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Any way to select multiple thoughts from the instant search list? Any way to lock instant search list to browse thoughts listed?
Thanks Zenrain , you are very competent in 'use thebrain and with your generous response you've solved my need .
Any way to select multiple thoughts from the instant search list? Any way to lock instant search list to browse thoughts listed?
It's often difficult in the instant search list to find the right thought because many of them are very similar in terms of the text you can see, and you can't see the thought icons.  Is there anything one can do other than looking at them one at a time, with a new instant search in between each check?
... reprise from 
Mark Trexler

It is possible to lock instant search for navigate from multiple thought with 
only  one search?

...in other words....

instant search: lock search window

If I have thousand thoughts when I type in instant search one word appears on result list many and many thoughts (for example thoughts with happines word within) . 
I need that the list will be locked, in that manner I can browse thoughts of the list without retype several times the word in instant search for scan all the thoughts ... drammatically gain of speed in the exploration/browse of the thoughts

rebuilt search index issue
tmcconnell and Patrick THANK
the tip and trick fixed the issue
rebuilt search index issue
I do not use webbrain for my brain. I do not upload brain to cloud. The issue is on my pc
rebuilt search index issue

Output.log in windows 7.

The issue is the same.


rebuilt search index issue
I send output.log but support tell me that my OS windows 8 is not supported.
I do not think that the issue is into windows 8 because I had run in compatibily mode like windows xp and windows 7 and the issue is the same.
Search Index Mac OS
Tb do not index files within folders.
Tb index files only in main thought folder like this C:\PERSONALBRAIN\personalbrain_brain\Files\C843ED1F-7D43-A759-F583-38E0BF9F9F95
rebuilt search index issue
I try to rebuilt search index.
Process stop after 27%.
I wait 7 hours and process still is 27%.
I closed TB some times and try again but process stop every time when it is 27%.
When I reopen my brain a message tell me to complete the index process but if I click OK process still remain 27%

I can't send brainzip because in it there are confidential informations
Click image for larger version - Name: rebuilt_search_index.png, Views: 204, Size: 3.80 KB
The Brain - Feature Requests

I think like Bill yup, database corruption is back...

FYI, with my brain normally I use pb free with my pc, sometime pb professional with another pc.

Normally I suspend pc with my brain opened (I do not close my brain), then I resume pc and continue to work. yup, database corruption is back...

FYI, I use Folder Lock or truecrypt to protect my personalbrain. Maybe the encryption of files and folders cause the issue. yup, database corruption is back...

Thank Moe.
I have updated java and pb before the issue. I use my brain with my pc with pb free version.

My issue is:
- some thoughts and notes disappeared (parent and all the children)
- one thought with notes with wrong characters

NOW I can see the brain correct but it is a backup of ten days ago. Ten days of thoughts disappeared.

Thanks for your work yup, database corruption is back...
Same issue.
notes and thought disappeared.
I wait for fix.
My brain is personal, I can't send for fix to your engineers. no link to download
there is no link to download PB release candidate
PB 5.5 Windows 7 search issue

Thank Hans, Right suggestion. Works fine. Solved.

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