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Are the servers down?
One machine, I cannot get icons of any brains to load.  Re-booting the machine did not help the problem.  ON another machine, I get an error message that a log-in is required to synch.  What is causing this?  Why can I not run the service locally?  Business interruptions for mission critical projects are unacceptable as is the inability to get anyone from the Brain on the phone when this is happening. Click image for larger version - Name: Screenshot 2017-10-28 12.59.54.png, Views: 57, Size: 537.30 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Screenshot 2017-10-28 12.59.54.png, Views: 58, Size: 537.30 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Screenshot 2017-10-28 12.59.54.png, Views: 56, Size: 537.30 KB
Attached file display (#4396)
it works!  ThanX
Attached file display (#4396)
I miss having the ability to sort the presentation of attached files without opening the related folder.  I understand this functionality is under development for V9.  In the meantime, new attachments are added to the bottom of the list and are out of view if there are more files than the window will display.  This has caused me to attempt to add the same file multiple times.  Would it be too much trouble to at least get new files added to the top of the file window while the loss of onboard sorting capability is addressed?
File presentation
On V8, there was an icon that allowed the files attached to a thought to be sorted and presented in a variety of ways.  Is the capability present in V9?  If so, how is it accessed?
File management
File management
I can link to a file.  After doing this, I cannot see the file as was the case in VI.  now I have to  click the + beside the three displayed file names. There is no indication that the file is referenced only and not attached.  In V8, moving a file into the brain was a two click process.  Do I have to open the folder and drag the file into the brain to insure that I don't forget this step as I have in the past.  With no indication of file status (in or out of the brain) I would not know where to start to catch errors before referenced files are moved or deleted.
File presentation
Files are presented with only a few examples.  In  V8, you could scroll through the file list, you could see modification dates and sizes and you could order the listing of the files.  It appears that now in order to get any of that functionality, you have to open the folder.  Is this correct?
Search problem?
The name of the file is: chapter 3 solutions.doc - A search for “chapter 3 solutions” does not produce any results.  What am I doing wrong?
Where is my file?
I try to attach a file (W3 C3).  The system says it is already attached.  The file does not appear in the file list and it does not appear when the underlying folder is opened.  How do I find the file if it is attached in the wrong folder?
The ‘File exists’ dialog is useless.  It should state where the file exists.  
The file list is frustrating
    In the old version, you could scroll through the list - I do not see how this is possible
    In the old version, you could see revision dates - now you have to open the folder
    In the old version, you could sort the files - now you have to open the folder
Initial view (4306)
Apologize for incorrect or improper terminology.  The system opens with the plex on the left and the display on the right.  It is not hard to change this but is there any way to have the app remember the opening position like it was in V8?
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