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All Posts Topics Started No visible windows or menus after launch
mcaton wrote: Thank you for the log files.  It seems that the problem is cause by TheBrain being unable to communicate with our server to see if you have any online Brains available.  You can check/verify your internet connection and try connecting again to see if this resolves the issue.  We hope to have a fix for this soon in our next update!

Thank you,

odd, I'm online virtually 100% of the time .. makes no difference, still doesn't work No visible windows or menus after launch
mcaton wrote: Additionally, we would be interested in seeing any Error or Output.log files located in:

on Mac:

users/[user name]/.TheBrain/v9/logs


Open Finder and press ⇧+⌘+G and type in ~/.TheBrain then navigate to: v9 and you will find the Logs folder. 

Thank you,

I've attached my output.og from today No visible windows or menus after launch
mcaton wrote: Jim,

Can you try uninstalling TheBrain 9 and downloading from http://www.thebrain.com/products/thebrain/thebrain9/download .

Please let me know if you have any success with this process and we'll possibly schedule a web meeting for further review.

Thank you,

I've tried uninstalling / reinstalling a few times with this release and the last one or two releases - and I've got zero access to the application exactly as described by flyteach and others here
TheBrain Development Update
I previously asked about Mindmanager file format export in the new V9 - but at the very least an Excel or CSV Export to include Thought Name rows with column headings for: Parent of, (multiple columns to account for multiple parents?) Child of (multiple child columns?), Jump relationships (multiple columns?), web links (multiple columns as necessary?), Notes, ....

There has to be a better way to structure the export than that - I am a dummy when it comes to thinking about data models ...

But there has to be a way of getting the core data and structure out of Personal Brian because we don't live in the ago of Silos any more - we have to be able to inter-change between multiple apps - and Excel / CSV is pretty much universal ....

Anyone have any smart ideas about this?
Using copied Thought URLs on Mac?
hopefully this problem will go away in the Mac implementation of The Brain Version 9?
TheBrain Development Update
Great news about the MindMap view!!! - I REALLY hope that the new Brain version will provide the ability to export to .mmap format as I think its really important to be able to share brains with mindmanager users.
Using copied Thought URLs on Mac?
I recently moved from Windows to Mac, and when pasting (brain:// .....) copied Thought URLs onto other apps, like Word or whatever, they don't work - i.e. I can't click on them to navigate "back" to the originating Thought in the Brain.

Is this a general issue with using copied Thought URLs on Mac, or am I doing something "wrong"?
Unable to drag-drop files from Outlook into TB
I've got the brain and Outlook 2013 - I cannot get emails to drag and drop into the brain. Tried all the known remedies.

Help please!
Outline View needs Spacing Preferences
Outline View: Preferences: Views

Needs a Spacing Option please - see attached image

Tags are overlapping next Thought
Click image for larger version - Name: Outline_View_Spacing.jpg, Views: 57, Size: 52.95 KB
Text Color Making Tags Invisible
I prefer a dark Plex background - so I have Thought Text set to White. When looking at the Tags Window - which has a White background - unless I purposefully colorize tags - they are invlisible.

Suggestion: the tag window can have an optional background setting to colorize it to contrast white tag text.
Link Type - Persistence Characteristics
Shouldn't a link type be able to have persistent attributes? - for example:

I create a link type called "Reference". For me this includes when the Author of some article, that I add to my Brain, references another article, which I then also to the Brain - I then want to link the two with the link directionality always from the referrer to the referred - and then I want to add a persistent color to that link type too.
Mouse Behavior - whole PC affected
I have the latest version - I'm running Windows 7 64 bit on a powerful fairly new Sony Vaio Laptop.

Whenever the Desktop Brain is running - my (Microsoft Wireless) Mouse movements across the screen become jittery / jerky - the experience feels like it keeps getting momentarily stuck - and then starts again. This is happening across all mouse operations in any application window or the windows desktop, not merely the brain window itself. As soon as I exit out of the Brain, the mouse operation returns to normal.

This is making my use of The Brain VERY problematical.

Multiple Tagging from the Selection
thank you both, perfect !
Multiple Tagging from the Selection
I do a lot of multiple tagging from the selection and it would be highly preferable to be able to pin the pop up tag window - and as per the main tagging window, it would be much faster if there were check boxes there too - so I don't have to keep reverting multiple times to the tag pop up to add multiple tags ...

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