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The Brain's competitors
I agree with most, The Brain is in its own category.  But, if you need to structure a complex thing, I think the best bet is to use Concept Mapping tools.  Unfortunately, there are not many, and of those, seem to be academic projects, that (imho) just don't flow very well or require a long learning curve.

Some are CmapTools and Vue.

--- Josef B.

Trusted Systems and Thanks
Great that this was resolved!   I'm thinking, is there a system test in place for catching regression bugs?  Especially with databases, there should be a lot of system tests in place before anything is released to the public.  I'm sure you have these, but did this problem add new tests to your suite?

No answer required, just musing....

--- Josef

New Web Site (TheBrain.com)
I can see, I think, why company decided against using site brain, but I think it instead indicates a problem in using PB in real world applications.  If it can't be used as site map, can it be used for customer service apps?  Or is it just for personal use?  

As for the Flash ad.  Why doesn't it show an actual brain being used in context?  Show a full view of a brain being used in a real monitor.  That way the potential user can see it in use.  Personally, unless you have large monitors or multiple monitors I don't see how one can use it.  Lets show how one must have a medical sergeon's hand precision to unlink two thoughts.  

I hope it doesn't sound I'm knocking the PB.  I recently updated my version.
The demise of JAVA and the short term roadmap
To further shed some light on this.  The Java language and Java Platform may have different trajectories.  The Java platform, JVM, is now host to many languages: scripting, functional, OOP, and growing.  Support for these will only get better in the long term.  The Java language itself may be getting crusty around the edges, but even that can be rejuvenated as long there is a need for it and its evolution is managed well.
PB run in non-admin user?
Thanks for the info.  This morning I found out that the PC had no default web browser set.  Doh!  Live and learn.

More info for future.
  • Even other apps will exhibit the same problem.
  • Even though the Windows Exploring file types and action lists IE as target of URL action, it still won't.  Needs default browser.  That's weird.
-- live and learn

PB run in non-admin user?
I installed PB in a PC where I don't run with admin privileges.  Amazingly it installed.  However, when I click a link, the page is not opened in the browser on Window XP Professional OS.

So, the simple question is:  does PB run with user not having admin level?

Personal Brain & Pearltrees
Plus, I think, though I can't find the reference, that these kinds of visualizations of graphs (the math kind) don't do very well in real world use.  After awhile the panning and branch expansion/contraction is just not conducive to ease of use.  How does it scale?   Some facebook people have thousands of "friends".  Imagine trying to grab all that (plus each related interests) in a graph.  Maybe they solved it, who knows?  From the intro and help system its hard to tell.

Anyway, I'm not dismissing PearlTrees or any other attempt at this problem.  Someone or company will solve this problem, navigation of web sized social networks.

While navigating through a PearlTrees network (via Help) I clicked on a little ball next to a pearl and got a tree of closes connections to x.  clicked on y and the bread crumbs trail at top lost that I was at x, it shows y came from z.  Incorrect.  Already lost in the forest.  How do I get back?  Browser back button?  Fail. Beta - Sync, Transparency & More
What are the privacy and security constraints with using webbrain site to allow PB sync?   Is the data encrypted?  There have been cases where remote storage of data has been compromised by employees of the hosting service.
Using "Power of 3" to organize thoughts?
Interesting article "The Power of 3" that reviews about Crystal Mapping approach to mind mapping.  Here is another article.

Maybe some of the thinking behind it can be applied to PB use?

-- Josef

Embedding a Wiki

I don't mind.  I wish I could have pursued this even more.  That's a nice group.

--- Josef

Embedding a Wiki
rzw7 wrote: Hi Josef,

Your posts on this Tiddly wiki are amazing, can you help me with one problem, my browser IE8 does not want to save the application, it says a proper configuration is necessary. I'm not an IT guy but would like to use this application very much, it is so helpful. 

thanks in advance,

Try the Tiddlywiki users forum.  That question comes up a lot.  It has to do with the internet options in IE, I think.  The main Tiddlywiki site may have something.  I use FireFox or Chrome now.

-- Josef

Need Encryption of Thoughts
Password protection of thoughts has been requested many times.  I think I even asked about it during version 1.   Look at this thread:  http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=1964537&highlight=password

Off topic, but another app has the same lack, keepass.  It protects only the passwords and the db, but not other fields.  Hmmm, perhaps this is a software antipattern.

--- Josef B.

PersonalBrain as a mind mapper?
BTW, an interesting site called AlternativeTo has a page on PersonalBrain.  Perhaps, Brain people should comment on that site if it is incorrect.  It says MindMappers are alternative to PB.  I guess they can be based on their use?

PersonalBrain as a mind mapper?
moski wrote:
....  In this thread JosefBetancourt says

Quote: As to PB being eye candy.  I don't think so.  It fulfills a very narrow niche and does it well.  The concept mapping world can learn a thing or two from it, such as ease of use.

Very narrow?

Well, perhaps, my use of the term Niche is not too accurate.  In a more positive light, the brain presents a unique tool that no one currently matches (thus its a niche fulfillment).   Mind, context, conceptual, and other kinds of mapping tools do not approach its view and simplicity.  Of course, you can do everything with it, if so inclined.  I like the Unix concept of "piping", thus tools should not cook then wash the dishes.  Of course, were not their yet in computer land (in terms of ease of use and setup).

- jbetancourt

Using a Dedicated Monitor for PB
That is very nice.   This youtube video presents another product in this "new" product space: 

Until good microprojectors come out of course.

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