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Get Your 20th Anniversary Brain Theme
If you click on the thumbnail images at the bottom of the blog post, the high resolution images will open and you can copy and paste them as wallpapers into any version of TheBrain.


Opening thought icons
Hi Mark,

Just tested it on my iPhone its working fine for me. ( Clicking on the gear) nothing regarding that feature has changed. Can you send us a screenshot?
Book and Movie Database Example and Usage
This is a very cool example thanks!!
Welcome to Sherwood Article: Using TheBrain as a digital bullet journal
Loved the article! Just tweeted out too [smile]
We do have some psychologists who are using TheBrain therapeutically. And then on the pharmaceutical end of things we have some drug companies that do use it for medical and pharmacological research in this area as well.

This is an interesting idea and connection to the Movie. How was the movie? I am looking forward to seeing it myself. Alzheimer's and mental health is one of this decade's greatest changes. 
Large Corporate Users of Brain Software?
Value proposition depends on the the application. If you really need to quantify value as a lot of companies do typically it is best to tie the use case to some sort of metric or organizational objective. This is very straightforward if we are working with support centers or call centers because they are highly measured environments.

BrainEKP for Customer Care helps businesses break through barriers in:

·        Increasing First Call Resolution. TheBrain’s visual interface significantly improves the discovery of information. Agents can get to information from multiple paths and see all related issues at hand, making it possible to discover the true cause of a problem, even if their first attempt was not completely accurate.

·        Reducing Call Handling Times. Agents no longer spend time opening up and searching through multiple applications. Personalization and advanced integration features allow agents to organize and structure information to their specific tasks. They can even annotate information with private reminders and connections. When additional action is needed to resolve an issue—such as dispatching a technician or escalating to an expert—customizable built-in procedures allow automation of time-consuming tasks.

·        Reducing Training Costs. BrainEKP’s intuitive user interface guides agents through complex troubleshooting issues, interrelated concepts and multiple applications. New staff members will not have to learn how to log into and use more than one system or know which system contains what information.

·        Improving Quality and Innovation in Response. As agents work within their Brains and personalize them, managers can incorporate the best thinking into the shared knowledgebase. This creates a feedback loop that drives continuous improvements and benefits the entire group. Personalized views give agents a sense of pride and ownership on support issues, which not only enriches the knowledgebase but also increases job satisfaction and retention.

·        Getting a Greater Return on Investment on Existing Information Sources. BrainEKP enables companies to create a single knowledgebase from multiple sources, including proprietary applications, third party data, databases and Web pages. The application offers advanced integration by enabling companies to connect to specific documents and records residing in separate repositories and pull them up in the context of all related information.

·        Enhancing Customer Self-Service. In conjunction with internal deployment, companies can publish a Brain on their Web site that functions as a self-service tool for customers. TheBrain’s advanced interface displays all related information letting customers easily find all the information relevant to their needs, which keeps support calls to minimum. BrainEKP’s flexible interface facilitates cross-selling opportunities and customer self-diagnosis.

Broader Applications in KM
Regarding other applications that are not call centers or inherently measured environments quantification of value gets a little softer and trickier but not impossible. Without disclosing any confidential applications here are some other key benefits and ROIs our enterprise customers have found:

  • Discovery of information that would be lost 
  • Decrease in employee training times
  • Increased interdepartmental collaboration due to information accessibility and understand 
  • Increase in employee satisfaction due to more comprehensive knowledge acquisition. (Note the satisfaction of the students attested to  in the Joint Council  for Thoracic Surgery Education application because they can find complex information easily)
  • Reduced meeting time because knowledge can be easily shared
  • Companies that are growing by merger or acquisition benefit from visualization because they can see key business processes in the interface and gain a broader context on operations. 

In general the more specific the application goal and purpose the more successful the implementation. For instance a manager rolling out a KM system just for the sake of general knowledge sharing will probably have moderate success. However, a manager who roll-outs out a KM system or Brain as a "training center" to get new employees up to speed faster and to capture knowledge of a retiring workforce, or a "New Sales Intranet" to visualize your "Sales cycle or deal stream" or the "Brain for research on Drug X" will have much more success because purpose is more defined and thus the Brain construction and application can be targeted and measured accordingly.

When you are constructing a Brain for a client or recommending the solution you need to understand your clients or department's pain points and business objectives, and ensure the content of TheBrain helps them reach these goals.

Now the good and the bad news is these goals are as varied and interesting as the business itself. But when a Brain is constructed with a targeted business or organizational objectives you can get some incredible results.

Hope this helps!!

TheBrain for iOS Now Available Worldwide

TheBrain for iOS.png 

TheBrain for iOS is now available worldwide on the app store at: 

Activate Thoughts with Touch.jpeg 

Explanatory YouTube Videos for the Climate Risk Brain
Hi All

Join Mark and I on April 16th of his Webinar on Climate Change.

