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May we have an option to automatically append a timestamp to the name of the brain to create a unique brainzip file? This will help people from inadvertantly writing over a previous brainzip file.


Lost registration after upgrade to
I tried to reregister and got an activation file downloaded, but then when I tried to use the file it said it was invalid.

Sal - Various Fixes
I'm trying to use the calendar to keep track of important recurring dates such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. The issue I encounter is that every time I start PB4 I get notifications for dates in the past, and the only way to get around this is to select the "completion" checkbox which strikes out the event.

Are recurring events fairly high on the priority list?

Is there a way we could drag a calendar appointment or task from Outlook into PB4 and have a PB4 event created for that thought that was directly linked back to Outlook?


PB4069 Indexing Libraries 19.6 Meg installer
The indexing feature is only available to Pro (and maybe Core) users and so after you upgrade to 4069 and it detects you have the appropriate license it gives you the option of downloading the other file.
Expanded view suggestion
I think the idea of geotagging thoughts is fascinating!
calendar features
 I am entering events for people such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc., and currently I'm reminded of events in the past each time I start PB. We need some way of indicating that these are recurring events and set it to remind us at user specified lead times (1 week, 1 month etc.).


Notes on Links
Fantastic! I'll use the comma technique and intermediate thoughts till then.


Notes on Links
How are people capturing contextual information related to the linkage between thoughts? Are there any best practices that one could share given that PB4 does not seem to have this capability? What I'm trying to do here is probably best illustrated by a short example:

Let's say I am studying accounting and finance and I'm learning about Stock Buybacks and I happen to read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about Home Depot and Expedia and their stock buyback plans. I have a Wall Street Journal thought and a Stock Buyback thought and currently I have a link between the two. What I'd like to do is capture an attachment or note ON the link that reminds me that on June 21st the WSJ discussed this on page C1, and maybe an attachment to the text.



Notes on Links
Is there a way to add a note or attachment on a link between two thoughts. I know that you can add a short label, but cannot find a way to do this. I'd like to describe the contextual relationship between the thoughts and capture documents, links etc. that are associated with the relationship.
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