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When is offline Brain editing due on iOS?
Harlan wrote:
Second, unfortunately in TheBrain 8 we were not able to offer offline capability for either iOS or Android. TheBrain's backend is vastly more powerful than any other mind mapping / visualization product. This makes it much more scalable than our competitors, but it also mean that it is a lot more work to make it available offline on other platforms. Happily, with TheBrain 9 this will be addressed.

Harlan I wanted to follow up, there are some things that just can not be held on remote services. I am working on a few projects for work where if the data gets out the company could loose Millions of Dollars which would equate to stock falling, etc ,etc ...  I know that the Amazon servers are OK for most projects, but protected with only a password with no two factor authentication, and no encryption with public key is a risk that I can not take. (Especially since I also work on the Linux Security team for a Linux OS and know all the unreleased bugs that Amazon can not fix until the official version is out.

For that reason I need to keep all that data off-line. 

At this point I am using NoMachine to access a Mac Desktop with Personal Brain on it through a VPN, which is OK but not intuitive as it could be on the iPad. Ana also does not let me edit on the plane which is a lot (10+ hours a week) of time wasted.

Can you please give us an idea of when Personal Brain 9 for IOS with Local Editing / creating is coming. And perhaps sync /backup to local server (desktop), so that Desktop brain can be used as well.
The Brain as a reference manager
Enkidu, a few years ago I used the brain as a knowledgebase for the company I was working at. I was able to collect material and put it as part of a web brain on a USB to give out to all of the engineers every six months at training. This way the engineers could have the reference with them when they went back to their part of the world to work with customers. I also included the brain native file for those that wanted to install the version (free version great for looking).

For a long time because of this experience I have been fighting a loosing battle of a good local export. Unfortunately the local export is frowned upon instead everything is driven towards the on-line service. The HTML export is still a descent option.
When is offline Brain editing due on iOS?

Please make sure that you include an import from OPML format from an on-line service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or WebDav.

For those of us no longer Using a desktop and had to find a secondary product this would be the only way to migrate, since most of them have OPML export.

Also some suggestions for the product since the one I am using now has this, and I find it very useful. The ability to apply files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. Since programmatically using the API these are static locations no matter what platform you are using it would be helpful to attack files that have platform independence.
When is offline Brain editing due on iOS?
I agree with Midwinter. After using brain for 15 years I had to switch away from it because I have migrated to an iPad Pro for most of my work.

Before buying another program I gave the Brain for iPad another college try and had a bad experience again. It is slow , typically lagging and this is over a 100 Mb connection. It is also missing features that I am used to on the desktop version.
I use Gource to keep track of work for the open source project that I am part of, especially for what I am doing on the project since I touch a lot of things within the project, and no time for logging.

This would be an awesome addition for The Brain.
Adding Images to Notes
What I have been doing it is adding the images as part of the files portion of the thought (making sure they are internal to brain), then just drag it over to the notes to use. 
Collecting Brain visitor information for a Public or Hidden (not Private) Brain
What you want to look in to is Apache Re-Direction or Rewrite mode.

With that no one will know that the brain is hosted somewhere else, or at least should not. 

I just grabbed the first link on search since I have used it before and there are also plenty of articles on the web:


TheBrain iOS No local copy/sync
I am not a marketing expert, but since you guys run a company and I have been involved in marketing campaigns for the company I work for. It is perhaps a good idea for you, to get on the bandwagon of the iPad Pro. This kind of announcement for Apple does not come around often, and it might land you a bunch of customers.
TheBrain iOS No local copy/sync
With the iPad pro coming out, and all the new features it will make the iPad even more of a business tool. (The large screen if nothing else).

Any chance there is movement on being able to use a local copy of the brain on the iPad?

Book and Movie Database Example and Usage
Any chance you have the ability to upload your Brain or an example of this so that we can replicate it easily?

Scripting Ideas
If anyone is a Mac user and you can think of a way to automate and or enhance the brain through scripting let me know. I am looking for some ideas. The secondary program should have AppleScript to be able to feed things to clipboard to be pasted or attached in to TheBrain.
Dragon Naturally Speaking or other Voice Input
As a follow up. Currently 2015 on the Mac version you are able to use Apple Dictate, and Dragon Naturally Speaking / Dragon Dictate with the brain
Multiple Instances on Mac
Is there a way to open up multiple brains on the mac at the same time. I do not mind command line or whatever way. At this time it is a pain to keep switching brains on  the mac and wait for it to load.
Applescript for Address Book Add

If I only had the ability to switch to HTML view without the use of a mouse button or from a menu item. I could make it look very impressive in the display. 

Until that is there all I  can do is paste text.
Applescript for Address Book Add
This is version 1.04 of my AppleScript Address Book Add. There are two versions included in here.

AddressBook - This one is simple copy and paste in to the Notes field all the information from the Address Book. This is useful for when you have the address book link attached but are using this on a portable device, or have exported to a web brain, and still want to have all the information. The THOUGH must be Selected already in the Brain and also the record must be selected in address book. 

Address Book Plus - This is the same as above, accept it creates a new thought and renames it, and then attaches the LINK to the thought without the icon.

For both of these you have to select the address book entry in the address book to copy from. 

Note: For this to work you must have "Security and Privacy" / "Accessibility" set to allow "SystemUI Services". If the setting is not there please run the script the first time, and it will create it and tell you to go in and allow access. 

I wish I could create nice formatting by creating an HTML based record, but there is no easy way to go in to the Code View to do this. I might create a manual paste one that would mean it would put the information in the clipboard but let you manually paste it in. I wish there was a keystroke to do that or a menu item.  

Any comments would be appreciated, good or bad. 

Here are the two Files:
zip AddressBookPlus-TheBrain-1.04.zip     
zip AddressBookPlus-TheBrain-NewThought-1.04.zip     
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