info.png, Views: 59, Size: 62.39 KB
V7 SiteBrain Questions
mcaton wrote: Ad,
SiteBrains do not support background color,  SiteBrain does also not support the thought background color setting.  I'll add these items as feature requests for our engineers.

I will also add your requests for "webbrain" supporting table boarder colors and a verticle split screen.

Thank you,

Matt thanks for your answer, creating to similar brains with different linespacing , background colors etc. for sitebrain and one for webbrain is not working for me.

I hope your engineers will realize these feature requests very soon.
V7 SiteBrain Questions
mcaton wrote: Don,

Thank you for posting.  Some of the custom attributes will be retained in the sitebrain.  Background colors or wallpaper and thought colors for example will show up in your SiteBrain. Tags, curved links, link settings and custom font settings will currently not show up in a SiteBrain.

I don't have any online SiteBrain examples to share with you.  Most online examples tend to be WebBrain.  You could learn more about WebBrain publishing at  http://www.thebrain.com/support/tutorials/sharing/website/ 

Please let me know if you have additional questions about SiteBrain or if you would like to set up a one on one webinar to review the SiteBrain features in further detail.

Thank you,


Look at the comments in this forum;
(Comment TheBrain JBennet april 2012
If you are dissatisfied with the SiteBrain experience on TheBrain 7 and would like to be refunded for your purchase...
Sorry but this is not the answer i am waiting for..... for me this is a reason to stop with comments on this message board)

Sitebrain is still  not fully functional ..................

Example same brain as sitebrain and webrain:

Sitebrain see:
http://adschevers.nl/ruimteclassificatie/#-82 > examples sitebrain
the background color thought need to be white like the original brain!

Webbrain see:

- the same brain gives in a webbrain and sitebrain different background and text colors?
- in webbrain the background picture is missing (only a flash when opening the webbrain(
- in webbrain the table lines are missing
- in webbrain line spacing is different

It is still not possible to get a vertical screen split brain | notes
in webbrain

V7 Sitebrain example wanted
mcaton wrote: We are aware that some SiteBrain features are not yet fully functional in the current Beta version.  We hope to have these fixed as soon as possible and make the SiteBrain feature better than ever.

Thank you,

April 24, 2012 at 09:24 PM

TheBrain 7 Is Officially Released!

Yes! We are super excited that TheBrain 7 is officially released.

As user I am not so excited

?? No sign of improvement, Sitebrain is still not fully functional ??

I bought TheBrain 7 Pro a few months ago and trust that with the official release Sitebrain will be fully functional, i am very disappointed.

I know TheBrain will not give any roadmap but now the costumer has no idea how complete the software will be at the end!!!

My trust in TheBrain and patience waiting for a fully functional Sitebrain is gone at this moment.
TheBrain7 - webbrain - sitebrain view differences
mcaton wrote:
Thank you for posting.  I would categorize these as feature requests at this point.  Development of SiteBrain in TheBrain 7 and WebBrain is still wide open, so anything could happen.  

Sorry Matt but i don't understand your reaction i thought this forum "TheBrain 7 Beta" is about the Beta in development and this is the place to put your remarks about the Beta.

I don't think that you can categorize my post as a feature request.

The point is that this Beta is not consistent what you see in the notes in the Beta of TheBrain7 gives other results in webbrain and sitebrain and different results for different browsers?

I think this is a point for the engineers to pay attention to.

TheBrain7 - webbrain - sitebrain view differences

can i get any reaction from TheBrain

TheBrain7 - webbrain - sitebrain view differences
In TheBrain 7 i have selected :  white thoughts background; and
                                                   indent text in notes.

Webbrain view in firefox or explorer 9 change the line height with indent text ?
Is this a bug?

Sitebrain view in firefox or explorer change the thoughts background en thoughts textcolor?
Can i change this in a css file?

Sitebrain view in explorer 9 change the text size in notes ?
Can i change this in a css file?

Sitebrain, see:      http://adschevers.nl/ruimteclassificatie/#-3
Webbrain, see:     http://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/70CFFE5C-57F4-DBEF-167B-01511BA88240#-3
Click image for larger version - Name: 2011-11-13_thebrain_7_view.png, Views: 217, Size: 133.61 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2011-11-13_webbrain_view_firefox_line-height.png, Views: 221, Size: 69.58 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2011-11-13_webbrain_view_explorer_9_line_height.png, Views: 218, Size: 87.84 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2011-11-13_sitebrain_view_firefox_background_thought.png, Views: 217, Size: 80.03 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2011-11-13_sitebrain_view_explorer_9_background_thought_and_font_size.png, Views: 218, Size: 93.28 KB
Major malfunctions ..
Rus wrote:

But this is what I get .... 


Is it still a bug or did I not understand something well ...

Look here for an answer

TB Export > SiteBrain HTML does not work
I get a white screen with the sitebrain searchbox and a error message, see

When i type "a" in the instant search box and activate "activiteit" and push the "F5" button the plex shows on

or try

http://adschevers.nl/ruimteclassificatie/index.html#-12   with the thought id number  "#-12"
TB Export > SiteBrain HTML does not work
Harlan wrote:

What browser are you using? For firefox and chrome, the files must be deployed on a web server... The security rules will prevent it from loading via the file:// protocol.

I use Explorer 9 and Firefox 6.0, the files are on my webserver.

I get a white screen with the sitebrain searchbox and a error message, see
http://adschevers.nl/ruimteclassificatie/index.html and picture below.

I can't see the plex but Instant search is very fast
Click image for larger version - Name: 23-10-2011_TB_sitebrain.png, Views: 114, Size: 39.54 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 23-10-2011_TB_sitebrain_instant_search.png, Views: 112, Size: 6.86 KB
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