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OK... regarding the memory counter... it's there... just had to display the tool bar... duh...

Still no clue what happened to all my pins though Does not want to start up
You guy's (ladies included) rock... came up fine.

Two things I noticed after sending my original note... 

First, my pins are missing (I can set new pins, so no big deal there, but odd), no I do not have the "hide pins in presentation mode" checked

Second, my memory usage counter is no-where to be found... yes I do have it checked to display... again, no big deal, and I cannot tell you when the counter disappeared... I only noticed when I went to see what kind of memory was being utilized when troubleshooting the "opening" problem. 

Thanks again for giving my brain back Does not want to start up
Hey all...

Just downloaded and found that it does not want to start up.  It launches with the startup splash screen (with the rotating logo), but never loads the data (I let it run for 2 hours).

The same data file loads fine with, in less than 1 minute.

Yes, I'm one of those who uses a single brain with everything in it, and all files are internal.

Am I not being patient enough?  Is there some sort of indexing going on that is not apparent on startup?

Any thoughts?

Analyze Main Thoughts - Accelerator
Very interesting tool...

Two questions...
How are the scores determined?
Is it/will it be possible to modify or (checkbox) select the parameters used in scoring?
OK three questions...
How about the ability to change the weighting of the parameters?

Wrong calendar week
I see that your week starts on Monday... could this be part of the problem?  What happens if you set your weeks to start on Sunday?

paste tool?
I think Raymond is asking for the ability to select a word or phrase from a web page, then with a hotkey, have the selected word/phrase become a child of the current thought...
You are right in using the Paste outline function... but using the paste outline function is even easier than I originally thought...
All that needs to be done is select the word or phrase of interest on the web page and copy it <cntl-c> then select pbrain and right click in the plex... select "paste outline" and the new child thought with the selected text as its name is immediately created (not as a web link). 

Installation of "Indexing Libraries"

My lib files had everything but the keyview.jar file... I copied that from 4.5 and the "About..." listing now shows the indexing files in place... I presume that the indexing was working, but there was no indication... I guess that is what the keyview.jar file does...

Thanks again...

Installation of "Indexing Libraries"
I have a related issue...

When I upgraded to PB Pro v5.0.1.5, I do not remember any prompt coming up for the indexing libraries...  How can I get access to to the _lib file?


Convert Thought to Tag annoyance
When converting a thought to a tag, a dialog box opens up to ask if I want to "Delete the Thought..." OK or Cancel... with default to OK

When I first encountered the dialog box, I just hit OK which deleted the thought... which in turn orphaned the linked child and jump thoughts...

Perhaps this is just learning curve with the new features, but when I first saw the box, I thought it was asking to confirm the conversion of the thought to a tag, then delete.  This is not the case... the thought is converted to a tag without confirmation and then asks the question about deleting the thought (I also did not know if all child thoughts would be deleted... but they were simply orphaned).

Not a big deal, but was ambigious (in my mind) as to the expected results.


Add Tag to selection tag list does not scroll
When adding tag(s) to selection, the list of tags does not scroll... needed when you have a long list of tags...

feature idea... expandable outline style for hierarchial tags


Tags tab gone in
Thanks Steeph... I'll give that a try... When I start the same file up on my laptop, the tags tab shows up just fine... it's just on the desktop that I have the issue...

More later...

Tags tab gone in

In I had a Tags tab in the tools section... but I do not have a Tags tab in am I missing something (other than my Tags tab)?


How to Import /XML
I know this is an old topic but I'm still trying to figure this one out...

I've seen several references to being able to update/overwrite thought data via XML... the key seems to be capturing the GUID for the thought and using this same GUID when pasting or importing... but I'm having trouble with this working.  Here is what I've tried...

Right clicking a thought and pasting the XML to windows notepad...

Manually made a change to some text in the <body>...</body> portion of the XML code (attempting to make a simple change to the thought notes).  I did not make any changes to the GUID

Copied this modified code and pasted back to the plex (I tried under the parent thought and under the thought I had orginally copied)

I also tried to merge the code and I tried importing the code...

In every case it created new thoughts instead of updating the original thought...

It was my understanding that if the same GUID was used, that PB would update the orginal thought instead of creating a new thought.  I did not make any changes to the GUID.

Help me understand what I'm missing here!!


PB as source for metadata and file tagging
Thanks for the correction twospoons...

I mis-spoke about a "long promised API"... I should have said "a much requested API"...

My apologies

PB as source for metadata and file tagging
This is one of those "utilities" that, in my opinion, could easily be developed by the user community if we could just get the folks at PB to release their long promised API.  It is one of those applications that may not pique the interest a large percentage of the PB community, but has intense interest by some of us. 

How about it you all there at PB... when can we get our hands on the API ?
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