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Minor Issue But...
...every time I drag'n'drop a web link onto the Personal Brain window the action works without a problem but the at that point the Personal Brain window still remains in the background and doesn't become the active window.  Was that done on purpose for those that drop multiple links in sequence - my preference would be to have the Personal Brain window become active since I typically want to add a comment or make some other change to the entry.  Your thoughts would be appreciated!!
Vers (Free)
Win 7 Ult

Default File Location

Just installed the beta and will be starting to play with it.  First thing I attempted was to look for a setting to establish the default file location where my Personal Brains will be stored - could not find a way to do this.  It appears that it is storing them under my user name directory (Docs&Sett/user) where I would prefer at a minimum they be stored in folders in MyDocuments.  Please advise - thanks!!

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