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Can't drag and drop in PB 6
Thanks. I'll try that, if I can find it...
Can't drag and drop in PB 6
Which version of Java would be contemporaneous with PB 6?
Can't drag and drop in PB 6
Which version of Java would PB6 work with?   How do I ascertain if I am starting PB as Admin?   I do use Webbrain,but there are aspects of Sitebrain which Webbrain lacks, so I do sometimes export sitebrains.
Can't drag and drop in PB 6
I'm unable to drag URLs into the Brain in v6 in Windows 7.  Possible explanation?
Brainzip blank
When I download a brainzip and open it in PB6.0, it is completely blank, despite all the indications that it is backing things up, etc.  Do brains that are on thebrain.com only open in PB8.0 or something?
Lost Brain
After creating a new brain, I wanted to rename it, but when I did so, it turned out that I already had a brain with the name I chose, which loaded and seems to have replaced the one I just created, which I cannot find anywhere.  Is there anything I can do to recover it?
Using PB 3.0
I mentio9ned in my original post that Firefox is the default browser, as well as that I had removed Internet Explorer. I also mentioned that PB 6 opens links in the default browser.  So the problem lies elsewhere.
Using PB 3.0
Although I have continued to upgrade PB, I still find PB 3  useful for spidering websites, which enables me to make an online brain for navigating my own Apache server music archives on my webserver. I spider the page/site and then import the resultant PB3 file into my up-to-date PB version.

One problem I have, however, is that clicking on a thought does not open it in my default browser, Firefox.  It was opening the links in IE, so I removed that browser from my computer, figuring it would then default to Firefox, which is set as the default browser, but now it doesn't open them at all.

Several queries about this speak of changing the link for browser in the Java configuration control panel,  but there is no such option in Java 7 or 8.  PB 6, which is what I use, opens everything in Firefox without difficulty, however.

Any idea how I can get PB 3 to do likewise?
Setting default browser
I mostly use Firefox as my browser, mainly because of the the wide selection of Add-ins available,  but when I need transaltion (I am in Japan), I use Chrome, which has automatic translation.  I would like to configure PB6 to use Chrome as its default browser without changing the default for my system as a whole.  Is there a way of doing this?  there was a forum thread about 6 years ago that spoke of a DefaultUnixCommands.properties file in the /res/ directory, but that didnt seem to work for anybody, and I'm nót sure what version of PB was being discussed.  Id there a file somewhere int he PB6 directory where I can set the default browser for PB only?
Can no longer drag inks into Brain 6
I've been using Firefox, but at your suggestion, tried CHrome, and was able to drag and drop.  But I don't like CHrome, and would like to use Firefox as I have for years.  Any idea what needs modification?
Can no longer drag inks into Brain 6
I have for some time now been unable to create thoughts in Brain 6 Pro by dragging links into the brain. I have to create the thought, type a name, then copy the link and paste it into the thought.  THis  has persisted through several different installations of WIndows and on several different computers.  Any suggestions?
Brain 8 and Brain 6
I recently spent almost an hour in line chat with Brain support, but was unable to get a straight answer to most of my questions, the main one being:  If I start using Brain 8 and after  30 days decide not to pay for the Pro version,  how will the free version it reverts to differ from the paid Pro version 6 that I have?
I was told that the desktop version of 8 will no longer be able to have attachments, but what difference will there be in the handling  of online brains?  Will it be better to go on using the free version of 8 or go back to Version 6 Pro,  and will the brains and changes made by 8 be backwards compatible (apart of course from the ad features that disappear after 30 days)?
Brain 3 won;t open URLs
How is it possible to do that on one machine? Must one keep remove and reinstalling the different versions, or is there a way to switch?
Brain 3 won;t open URLs
So are you saying there's no version of Java that will work for both PB3 and PB6?
Brain 3 won;t open URLs
Since I am also using PB6, can you tell me what is the oldest version of Java that will also allow PB 6.0 to function?
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