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How brain will work
TheBrain helps you organize all of your ideas, files, goals, projects, etc. from the ground up, to structure all your information on your computer and Internet the way you think. The Brain is a dynamic network map with unlimited scalability. 

You can download and install a 30 day free trial here:  https://www.thebrain.com/download. 

Here is link to our "Getting Started" tutorial:  https://www.thebrain.com/support/tutorials#Getting-Started

Please also join us for our 101 Web Classes that take place every FRI at 10:00 am Pacific Time / 1:00 pm Eastern Time. This free web event is the best way to get started on your Brain quickly. We cover all the basics so you will be able to get going on your own Brain quickly. We also take specific questions so you get a live demo of any aspect of the product that interests you. You can pop in and out at any time. It’s a great way to learn about all the features and there is a live Q&A  where our host demonstrates your questions. The Q&A alone makes it worth attending.

Sign up here:  http://www.thebrain.com/support/101/

Lastly, I'd also like to recommend our Tutorials: http://www.thebrain.com/support/tutorials/ and Application Videos and Templates pages: http://www.thebrain.com/support/apps/. These are both great areas for learning more about TheBrain and getting ideas to help you create your Brain(s).


TheBrain Technologies
How to run a report for items "under" a specific thought?
You are correct, "Select Related Thoughts" is currently the only way to accomplish this.

TheBrain Technologies 
March 1, 2018 Web Event: Take It Up a Notch - Get Better and More Creative Results
Visual Storytelling
Visual Storytelling
Unleash Your Creativity
with Your Writer's Brain.
Thursday, March 1, 2018
11:00 am Pacific Time / 2:00 pm Eastern Time
Take your writing and creative projects to their full potential by visualizing your ideas. Learn how to use TheBrain to expand your mind and make connections that yield more creative thinking and outstanding prose. 

Who should attend: Writers, Creative Producers and Marketing Professionals

Topics covered: 

  1. Capture creative ideas and planning creative content
  2. Visualize story elements and references
  3. Overcome writer’s block with visual brainstorming
  4. Create research guides for writing projects
  5. Manage multiple versions of files and exporting to Word
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February 22, 2018 Web Event: Move Beyond Linear Folder Organization!
 STOP Searching.
Start Finding.
Using Your Brain for More Intuitive
File Management
Thursday, February 22, 2018
11:00 am Pacific Time / 2:00 pm Eastern Time
Stop Searching. Start Finding.
TheBrain allows you to capture your thinking behind the files that you work with and organize information more effectively. 
This Web event focuses specifically on how you can integrate, manage and create files with your Brain to gain instant access to everything you need so you can stop searching and start seeing the right information.
Topics covered include:
  • Integrating files, Web pages and folders into your Brain
  • Tracking and attaching multiple versions of documents and saving versions into your Brain
  • Cross referencing and linking related documents for easy discovery
  • Moving files in and out of your Brain and taking notes
  • Searching and filtering information based on concept and file type
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In Case You Missed... Now Available on Demand
20 Years of TheBrain with Harlan Hugh
TheBrain 20th Anniversary Technology Spotlight

Featured Presenter Harlan Hugh
Happy Anniversary to all Brain users! It’s been 20 years of digital thinking, and TheBrain is still pushing the boundaries as the most powerful way to organize and share knowledge. Join TheBrain's inventor, Harlan Hugh to reflect on two decades of innovation, look at 20 new features in the latest release, and host an interactive Q&A. 

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Typo in preferences (#4667)
This has been fixed and will be available in version 9.0.246.

TheBrain Technologies
Typo in preferences (#4667)
Thanks for reporting. Yes it should say "Gravatar". I will document it to get it fixed. 

TheBrain Technologies
Get Your 20th Anniversary Brain Theme
It’s All About Your Thoughts
Special Anniversary Gift to All Users
20 Years
TheBrain Themes
As a special gift to all our users we are giving away commemorative 20th Anniversary Wallpapers and corresponding Brain Themes. The wallpapers were custom-designed for Brain users by Vanguard Works. Some of the designs celebrate the number 20, others are based on brainwaves and some are just designed to be fun.

Download and try out as many as you like so you can see your Thoughts in a new light, and here’s to the next 20 years of linking our thinking! 

Also feel free to share your new looks and memorabilia on Twitter with #TheBrain20
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January 31, 2018 Web Event: Join The Celebration!
TheBrain 20th Anniversary Technology Spotlight
Harlan Hugh
Special Presentation
with Featured Guest
Harlan Hugh
Wednesday, January 31, 2018
11:00 am Pacific Time, 2:00 pm Eastern Time
Happy Anniversary to all Brain users! It’s been 20 years of digital thinking, and TheBrain is still pushing the boundaries as the most powerful way to organize and share knowledge. Join us as we talk with TheBrain's inventor, Harlan Hugh. We’ll take time to reflect on two decades of innovation, look at 20 new features in the latest release, and host an interactive Q&A. 
TheBrain 9

Topics covered include:

  • The philosophy that led to the creation of TheBrain and its evolution
  • A guided tour through 20 key new features
  • A discussion of future trends and development
  • Interactive Q&A with Harlan Hugh, Inventor of TheBrain

Limited Space. 
Reserve Your Spot Now!


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Sync issues for Android
Please make sure you login with your Brain account email address or username and password. If you are still having issues, I would appreciate it if you could please reset your password:  http://app.thebrain.com/forgot-password.

TheBrain Technologies
CPU use
You can send the output.log file to support@thebrain.com and if you could please also copy your details into the email so we can further review it. 

Thank you.

TheBrain Technologies
January 25, 2018 Web Event: Goal Directed Visualization for 2018!
TheBrain Webinar
Go From Thought to Results
with TheBrain 9!
Thursday, January 25, 2018
11:00 am Pacific Time, 2:00 pm Eastern Time
The ability to envision what is not in the present but where you need to go is a key ingredient of success and leadership. Whether you’ve resolved to lose weight or to take your production global in 2018, mind mapping what you need to do next to make your vision a reality is critical. This webinar will focus on how you can use your Brain to transform your thinking and get maximum results.

Focus your projects and intentions with an end in mind. 
Topics covered include:
  • Creating outcome-based Thought networks
  • Adding goals and New Year’s resolutions to your Brain
  • Breaking down your goals into manageable tasks
  • Integrating key information sources for reference
  • Visually tracking and managing progress
  • Mind mapping key contingencies for success
  • Creating Thoughts for self-reflection and future plans

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Adding 2018 Resolutions in Your Brain
TheBrain Recording
Watch How to:
Add and Grow Your Resolutions
in Your Brain!
Time to add your New Year resolutions in your Brain! 

With TheBrain there is no limit to the number of Thoughts or connections you can make. So expand your mind this year and use TheBrain’s visual Thoughts to make your 2018 goals a reality. 
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Problem Migrating to Brain 9
Yes you can go back to access your version 8 Brains on your iOS app. Just log out - click the gear icon, then Logout, then click the (i) icon in the top left corner to switch back to version 8.

TheBrain Technologies

Recording Now Available: Too Much to Do Before Year End? Put Your Digital Brain to Work for You!

[player-48]Get More Done

Dec 19, 2017

December 19, 2017

Get it out of your head and into TheBrain! Learn how to get complete mental clarity, prioritization and task management by creating Thoughts for all key tasks and projects in your life. Watch now.

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