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All Posts Topics Started dropped my pro license
Me too.  I assumed it was because I bought 4.x a while ago and therefore I'm not eligible for a free upgrade to 5.x  :-( Beta - Requested Features and Fixes
Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but is there a way to disable showing tags against thoughts?  I've found the option to hide notes icons, but there doesn't seem to be a way to hide tags from displaying on the plex.

EDIT: Never mind.  I found the check box - it is a per tag setting accessible by selecting a tag and then choosing the 'visible in plex' check box.
Tags tab gone in
I just installed and I still have the tags tab - looks like something went wrong for you.
Redemption.dll creation error installing
Anyone else got this problem?  Other than that the install ** seemed ** to go OK.
Version 5 Beta Now Available
Tommy wrote: PB for iPhone (in sync with desktop version).

Now THAT would be worth paying for...
Version 5 Beta Now Available
Harlan - maybe I'm being stupid, but can you give a bit longer explanation of tags.  I have a 'to do list' parent.  I right clicked it and selected the covert to tag option.

It created the tag OK.  I also selected the 'delete thought' option but it didn't.  Maybe because the thought had a jump link as well as the child links?

Now I can see the tag on the tags tab, but what do I do with it?  Do I have to run a report and find the thoughts that tab?  Is there any way to get all the tagged thoughts to appear on the plex?

Version 5 Beta Now Available
Any news on the upgrade fee for those of us that have been around a while?
Version 5 Beta Now Available
Thanks Harlan!!!

Will give it a try.  Didn't want to do any real work today anyway. - Release Candidate
I'm getting the same problem as twospoons.  Also can't drag and drop a JPEG attachment from an outlook message into PB.
4502 text shadows not working??
Thanks Harlan,

I played around and the differences are very subtle.  I was using a grey shadow, so it should have shown up against a dark background.  I switched to a white background and it is barely discernible.

See the graphic below.  The left text is no shadows; the middle text is with shadows; the right text is more the look I was hoping for. 

Any chance we could add better drop shadow rendering to the 'things to do eventually' list?

Click image for larger version - Name: a.jpg, Views: 40, Size: 50.49 KB
4502 text shadows not working??
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but changing the 'text shadows' option in preferences doesn't seem to make any difference.  In the graphic below, one shot is with text shadows enabled; the other disabled.  Any guesses which is which?
Click image for larger version - Name: a.jpg, Views: 86, Size: 32.00 KB
4501 - search popup not working
Search has stopped popping up matches.  Was randomly creating children just to test something else out.  Instead of creating children I was hitting escape after the create dialog popped up.  After two or three times doing this, the search popup stopped.

Exited the app and went back in and everything is OK.  Have not been able to recreate the problem yet.
4306 - Problem pasting thoughts
I now see there are two subtly different menu items - the first is paste clipboard as thoughts; the second is paste thoughts.  I did the former I should have done the latter.

I still think it is confusing if the things on the clipboard are thoughts

4306 - Problem pasting thoughts
This could be user error, but I followed what appeared to be a logical flow and caused all kinds of havoc.

I wanted to copy some thoughts from one brain to another.  This is what I did:
  1. Select starting thought
  2. Crawl and modify selection to include children (all depths)
  3. Edit/Copy thoughts
  4. Open other brain file
  5. Paste clipboard as thoughts
Everything went fine until the last step (see image for what the brain ended up like).  I've clicked cancel on the dialog box I don't know how many times, and I don't know how many more I'm going to have to before I get to the end of the problems.

Obviously step 5 was wrong.  Am I being stupid, or do others think what I did was a logical assumption? If the former, what should I have done, and if the latter can you Brain guys fix this behaviour?

Click image for larger version - Name: a_(Medium).jpg, Views: 81, Size: 44.16 KB
Outlook drag and drop problem
Description of the problem:
If you drag an outlook contact directly into the properties and attachments pane of PB4 everything works fine.  If you drag an outlook contact over an Outlook 'Inbox' item on the Windows taskbar on the way to PB4, PB4 attaches whatever happened to be selected in Outlook Inbox instead of the contact.  See attached screen shots.  Note in both cases I select and drag the same outlook contact.  I do NOT select the mail item.

Version of PersonalBrain:
OS (Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS, Ubuntu, etcetera): XP SP2
Java version (it's shown in the PB about screen after "J-") J-1.6.0_02
Click image for larger version - Name: a.jpg, Views: 234, Size: 10.17 KB Click image for larger version - Name: b.jpg, Views: 234, Size: 5.27 KB Click image for larger version - Name: c.jpg, Views: 234, Size: 9.88 KB Click image for larger version - Name: d.jpg, Views: 234, Size: 12.66 KB Click image for larger version - Name: e.jpg, Views: 233, Size: 5.91 KB
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