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Markdown or Plain-text [solved-workaround]
Yes, I would like to use markdown for notes as well.
Does TheBrain Technologies allows this software to be installed via Synaptic package manager?
I've successfully installed TheBrain on Ubuntu 12.04, Solus 1.1, and Zorin 5.2. My support for Synaptic was simply for the "update all my software at once" approach, rather than having to manually update TheBrain upon each new release. Installation is fine; minor updates were somewhat of a pain when they were happening weekly (beta period.)

That's all for now,
-- Glen
Native versions of TheBrain
Please keep developing for Linux as well! -- Glen
Hard to read menu bar in PB7 on Ubuntu 12.04
Good question/point, Bruce -- I also enjoy working with TheBrain in Ubuntu (as well as in Win 7). I would like encourage TheBrain to keep developing their Linux offering!
-- Glen
MindManager 2012 | I took the hook | What next for PB?
I evaluated MM 2012 and saw it as a money grab by MindJet (for my purposes; for others, mileage will vary). Personally, I don't need/use the Connect stuff, just a good mindmapping program. And, yes, MM and PB serve different needs; although, I'd love PB to improve its presentation capabilities. Right now, it's just "cool," but that wears off quickly.
-- Glen

Anyone use the brain in a management consulting context?
Wouldn't a mixture of The Brain, MindManager, and Prezi be really cool as a presentation layer? I'd use it in teaching my college classes immediately. Currently, I use MindManager, with "preview" links to individual PPT slides, graphics, videos, flash interactions, and web links. The Brain would be far better at managing these links (related concepts and such).
-- Glen

"PersonalBrain development team should consider teaming up with the development folks at DropBox."

That would be amazing! We have so many devices nowadays, that I have found DropBox indispensable for synching data between them. PB would greatly benefit (and appeal to many customers) by incorporating your ideas.
-- Glen
Copy a thought icon to the Clipboard
Thanks for the reply, Zenrain! It's a bit of a workaround, but it will have to do for now. -- Glen
Mind Map View
Although my curriculum resources are stored and linked in PersonalBrain, I still use MindManager, VUE, PowerPoint, and other tools to present information. PB is not the best tool for presenting information to groups, in my opinion. (Would definitely be nice though!)

Having said this, I will often place PB on wander mode at the beginning of a presentation to show the key topics and get the "kewl" factor in, and then launch my presentation resources from within PB.

-- Glen
Copy a thought icon to the Clipboard
Does anyone know how to copy the thought icon to the Clipboard? For months, I have been collecting images of people, company logos, and flow diagrams, but just recently have needed the ability to copy and paste one of these into a Word document.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply display the thought icon zoomed and then right-click on it to copy to the Clipboard. Or, what would be nice is right-clicking on the thought and just below "Capture Thought Icon" is "Copy Thought Icon." Even under the Thought tab, there isn't an option for copying the icon's image file to the Clipboard.

Any ideas?
-- Glen

Sizing width of the selection window
Just a minor irritant, but I always find myself trying to grab the vertical right border of the selection window to increase its width. Yes, I know that I can use the scroll bar at the bottom, but I'd love to be able to personalize its width and then have it remember that setting for next time.


New accelerators for sizing plex
Thanks Matt -- And, yes, that was me in the webinar -- the benefit of dual monitors!
New accelerators for sizing plex
Would it be possible to add accelerators for zooming the size of the plex using the keyboard?

I'd like to see CTRL + to increase the font size in the plex and CTRL - to decrease, similar to how browsers zoom in/out.


How to Delete Thought Types?
Aha -- must be a bug in -- when I created an additional/new thought type, the previously deleted thought type disappeared from the drop-down menu. Finally!

Thanks -- Glen

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