TheBrain Technologies Big Thinker Series Presents

Climat Graphic.png     

Climate Watson.
Mind Mapping Climate Change and Risk Management in Your Brain


Presented by 
Dr. Mark C. Trexler
Climate Risk Knowledge Broker

Mark Trexler.png    

April 16, 2014, 11:00 am Pacific Time, 2:00 pm Eastern Time

Sign Up Now

Climatography (Climate + Cartography) is the study of how to map out a successful risk management path for climate change, in spite of the many challenges facing both corporate and societal decision-makers.

After more than 25 years of advising companies on climate change risk management, Dr. Mark Trexler decided it was time to try something new. He is now focused on using knowledge management to change the way we perceive climate risks, and to inform better climate change decision-making. To that end he has developed “Climate Watson,” a climate risk management system based on TheBrain software that currently encompasses more than 8,000 documents and more than 50,000 links. 

Climate Watson Screenshot.png  

Get a guided tour of expert Mark Trexler’s “Climate Watson,” 
and learn how to use your Brain to tackle the most complex issues


Mark will cover:

  • How knowledge management is uniquely suited to developing a “theory of everything” when it comes to the numerous facets of the climate change problem (and opportunity).
  • How Mark uses Climate Watson to track the ever shifting Climate Action Tipping Point, the point at which a dramatic response to climate change could be anticipated.
  • How Climate Watson has evolved over five years as Mark has sought to organize this vastly complex topic in ways that make it accessible not just to him, but to others.
  • The many disciplines and insights that have to be included, from science to economics to communications to behavioral psychology among many others. 
  • How TheBrain’s tools, including thought types, thought tags, thought icons, link types, one-way links, reports, make it possible to organize a virtually infinite amount of information in order to get the right information to the right person at the right time. 
  • Why a personal Brain is quite different from a Brain intended to inform a much larger audience on a global problem. 


This session will also feature an interactive Q&A so attendees can ask Dr. Trexler questions!

Sign Up Now

About Dr. Mark C. Trexler, 
the Brain behind the Brain.

Mark C. Trexler has three decades of energy and environmental policy and regulatory experience and more than 20 years of experience advising companies on climate change risk and risk management. With a Public Policy Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, Mark joined the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC, in 1988. Mark launched Trexler Climate and Energy Services in 1991, the first consulting firm to specialize in climate risk management. Mark was most recently Director of Climate Risk for Det Norske Veritas, a global risk management firm based in Oslo, Norway. Mark has worked with companies around the world on climate change risk perception and management, from carbon markets to adaptation. He is widely published on these and other issues, and has served as a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Mark can be reached at mark@climatographer.com and @climateroulette.  

Sync on start and on exit
You can sync concurrently without issue. The fact that you both synced at the same time would have nothing to do with information transfer. Perhaps your sync was interrupted due to internet connectivity or something else and that is why the data transfer did not happen.

I sync at the same time with people at the office. In fact it's a great way to make sure you are all update, if you don't have auto sync checked as Tracy recommends.
TheBrain iOS: notes icon
Here's video of how notes works on the iPad

1.000.000 TB-user: What does this mean?
Mc Ds.png 

oh and not to sound like McDonald's or anything...but were actually at OVER 2 million served (downloaded) and growing.... LOL

1.000.000 TB-user: What does this mean?

We don't have an accurate tally of active users that's we are not comfortable publicly disclosing. We have significant numbers of users on the free software, people on old versions, and corporate clients with enterprise licenses hosted on their servers that extend worldwide.  

TheBrain user community continues to grow and there are users around the globe.  We have over 50% of all Fortune 1000 companies using the software, as well as numerous universities and government organizations.

1.000.000 TB-user: What does this mean?
We have some very large install bases on TeamBrain Server and BrainEKP that are not counted in this number.
Will become Microsoft a competitor to TheBrain in the future?
Nice right down to the background of space. That is outline view display.

We could do a webinar on interconnections. Love the dashboard! Perhaps we can discuss further. Just setting up an event with Mark Trexler on his Watson Brain Climate mapping, really looking forward to that! We've now confirmed the 16th but still nailing down the details. We could plan something as well.

(FYI I too prefer EverNote over Onenote in terms of UI. Though in general in terms of my apps I tend to always go for David over Goliath. Though I don't have much use for Evernote, personally, because I have a giant main Brain which functions as my digital memory like Jerry's Brain. But unlike Jerry I don't share or open during my presentations, I'm too twisted [smile]
TheBrain for iOS Is Now Available in Canada... Wider Availability Soon!
FYI to the rest of our users elsewhere, stay tuned!

Worldwide release dates for United States, Europe and Asia Pacific coming soon!

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