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Delay + freeze when opening attachments
 I think that the PDF's have to be the key to the problems.  It seems that my freeze up issues are all centered around thoughts that only contain pdfs.   We shall see if they can find the answer.
Brain Freeze?
My problems have not gone away.  I downloaded the release version of 8 and had to uninstall java and old version of 7, reinstall everything.

Version 8 is showing the little icon "clocks" (spinning indicators where the thought icon should be).  I don't have any network UrL's in my brain so they should all be local.  The plex will work for awhile then it will randomly lock up. 

I guess I am going back to 7 for awhile until they figure out the fix.

UPDATE:  If I close and reopen my brain the plex will work UNTIL I hover over one of those thoughts that have the little active ''clock" and then it freezes up tight. Just a note in case The Brain folks are reading....
Brain Freeze?
So I had exactly the same problem with 8 as described here.  However, I installed the 64 bit version over the top and got a message that the search index was not complete.  I allowed it to continue (though it went to 530 of 2300+ thoughts and then managed to index only 1 thought every 10 minutes....I will be leaving it overnite!) and it seemed to be working quite well.  Snappy performance and things doing as expected.  However, some of the program icons weren't showing up (adobe files for instance).  We shall see what it is like tomorrow..
Collecting attachments from selected thoughts
What I have found myself doing after each update, at one time or another, is selecting several thoughts that have attachments I want to collect in a single place and right clicking in the selection window and hoping that there is a menu choice "Collect Attachments". 

That still hasn't happened.  Is there a way to do this that I haven't found yet??

The work around I have used several times when I need a lot of attachments collected is to make the selection, copy the thoughts, create a new brain, paste the thoughts, open file manager and search the new brain files folder for *.* and collecting them from there.  That's a lot of work.

Copy Thought to another brain locks up
I have been setting up another brain and copying some thoughts to it and found that anytime I copy multiple thoughts that I get an "unrecoverable error" - the copy indicator shows it is at the end of the last thought to be copied.  Indeed, it will not recover and I have to kill TheBrain in task manager.

When I restart the copy is successful..
Will try that sometime today... and thanks, HanBay,  for confirmation that it should be working, it must just be some tweak on my system...  Like I said, it's the first time in years since an update has given me any problem...
That's the first time in years that I have had a problem with running one of the beta updates.  But I downloaded as soon as I had the notice it was available and ran it only to have PB stare at me with the 'loading brain' rotating icon and the hard drive blinking and nothing happening. 

I restarted the whole system and tried again.  No luck.  I uninstalled and went back to and my brain opened right up.

Just thought you should know.

Syncing Your Brain - the Dos and Donts
My brain is over 10gigs, and your max storage is 5 so what is a guy to do?  I would love to give webbrain a try and get my brain synced so that I don't have to tote my usb drive with me everywhere. 
"Open Thought Folder" missing
I was missing that too, and now that I see it I think it was an excellent move.  Thanks.
Export to single folder
Yes Please!!!
Releases policies
My experience has been that the beta's may have bugs in them that can be frustrating or make certain things unusable for awhile, as Zenrain says, the database is stable and I have never lost any data.  I simply download the latest beta as soon as they come out.  Of course, I keep a brainzip of the last version so if there is some big blow up I could move back to the previous beta or two. 

Just brainzip 5.0 brain.  convert data to the 5.5 brain and go on.  You won't regret it. Beta - Important Fixes
thanks so much for fixing up the issue with the virtual thoughts.  That was one that I used a lot and I was missing the context menus! Clunky
Thanks Harlan.  Yes .4 took care of the lockups and I only noticed the cpu problem once.  Definitely think that the speed is back in the old wagon in these last two versions. 
Thanks!! Clunky
I'll take a look at the 50% cpu usage to see if I can confirm for you Zenrain but the lockups aren't occurring for me with so something got fixed..... Clunky
Thanks Harlan,  I'll check it out.
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